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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 13, 2021
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06 Amazing Career Fields to Consider – Widening Horizons, Rewarding Experiences

Planning for your future career and pondering what options are available? While there are many diverse career opportunities in today's ever-changing world, some standout from the rest and they can be rewarding both personally and on a financial level. Here are some of the top options.


Technology Field

One of the fastest-growing industries in the world, the technology sector is full of opportunities and provides countless jobs for skilled individuals. You may not speak a foreign language, but if you can "speak" the language of IT, you have a chance to pursue a career the world over! It is not just software engineers either, with IT hardware, networking and security specialists, systems engineers, IT analysts, web designers and software architects all in demand.


Academic Field

The field of academia is also one that offers many opportunities including the chance to travel and lecture in foreign universities or making use of skilled migration to teach abroad. It is not only at a university level, as the need for elementary and high school teachers are also on the rise in both public and private education institutions. While teaching does come with its set of challenges, it can also be one of the most rewarding as you get the chance to mould young minds.


Marine Engineering Field

Starting a career in marine engineering is to embark on a voyage of learning that can literally give you a chance to sail to new horizons! There are several areas of study within this field as well with marine electrical engineering and industrial engineering being among the options. The great thing is, that studying at an established marine engineering college including the likes of CINEC Campus can help you gain an internationally recognised qualification; this will be key in pursuing opportunities abroad.


Hospitality Field

While COVID-19 may have hindered growth in the hospitality field, one can expect it to recover; the signs are positive that things are slowly picking up and as it continues to do so, hospitality will once again be a bourgeoning industry as it has been throughout these years. There are special courses and training related to hospitality including hotel management, cooking, housekeeping and more which can help one pursue a career in this field at an international level too.


Finance, Business & Marketing Fields

It is hard to just mention one of these fields since they are connected while being diverse as well. As with technology, these areas are always in demand and those with the right qualifications and experience can look to climb the corporate ladder either in their home country or abroad. Be it careers in accounting, business management, business administration or online marketing there is plenty of scope and opportunity for growth.


Medical Field

The importance of the medical field and individuals who work in it has never been more in the public mind as during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. There will always be a need for doctors and surgeons and while they can make for rewarding careers they can offer financial stability too. There are many other careers to pursue within this field as well with nurses, physician assistants, paramedics and anaesthesiologists amongst the options one can consider.

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