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Five Reasons You Should Use Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Beautifying your lawn or patio is no joke. You’ve invested countless hours and spent hundreds of dollars for your home’s outdoor area to stand out. But all the hard work and effort would be a waste without landscape lighting. After all, you want the area to stand out even at night! For that you can either go for line voltage which is likely to cost you more, or you can opt for low voltage landscape lighting. Here are the advantages of using low voltage landscape lighting:


It is Safer

Whether you live alone or you have a big family with kids, you’ll want to make sure that the setup for your outdoor space is safe. A low-voltage system gives you the assurance that people the kids can run around and play without the risks of shocks.


Easy Installation

Low-voltage lighting requires minimal effort for installation. Once you’ve got your lights, cables, and your transformer, you can begin working on this simple setup and finish quickly. Whereas when you have a line voltage setup, you might have to hire the services of a professional since the process involves burying the wires at least 18 ft deep, etc.


Energy Efficient with Minimal Heat Contribution

Low-voltage lights emit just as much light as an incandescent bulb but they use significantly less energy, only 20 percent of the energy required to power an incandescent bulb. A 12v LED light will also remain cool even after prolonged use and not overheat or burn up like an incandescent bulb.


Value for Money

With low voltage lighting you get good illumination for your lawn or patio without having to worry about the costs of running the system. Your system is not only longer lasting but also consumes less electricity.


More Options with Low-Voltage Lighting

Now that more people have made the switch to low voltage lighting, manufacturers have now come up with a greater variety of lights for the system. This means you can be more creative with your landscape lighting because you have more fixtures to choose from.

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