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Digital Transformation to E-Government

21st century is a century of a global digital transformation. Companies are becoming to consider data as a valuable asset, state authorities are building E-Government systems. Analytics, predictions, innovative ideas - in this list. In case you would like to discuss something from the list, disagree with some facts of improve an idea described - please let me know!


Why Is There an Urgent Need For State Information Systems | Сode Inspiration

Code Inspiration team writes a lot about global digital transformation to E-Government and necessity to create signle information system in a given country. In this article we confrim our opinion and discuss why.

Can Global Information System Benefit to Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Discussing the necessity to have a single information system dedicated to data aggregation on the COVID-19 disease. The more effectively we collect, store, process the data on the COVID disease - the better we can fight it.

State super application - benefits and threats | Сode Inspiration

A new form of IT products - informational super systems and super applications is emerging. What is it and what are benefits? Let's discuss

2 Myths About Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is going and in the article we bust 2 myths about how fast innovations are adopted.

A single world E-Government service - fantasy or reality? | Сode Inspiration

Is a world global E-Government information system better than a single system for each country? Can countries of the world combine their efforts to create a single global E-Government system?

Disadvantages of the current public administration system, which digital transformation will fix | Code Inspiration |...

Digital transformation will fix many current problems of public administration system

About Some Aspects of Digital Culture | Сode Inspiration

The article says about digital culture as an aspect of global digital transformation. Successful digital transformation is impossible without digital culture. The article explains why.

The future of data exchange | Сode Inspiration

The article describes software of the future and how the data exchange will look like.

5 Factors Why Digitization Process in CIS Countries Is Slow? | Сode Inspiration

The article continues the digital transformation series of articles. In this one the team tries to answer the question why digitization process in CIS countries is slow. We enlist and explain 5 factors that slow down the digital transformation and E-Government services development.

GaaS Solutions Development Outsourcing

About possible GaaS solutions software development as an outsourcing service. Is it a good idea to establish an outsourcing company that will offer development of ready-to-go E-Government solutions? Trying to analyze the issue via Lean Startup approach.

Disadvantages of Upcoming Digital Transformation | Code Inspiration | Сode Inspiration

In the article we continue to talk about digital transformation and its aspects. Unlike in previous article, we will try to focus on some negative aspects of digital transformation, discuss them and maybe try to generate a possible solution.

Digital award of pension service as a part of an E-Government system development | Сode Inspiration

How the process of digital award of pension within a single E-Government service should look like. Spoiler: when the process of E-Government services development is complete, the process of award of pension takes a couple of seconds and doesn't require pension awardee 's participation.

Why Vladimir Putin’s “direct line” public Q&A session doesn’t work? | Сode Inspiration

President Vladimir Putin holds a live broadcast nationwide phone-in almost annually. In the article we explain why Putin's Q&A session doesn't work and propose to automate the process, make it digital.

What E-Government System Development in Belarus Should Start With. And Why Won't It Be Done. | Сode Inspiration

The article explains what E-government development in Belarus should start with: creation of a digital appeal aggregator that contains a list of all and any government officials with a possibility to address to them online.

Processes That Digital Transformation to E-Government Will Change - Hiring Process | Сode Inspiration

Analytics about global digital transformation and development of E-Government information systems which will change many process. How the process of hiring will lool like when it becomes digital?

About Some Aspects of E-Voting | Сode Inspiration

A brief perspective analysis of e-voting solutions. The article describes risks and issues of e-voting software that must be addressed.

The Future of Digital Transformation | Code Inspiration | Сode Inspiration

The article is dedicated to the Future of Digital Transformation and its aspects. In general digital transformation is a way to automate all the processes. In the article Code Inspiration team shares some aspects about what digital transformation will look like and what to expect from it.

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How to Create a Website on Google My Business Aggregator for free | Сode Inspiration

A step-by-step guide to create a profile and a website for your business for free using Google My Business aggregator.