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Updated by Brenth Jams on Nov 16, 2020
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Digital Marketing

Before we entered the quarantine period in Davao City and the rest of the country, I conducted a social media marketing training for Arezzo Place Davao’s in-house agents.

Facebook Marketing Training for Real Estate Agents - Arezzo Place Davao

Before we entered the quarantine period in Davao City and the rest of the country, I conducted a social media marketing training for Arezzo Place Davao’s in-house agents.

From a Letter of Correspondence in Khazaria | Kosher River Cruise

What was the context of the Khazaria Correspondence? What can it tell us about Jewish history in the context of 10th Century Europe? Click here to find out more.

A Snapshot of the Middle Ages: The Travels of Benjamin of Tudela | Kosher River Cruise

Among the many famous explorers of antiquity, Benjamin of Tudela presented a fascinating account of the ethnography of the Middle Ages. Read more about him here.

Eggplant Roll Ups | Vegan Culinary Cruise

Eggplant makes for a tasty vegan ingredient in this great roll up recipe! Get it here.

#FoodFriday 50: To Make the Hours Less Idle | Vegan Culinary Cruise

Let's wonder at the tastiness of vegan food together on our Food Friday blog! Check out this week's selection here!

Why food-grade lubricants important in the Food Production – Agricultural Products Updates

There are many fascinating and important components of production that may not be entirely understood by people outside the industry. Food manufacturing, for example, is such a complex and fascinating process with different kinds of machines and functions needed for different kinds of products to be produced. For example, some food processing plants might need…

Plants are essential for a healthy human diet. While the consumption of meat has given our ancestors sufficient nutrients to grow bigger

Kinds of Pollution To Avoid When Looking for High-End Properties – Top Real Estate Updates

In this time of economic arrest and slowed down global growth, many people at home have the opportunity to really think about how they’ll move forward with their lives. Now that the daily grind has ground to a halt and our social lives are strained by social distancing, many are thinking “was my old normal…

A Few Tips on How to Beat the Summer Time Heat in Davao City – Top Real Estate Updates

Whether you’re living in a small house in a crowded part of the city or a fancy estate in Ladislawa Garden Village, you’d know how hot the summer days can be in Davao City. As in, seriously. You can see the horizon shimmer from a distance with the heat of the June to August afternoons.…

There are certain locations, events, products and services that I love so much, I actually want to help their business out. But I do admit, when I do take that occasional selfie, I make sure that I look good.

September 27 is World Tourism Day, Promoting Universal Accessibility. The Monfort Bat Sanctuary together with the local government of Samal is joining this world-wide celebration.

What sort of Social Media Services Do You Need Right Now? | Web Digital Marketing Site

The online world is the key to your business’ survival in this challenging time. Here are a few social media services you need for your business.

How Does Content Optimization Raise Your Search Engine Rank | Web Digital Marketing Site

In the world of digital marketing, competition among companies and businesses needs innovation and creativity. There is no other way to boost your sales but to become adaptive. In a digital space like Google, for example, unlimited searches are made every day. It can be an inquiry about your company or business, or a blog…