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Updated by Little Baby Paws on Jan 21, 2021
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Newborn Baby Essential Products You Need To Buy

Preparing for a newborn baby can be both exciting and overwhelming. Take a stroll through the section for baby supplies in any store and you'll come across hundreds of products you could bring home. So how do you figure out which ones you don’t have to bother with, and which ones are very essential?

Here’s a list of the basic newborn baby essential products that you will need for the first few months after your little bundle of joy arrives.

The Ultimate Guide To Babywearing

Read Little Baby Paws’ ultimate babywearing guide for carrying your baby with utmost safety while keeping your little one close and connected.

How To Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Better

Are you tired of having sleepless nights? Red-eye nights caused by your newborn baby’s fussing and crying no matter what you do - feed, change the diaper, or cuddle the child? Worry no more! Our tips on how to improve baby sleep for your little one will help you keep your sanity (with some much-needed shut-eye) and help the baby get enough rest that's necessary for healthy brain and physical development.

How To Host A Virtual Baby Shower During COVID-19

Having a baby shower is the climax of delivering a baby. You can host a virtual or online baby shower where everyone gets to enjoy it in the comfort of their homes, and without worrying about keeping the right distance away from each other. Find out some useful tips to help you organize and host a successful online baby shower and getting all the friends and family to physically attend the event. Read More!

How To Make Working At Homework For You With A Newborn Baby – Little Baby Paws

Working from home with a toddler is very challenging. Find out things to do so that you can still make working at home with a newborn work. Read More!

How To Choose The Right Diaper For Your Newborn Baby

As a new parent, you know how important it's to buy the right diapers for your newborn baby. Because if you don't, you'll end up with an irritable and uncomfortable baby that also makes you miserable. Find out those things in this blog. Read More!

How To Create A Great Nursery For Your Newborn Baby

Find out how to create a newborn baby nursery without considering the baby's safety, comfort and practicality. create a great nursery for your newborn baby and have fun!

Best Vacation Destinations To Travel To With A Newborn Baby

Read on to discover the best baby-friendly vacation destinations worldwide to travel with new born babies. Choose the best place and go on to enjoy visiting the place with your newborn!

11 Common Mistakes Parents Of Newborn Babies Make

Find out some common mistakes parents of newborn babies make so that you can avoid them and enjoy parenting your newborn baby without fearing.

How To Convert Your Highchair Legs Into Wood Or Any Other Design

The new trend that is taking mums by surprise is the simple, yet affordable hack in transforming the boring old grey coloured highchair legs to something more modern and eye catching! Supplies Needed: Contact Paper (Can be purchased from Spotlight between $6-$17 depending on which design you want) Cut four 24 x 3.5 inch strips.

Transforming Your IKEA Kmart Target Or Big W Highchair

Let's do a quick math! Instead of purchasing a $400 highchair, why don't you consider to buy an IKEA / Big W / Target / Kmart highchair that costs you between $25 - $29? Yes, it's just a basic $25 - $29 highchair! But you can completely transform it into your own work of art !!

Quick Easy Baby Puree Ideas To Make Freeze

If it is time to start weaning your baby onto solid foods, you might want to have some good baby puree ideas to refer to. You can make a large batch in one go and freeze smaller portions to use throughout the week.

Is Your Baby Ready For Solids Watch The Signs

Is my Baby Ready ? Even though we cant wait for our little ones to starting tasting the flavours of the world, according to health experts, it is best to wait until your baby is around six months old before you attempt to start them on solids.

How To Clean And Disinfect Your Newborn Babys Toys Feeding Items And Gear

Since newborn babies are susceptible to germs, they need to be protected from getting infected at all costs - most so during these trying times of the coronavirus pandemic. You need to protect them by keeping them away from the public and cleaning and disinfecting their personal effects effectively.

How To Save Money On Diapers For Your Newborn Baby

When it comes to looking after newborns, nothing eats up more money than diapers. In fact, diapers for newborns are one of the reasons behind the saying 'babies are expensive.' Your little one can use about ten diapers in a day, and that's on a good day.

What You Need To Know About Newborn Baby Grooming

The thought of becoming a parent can be both exciting and scary for first-time parents. You can't wait to hold your precious little one in your arms, but at the same time, you're worried that you might not be able to properly care for them.

10 Must-Try Baby Foods At Home

Feeding babies has to be fun, especially those growing into toddlers. But, it is essential to keep a check on what your baby is eating. You may want to include healthy, nutritious food to ensure healthy growth. Babies six months old need great care with food selection and palate development if you want them to have good eating habits.

10 Ways To Save Money On Baby’s Clothes

As a mother spending time with your newborn, you may not always find it easy to buy baby clothes at your desired prices. Having a good range of clothes sounds good. However, getting baby clothes is not cheap. Babies grow fast and a change of an inch in the size may trouble the fit.

Flying With A Newborn? Here’s What You Need To Know!

If you're used to traveling as a person, then it is very likely that you would be traveling with your baby as well. The matter of how soon you can travel with your newborn baby should be solved by you directly contacting your chosen airline.

10 Foods That Are Excellent For Your Baby's Gut Health

A healthy and joyful baby is what all parents want. To advance healthy growth in your little one, you may want to be well-informed about the gut health of babies. Understanding your child's gut microbiome is also essential as the balance between good and beneficial bacteria is much needed to boost immunity.

10 Things You Can Do To Make The Newborn Happier

Your baby is your new bundle of joy! And, there's no doubt about it. But, for your baby to grow up in full swing, you need to be careful about their mood. You ought to think of your little one as your boss. You must be mindful of what soothes them and what may just irritate them.

10 Tips To Nurture Your Child’s Mental Health And Emotional Well-Being

Mental health in children has become a matter of concern these days. parents need to be careful about child’s mental and emotional health. Here are some useful tips for improve your child’s mental health.

15 Proven Tips To Get Your Newborn Sleep Through The Night

Parents of newborns are mostly bothered with having their babies sleep peacefully through the night. Scheduling a newborn's sleep and putting them to doze off could be really challenging. No matter how exhausting the task becomes for you, when your little one shuts their eyes to sleep, seeing them learning to dream would surely melt your heart.

Things To Consider Before Buying Baby Nursery Furniture

Your baby is about to arrive. You're worried about changing the layout of the room and clearing some space to set up its nursery. All you want is the best baby nursery furniture in your house. You want to rush to the baby store to buy all nursery essentials at the most reasonable price.

Best Superfoods For A Healthy Pregnancy

Sticking to a plan to eat healthy foods is not easy, especially among pregnant women. You may find nutritious value, but a compromise on tasteful food is often hard to commit to. However, a healthy diet that eliminates fatty, tempting processed foods high in both saturated fats and sugars is essential for nurturing a healthy baby within.