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Updated by Agento Support on Jun 10, 2021
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Magento eCommerce

Top 6 Proven Strategies to Achieve Growth in Your eCommerce Revenue

Do you want to boost your eCommerce revenue? Here are the top 6 effective strategies that you can employ in your eCommerce store. If you want to gain a competitive edge in the market, you should consider going with Magento eCommerce development services for building a robust, feature-rich, responsive, and SEO-friendly eCommerce store. When you opt for Magento eCommerce development, you can even convert your Magento 2 store into Magento PWA to increase your customer base as well as your conversion rate. So, hire an experienced team of Magento 2 developers to enjoy the benefits of Magento 2 development services.

Why Magento Ecommerce Development is the Best Option for Startups

In this blog, I’ll discuss the biggest reasons why startups and mid-sized eCommerce businesses should choose Magento eCommerce development for their business. Top Reasons Why Startups Should Go for Magento eCommerce Development.

How to Improve Magento Store Performance with Smart Reviews & Ratings?

One of the interesting ways in which a customer interacts with your online selling store is through ‘Review & Ratings. Check out some amazing Magento reviews and ratings to enhance E-commerce store performance.

How Magento 2 Multi-Store Development Can Help You Grow Your Business?

Do you want to grow your eCommerce business in an effective manner? Magento 2 multi-store development is the solution you need. If you’ve indulged in Magento eCommerce development, converting your store into a multi-store is not a difficult task. To better understand how Magento 2 multi-store development can help you grow your business, here’s an article that describes the benefits of Magento’s multi-store feature and things you need to consider before installing the functionality.

Moving Magento 1 to Magento 2 - Is It Actually Worth the Cost in 2020?

Moving your store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is highly crucial seeing the competition, security threats and changing trends. Investing in migration is a time consuming & costly process but the benefits it will offer are remarkable. Adobe has mentioned end of life for the Magento 1 and making a move is a smart decision for e-commerce enterprises.

What Makes Magento Ecommerce Development Still Popular in 2020? Article - ArticleTed - News and Articles

Read this blog to understand what makes Magento eCommerce development so popular amongst developers and eCommerce businesses. Once you feel Magento can truly make your eCommerce business a big success story, you can approach a Magento 2 development company for your project.

9 Best Rich Snippets And Magento 2 Schema for Your Magento 2 Store

Are you missing out on your targeted customers? Try using these 9 best Magento 2 Schema or Rich Snippets on your Magento 2 store to get your website’s link more visibility in Google’s search results. Magento 2 website development offers you endless opportunities to improve your search engine ranking. Implementing Magento 2 Schema or Rich Snippet to your online store helps you drive relevant traffic to your site provided they are implemented correctly. To ensure that Magento 2 Schema or Rich Snippets is implemented correctly, you can hire Magento developers at Agento Support, a leading Magento 2 website development company in India.

Get Ready for Holiday Season 2020 With Magento Commerce 2.4.1

Even the pandemic situation worldwide could not stop Adobe from releasing Magento’s latest updates. Check out this latest piece of information to understand what this new update brings on the table and how it can support your eCommerce Business this holiday season.

7 Effective Tips to Boost Your eCommerce Sales in 2021 - Agento Support

In this blog here are some proven 7 effective Tips to Boost Your eCommerce Sales in 2021. It helps you achieve new eCommerce milestone.

Magento eCommerce Development - What to expect in 2021?

Magento has shown tremendous growth in recent past years. But is that enough is going to be enough for the upcoming years? Lets’ check out what kind of impact Magento can levy on the eCommerce industry in the coming years..

Agento Support - 5 Great Tactics for Magento E-commerce Store Customer Engagement

If your E-commerce store isn’t getting desired sales targets, a number of reasons could be responsible for these shortcomings. Brands aren’t enjoying the success as much as they should because they’re not engaging customers. This is a major problem in E-commerce industry. Several CMS are present for e-commerce development but seeing the features & popularity Magento is the most recommended.

Digital Commerce Transformation Since 2020 And the Changes Ahead

The eCommerce business is thriving rapidly with increasing penetration towards online shopping. To stay ahead of the competition, digital commerce enterprises need to adopt advanced functionalities and new learnings. Simply learn from radical improvements that happened in 2020 and enrich the functioning of Magento Store.

Get to Know eCommerce Mobile App Types, Features, And Development Cost

Developing a feature-rich mobile app is an added advantage for your business to reach widespread customers. Start or take your existing eCommerce business on mobile apps to meet the favorable requirements of customers and boost sales. Get to know everything about eCommerce mobile app features, development cost, and more.

Why should you choose Magento eCommerce Services for Web Development?

These are some of the most prominent features offered by Magento 2 CMS for eCommerce users. Buyers always want some sort of unique features when buying stuff online and with the implementation of these Magento features your store will remain competitive. You can reach or consult an experienced team of developers to manage your store and you can simultaneously work on the business expansion.

Simple Process to Optimize Magento Site for Voice Search to Increase Sales

With the explosion of smart speakers with voice assistants, optimizing websites for voice searches becomes essential for business owners. If you’re a Magento user and looking to optimize the Magento site for voice search, then here’s how you can optimize it effectively and increase sales. If you’re new to the technicalities of Magento 2 optimization, then it is wise to approach an experienced Magento development company or a developer who follows the best practices to optimize the Magento site for voice search visibility.

Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in Magento eCommerce Stores

If you’re running a Magento store and looking to make it a customer-centric platform and offer personalized customer experiences across multiple channels, then you should consider using artificial intelligence in Magento eCommerce.

Google Shares Technical SEO Best Practices For Ecommerce Sites

SEO is one of the most important practices that are essential for every website owner to perform. Check out this piece of content to understand what type of SEO Google prefers for eCommerce Websites.