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Headline for Top 5 outdoor adventures in Sunshine Coast – Solely Reserved for Thrill Seekers
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Top 5 outdoor adventures in Sunshine Coast – Solely Reserved for Thrill Seekers

The third most populated area in the Australian state of Queensland, Sunshine Coast is a peri-urban area that is quite the haven for extreme sports lovers. It offers adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers incredible opportunities to partake in adrenaline-doused adventures.


Kite Surfing

One of the fast-growing adventure sports around the world, kite surfing is easily-learnt, safe, and comes at affordable costs. Most importantly, one does not need to be physically fit to enjoy a dose of kite surfing. Kite surfing can serve as a gateway to the world of extreme and adventure sports to a total novice to the field. One can book for kite-surfing lessons with tour operators such as Epic Ocean Adventures, which are located within a driving distance from Caloundra resorts the likes of Oaks Sunshine Coast Oasis Resort. Patiently go through the lesson and you'd conquer the air just above the ocean in no time.


Jet Boat Adventures

The mischievous waves of the Sunshine Coast's enrapturing ocean make jet boating an adventure that would leave even the most experienced of adrenaline junkies breathless. Even though you strap yourself to your seat for an exhilarating, high-speed ride across the open ocean, you'd probably perch on the edge of the seat for the entire ride due to the sheer speed of the enclosed vessel. The jet boats depart from the Mooloolaba and succeed in taking adventure to the next level, offering a thrilling ride to the riders. You can look forward to a jet boating experience on a Noosa Thriller, Caloundra Jet Boat, or Sunshine Coast Afloat to experience mind-blowing manoeuvers such as duck tails, figure eight, surfing, and wave-dives.


Rock Climbing

Climbers from across the globe come to grapple with the craggy façades of the humongous rock faces of the Sunshine Coast, especially those that can be found in the Stillwater Bluffs near Powell River and the Eldred Valley. These places offer humongous granite climbing walls that easily rivals the granite boulders of El Capitan and Half Dome of the Yosemite National Park. Climbers from all walks of life with varying skill levels frequent the mountains of Sunshine Coast. Conquering these mountains would not only offer you a challenge of a lifetime, but the summit will also greet you with incredible vistas of the surrounding region.


Jetpack Flyboarding

The adventure enthusiasts are offered several ways in which they can enjoy a water jet pack. Many companies offer you three excellent options, all of which cater to propelling you through the air using streams of high-powered water to gift you that ethereal feeling of flying in the air. There's the traditional jet-pack carried on the back, flyboarding, which is like surfing but in the air, and air bike, which is great for a group activity.



Sunshine Coast's pleasantly warm weather conditions make it a perfect location for extreme sports and there's nowhere you'd rather enjoy jumping out of a plane! With the surge of adrenaline bubbling in your veins, skydiving will give you striking bird's eye views of the coastline. Once you get over the initial fear of jumping out of the airplane, it will be hard to not return regularly to experience this ethereal sensation.

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