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Adventures of a Working Woman

Featuring the adventures of working woman by celebrating the varied and colourful roles women play within industry and business. Experience inspirational, real stories by real women.


Adventures of Ruka Sanusi Founder Alldens Lane

Founder Alldens Lane I've have had a rich and diverse international career to date, starting out two decades ago in the UK working as an international development practitioner and a management consultant with an international consulting organisation. My career geographic focus has always been Africa, and I have worked in nearly 20 countries across the continent.

Adventures of Gloria Feldt, Co-founder and President Take The Lead

I am absolutely certain this is the moment for women to Take The Lead! And I am excited beyond words to be launching our first fully online women’s leadership certificate course starting October 2.

Adventures of Karin Bellantoni Chief Provocateur at Blueprint Optimist, Fairy Godmother, Raconteur, Entrepreneur

You see, no matter how great things are in any moment, they always change.
The better you are at changing and really embracing change, the easier it will be to get farther in life

Adventures of Susan Hayes "The Positive Economist" Managing Director of Hayes Culleton

I would love to leave a legacy of company that outlives me, a team of staff that have developed beyond their own perceived
potential and a world that is more financially savvy than when I entered it

Adventures of Cecilia Zalazar Chief Creative Director

As far as my career goes I have no regrets, I have taken every opportunity that was presented to me and move always forward. I don’t believe I could have done things at a slower pace; it’s just not in my nature as I am very passionate

Adventures of Samantha Kelly Owner Tweetinggoddess

I started Funky Goddess in 2011 and was featured on the Irish version of Dragons Den. As a solo parent I had no money to start up so I opted for an investor. Unfortunately after the program aired the investment didn’t materialize so I continued on, and kept using social media as my main marketing tool, jumping on any publicity opportunities I could get via radio and TV so I could get the business noticed!

Adventures of Dr. Sandra Casey Buford Director of Strategic Research/Diversity, Massachusetts Port Authority (Masspor...

When I reflect on my entire life I am stunned at how fast it has sped by, and I am amazed at how much I have been able to accomplish, including being a wife and mother of four talented, high responsible human beings. . I am humbled by the incredible number of brilliant, talented people that I’ve had the privilege to read about, work with, become acquainted with, and befriend. Most importantly, I am in awe of the amount of knowledge that exists in the universe, both known and not yet discovered. I am resolved to never stop learning, and my ultimate goal is to continue to improve myself, to help others, and to stay engaged in meaningful work……forever.

Adventures of Trisha Proud Owner & Managing Partner Partners in Solutions Ltd

Over the years I have made several contributions to various business committees, working parties, European business forums, writing for trade journals etc; as well as chairing a large User Group which included blue chip organisations such as the BBC, Mercedes Benz, Motorola, BT and Shell UK.


Adventures of Alicia Vanderschuere Founder & CEO of rosieMADE

Adventures of Alicia Vanderschuere Founder & CEO of rosieMADE

While life for the working woman has improved dramatically in the last 40 years, there are still plenty of challenges we face in juggling work and family.

Adventures of Smiljana Orlic Founder Transforming Your Power Into Passion

I have been an individual with many interests. The truth was not the fact that I could not focus on one thing, but I saw much excitement and fulfillment in life. I have always been passionate and I have always followed my heart. I always enjoyed thriving instead of just surviving.

Adventures of Lyn Williams Owner, Love & Happiness Mastery

In 1998 I formed my own IT Consulting company. My future was looking very bright and secure. By 2000, I was
earning a 6-figure income, working part time from home and life was wonderful.

Adventures of Ande Lyons Chief Passion Curator and Founder Bring Back Desire LLC

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined." - Henry David Thoreau It took me years to realize I was an entrepreneur. I'm the daughter of Depression Era babies, who were very careful to color inside the lines and abide by society's rules.

Adventures of Rosie Battista Body Stylist, Confidence Creator Sleeping Naked After 40

My obstacles in the past were time, as I was raising my 3 children. My biggest obstacle now to being an entrepreneur is
working capital that would allow me to expand my business in a more timely manner with less stress.

Adventures of Lisa Rae Molina Business Owner of Life Beyond the Rat Race

We each have our own definition of success. The uber important thing is that we define that for ourselves. NOT
someone else’s definition...we must be sure it’s our own!

Adventures of Catherine Schlieben Head of Recruitment and Talent, ITV

My role has gone through different phases here at ITV. Initially I was shaping and scoping the function, what our offering was going to be, what technology we were going to use and how we were going to communicate to our candidate market

Adventures of Rina Goldenberg; Director, Legal Department ING Bank NV, London Branch

Director, Legal Department ING Bank NV THE JOURNEY OF A LAWYER A new beginning? Mine is what you might describe as the life of a nomad: born in Russia, shuffled around a couple of other countries, to finally settle in yet another (where I graduated from school and attended university), only to uproot again for a move to London.

Sylvia Lafair President, Creative Energy Options Inc

Hi, I am Sylvia Lafair, President of Creative Energy Options , Inc., White Haven, PA 18661 USA. I began my career as a family therapist and expected to follow this path, well, just about forever. I loved the action of working with that whole complex group of individuals who did not necessarily "choose" to be involved with each other, and yet there they are.

Jone Bosworth Founder & CEO inCourage Leading, LLC

My name is Jone Bosworth and that is one of the questions I asked women in 36 U.S. States for my upcoming
book, The Flight Patterns of Superwomen. I’d love to hear your answer!
If you ask my family about my adventures as a working woman, they’d laugh and say, “Oh, Jone, she keeps
learning and learning--no telling what she’ll be when she grows up.”

Sadia Siddiqui Producer, talk show host and Founder of Mustang Productions

My background has always been in business. I did my MBA in Marketing from the University of London. My father was
my early inspiration; he was an entrepreneur with his own international removal and freight forwarding business. When I
was very young; at six or seven, I started accompanying him on business trips. He attended business conferences annually,
each hosted in a different country. They lasted five days and he would take us in a big family group

Paula Ruane Founder, The Juggling Goddess

My name is Paula Ruane, Bio Energetics Practitioner and run my own business based primarily on helping
the busy, working female of the species.
This is my third career – I have had many jobs and interests but my first business was an interior design
company in Chelsea. My husband, aged 35, had a heart bypass during that time when our 3 children were
under the age of 5 so I switched and trained as a mortgage broker and set up my second business.

Oma Edoja; Author, speaker & Women’s Business Growth Mentor

I have been through a great deal of adversity in my life. I have lost a child, experienced domestic violence, been homeless twice (with children), been separated from my children and have had to start life all over again on re-locating to the UK. I
started my business with savings from benefits, and at one point, I couldn’t afford a desk, so I worked from my bed! I

Sara Ting President and Founder; Diversity Consultant, Trainer - POET Educator

I arrived at the place I am today by asking a question when I was 10 years old, why am I here on earth? This question led me
through a journey of self-exploration; discovering who I am and my purpose for being here. When I went to college at Boston
University School of Fine Arts I learned one of the most important lessons in life – make sure you love what you do

Dr Pauline Crawford BA MBA PhD CEO Corporate Heart Ltd

As I approach my 64th birthday, I realise my life and my career as a woman are just coming to fruition and expanding
to my fullest potential as a ‘silver veteran’. As I look back in order to assess my life, I feel young at heart and see a
future with hope and optimism. My life is opening up to new opportunities and new roles are unfolding. I wish now to
give back my wisdom to others.