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5 Interesting Facts about Yangon – The Independent Old Capital of Myanmar

Yangon was once called Rangoon and is the home of a grand and ancient history that is both glamourous and tragic at the same time. It was once the capital of Myanmar but today is a great place to explore if you want to escape to an old city weathered to charm by the sands of time. Here are 5 facts.


Yangon was the Former Capital of Myanmar

Originally Rangoon was a small fishing village. The beautiful and charismatic Shwedagon Pagoda was the prominent feature in this town which was called Dagon and people lived clustered around it. From the year 1948 to 2005, Yangon was named the independent capital of Myanmar. The city is known today as the City of Golden Pagodas and is a large commercial and industrial giant in the country's main cities. Today it is home to great commercial ventures and many a hotel in Yangon are luxurious and modern.


Yangon has a Very Old History

Yangon was the capital of colonial Britain all through the 19th century when it was called Rangoon. You will find distinct references to that history even today, especially in the architecture and that adds to Yangon's charm. It is a city where the time passing has left a distinct mark that you can actually see if you care to pay attention to. The city, like all those with deep historical roots, has found how to blend the modern with the old in an almost seamless pattern. This you will note whilst exploring.


You Must Dress Appropriately

When stepping outside your hotel the likes of Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon, make sure that you dress appropriately, especially when visiting the pagodas. While it might have a historical or architectural significance to you, to the people of Myanmar, pagodas are places of worship and should be treated thus. The rule of thumb is to cover your shoulders and knees. You also need to take your shoes off when entering the premises.


Men Wear Long Skirts

The Longyi is a skirt that men wear and something you will see often in Yangon. It is similar to a sarong and is tied around the waist. Women might wear a longyi too. It is a great clothing item to have especially during the very hot summer months. You are more likely to see the traditional dress in temples and on the streets in some cases.


Women Wear A Special Face Mask

The women of Myanmar apply a face mask made up of the bright yellow powder of the indigenous thanaka tree. It is a great mask, especially as a sunscreen. The powder has been long used by the womenfolk of Myanmar to beautify themselves. It is mixed with water and then applied all over the face, arms and legs. It is a cosmetic that has a lot of significance and can be found all over the country. however, it is unique to Myanmar.

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