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Updated by Nicoleta on Sep 29, 2020
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10 Amazing Robots in Retail Industry

Best use of technology. A list of innovative robots that are used in retail Industry.

TOKINOMO - The innovative in-store marketing robot that increases sales and product awareness

When it comes to choosing a product, customers don’t rely on just facts but their feelings. Tokinomo’s innovative robot, with light, sound and motion capabilities allows the product to better make emotional connections with shoppers. Show off your product’s values and personality in ways that go beyond static displays and product packaging.
With Tokinomo, you can transform your product into a storyteller for your brand.

Pepper the humanoid and programmable robot

Discover Pepper the humanoid robot designed to interact with humans. Standing 120cm tall, Pepper can perceive his environment and speak 15 languages. Pepper the robot can be programmed to chat and interact with customers, give direction and answer questions. The robot can also play music, light up and dance.

StockBot - PAL Robotics: Leading service robotics

StockBot is an autonomous platform that takes daily inventory in retail stores and warehouses without supervision.

BOBY - Logistics robot for autonomous product movement.

The Boby AGV robot lifts and transports storage shelves to the order picking stations. Boby, an automated storage solution, is based on a system of autonomous robots and mobile shelves designed to make warehouses more scalable and efficient.

TORY - MetraLabs

TORY is a mobile service robot that takes stock autonomously and fully automatically. TORY can be used in warehouses and sales areas.

Say hello to Tally.

Say hello to Tally. Your team’s new power-tool is fully autonomous. Tally plans its paths in real-time, sensing and avoiding obstacles with the help of nearly 40 sensors for 360˚situational awareness.

LoweBot — Lowe's Innovation Labs

Lowe’s LoweBot helps customers find goods they are searching for, like a rolling kiosk to look up products and other information.

Sawyer, the high performance collaborative robot

Visit Rethink Robotics to see how our high performance robot, Sawyer, can execute precise automation tasks not suitable for traditional industrial robots.
Sawyer is an industrial collaborative robot designed to help out with tasks and work alongside humans. You can teach it new tasks by demonstrating what to do using the robot's own arm.

Hointer: German Robots Make Shopping Fun for Men

Hointer is a completely automated store. Customers can use their smartphones to scan an item of clothing (only one item of each category is on display) and provide their choice of size and color. They can then go to the fitting rooms where robots deliver them their choice of clothing. With the assistance of the robots, they can change sizes and colors. Once done, they can check out their purchases using self-service kiosks.

EffiBOT, Autonomous Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) - EFFIDENCE

EffiBOT optimizes logistics flows in industry and warehouses. More than a simple robot, it is a complete and adjusted solution which is proposed thanks to all the complementary equipment and tools.
It is a fully automated trolley deployed by DHL Supply solutions. From single- to multi-order picking, it creates a more efficient and interactive process to track complex inventory movements and handles pickers' manual work in the warehouse.