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Increasing Brand Recognition And Loyalty - Spencer Kinney

A study has also revealed that the users judge your website in under a second of seeing it.

Increasing Brand Recognition And Loyalty - Spencer Kinney

On the other hand, if they find the navigation of the website very problematic and also can’t locate the right things at the right places, he will think that the quality of products you supply is also poor and thus, may not buy from you.

This makes the chatbots, a great solution for the small businesses. Even if you have a larger business and have extra money to build an app, it’s still worth considering a more economical and reachable chatbot alternative.

Instead of filling out long unappealing forms, people answer a few questions to the bot and they could also get additional informations or clarifications from the bot during any stage of the conversation.

We have services with superior quality, diversifying categories, advanced techniques, and favorable pricing.

The users look at the key elements of your website in under three seconds and decides whether he is going to stay on your website or leave it. This is another reason why the user experience design on the website should be flawless and enjoyable.

Increasing Brand Recognition And Loyalty - Spencer Kinney

According to another study, a bad experience will turn 40% of your customers to your competitors. On the other hand, a good experience will keep your customers loyal to your business. 15.8% are less likely to switch brands when there is a good user experience.

A Montreal-based law firm EXEO launched an Immigration Virtual Assistant (IVA) to make the process of moving to Canada much easier and less stressful.

Our Digital Marketing Agency - Spencer Kinney

We value people who can't stop thinking about improving the future. We're fueled by forward-thinking employees who see the potential of better technologies, processes and ideas through diversity and who take the steering wheel to drive it forward.

For businesses to develop, they must go to places where people already are which are various social media platforms and messengers. Chatbots are clearly that viable option for the businesses due to the reasons and discussions mentioned above.

Generate Legal Documents - Spencer Kinney

There are people who want to migrate to Canada but don’t have huge financial resources. IVA is a very good solution for those people with free legal consultation. At the same, the chatbot qualifies the lead for the company.

This study proves that user experience plays a huge role in retaining your customers and ensuring brand loyalty. There are a few reasons why UX design is important for your company.

Chatbots Are Faster And Cheaper - Spencer Kinney

This shows that it is really tough for an app to get noticed. Also, apps have to be constantly updated to keep with the latest OS versions, else it becomes outdated.

Whether it's celebrating successful product releases or working alongside colleagues on volunteer days, we believe that freeing our minds from routine once in a while makes us more productive, builds stronger teams and promotes positive mindsets.

Increasing Brand Recognition And Loyalty - Spencer Kinney

When users come across your website, you only have a few seconds to impress, influence and engage them. Recently studies show instantly liking websites links to higher customer satisfaction for that company. First impressions are 94% design related.

Failing to update an app is sometimes enough to lose users over time. Chatbots, on the other hand, suffers from such no such disadvantages and is very easy for every type of business is to maintain. Thus, it is advisable for businesses to maintain a chatbot instead of an app.

Create Legal Documents - Spencer Kinney

IVA asks a user a few questions to understand what are the chances of moving to Canada or accessing any immigration program. People can get legal assistance free of charge and the law firm gets qualified leads that are interested in moving to Canada, because of IVA.

We keep it open, honest and inclusive. We welcome all employees' feedback with an open-door policy, and we care as much about providing a collaborative and inclusive employee experience as we do about helping our customers.

Therefore, if a business intends to retain its customers, keeping an updated and attractive design should be first and foremost priority so as to make a good first impression on the minds of the customers.

How Legal Chatbots Can Increase The Profit of Your Law Firm - Spencer Kinney

Chatbots conduct a comprehensive investigation that includes reviewing tons of documents and asking plenty of questions to uncover background information and create a full report for you.

Why smooth User Experience Design is Vital For Business - Spencer Kinney

An experienced UX designer can predict the usability issues so that they could be immediately fixed to ensure customer satisfaction.

Apps are great, but do you know who are amazing? Chatbots. The chatbots are changing our lives by providing easy communication link between a business and a user.

How Legal Chatbots Can Increase The Profit of Your Law Firm - Spencer Kinney

The human lawyers and paralegals go through tons of information on a daily basis which is a very time-consuming work. They can rapidly scan volumes of data to find an accurate and useful answer.

Why Smooth User Experience Design Is Vital For Business - Spencer Kinney

Testing your product in the design stage helps to avoid making changes later on when it’s more experience, both from a financial standpoint and customer satisfaction standpoint.

3 Reasons To Have A Chatbot Rather Than App - Spencer Kinney

When it comes to apps, they have provided us with a very good platform to locate the products much easily in comparison to the process existing in the old days and have given us a link to contact the business much more in case of need.

3 Reasons To Have A Chatbot Rather Than App - Spencer Kinney

Chatbots offer a great range of possibilities to help your business thrive. There are a number of reasons why chatbots are better than apps: