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Quilting Frames And How To Use One For Your Next Quilt Project

In this article there will be a detailed review of the different kinds of quilting frames that are available in the market along with the different benefits of the quilting frames.


A quilting frame is

A quilting frame is

A quilting frame is a wooden or plastic structure made up of various kinds of materials such as wood, metal and most commonly plastic. It is a large structure that is used to keep and hold the quilt when working. It is a three-dimensional figure that includes a top, the lower part, and the middle part.


Types of quilting frames

There are various kinds of quilting frames that are available in the market according to the using purpose of everyone. These include a long list:


Hand quilting frame

The very first type is the hand quilting frames. There are two types of quilt frames in this category.

The first one is the floor quilt frame. This is usually taken by a small group of people who work together to do the quilting. It is a long structure laid upon the floor where many quilters can work simultaneously at the same time. This type of quilting frame has a moving mechanism attached to it which can be used to rotate it and hence make the work easier. Another important feature attached to this is that these quilts are very portable and small in size too. They can be easily laid down anywhere the quilters want to work and hence can start quilting.


Lap quilt frames

Another type of the same category is the lap quilt frames and hoops. These are very small and more portable quilting frames. These are usually used made for individual quilters who love to quilt by their own time and space. These are very simple quilting frames that are easy to carry and can easily be used to quilt since they have these have large hoops which hold the quilt and the stitching can be done layers by layers.


Sewing machine quilt frame

The next category is the sewing machine quilt frames. Before this was the hand quilting frames which had to be done manually. However, the new sewing machine quilt frames have been introduced to ease the work and can be used even when quilting from the sewing machine. In this way there is also less input of manual effort to keep rolling the quilt instead the machine itself rolls it over as the individuals keep quilting from the sewing machine.


Long arm quilt frames

Long arm quilt frames

The very first type in this category is the long arm quilt frames. These long arm quilting machines are mostly used by the big industries and are very large in size. These long arm quilt frames are very expensive and not any common person can purchase these. Even those who usually work on it mostly take it on rent or lease. Since these are very big and most industries use it because the long structure enable both the batting and fabric layers to hold and hence the working becomes quite easier when quilting. These long arm quilt frames are built in such a way that it coordinates with the sewing machine as the sewing machine goes on with the sewing the quilting frames keep unrolling more and more of the new section of the quilt layers.


Benefits of quilting frames

Now that we have discussed the different types of quilting frames we will now see the different benefits that come with quilting frames. The very first benefit that comes with using quilting frames is that is very relaxing and frustration free. When quilting is done without the use of any frames it becomes very frustrating and challenging. There can be a lot of mistakes when quilting without the frames and the risk of mixing everything is also a threat. In addition to this, it is very fast too.

The second benefit is that it will yield quicker machine projects. This means with the help of these big quilting machines all the layers of the quilt stay in place and hence there are no manual heavy efforts are put in to rotate all the working layers. There are many different kinds of quilting frames that can be easily used with different sets of sewing machines and hence all the work gets easier.

The third important benefit is that it is very cheap and easily affordable. These quilting frames such as those of floor frames are very affordable and are also available everywhere.


Things to remember when quilting

Things to remember when quilting

The next important part that needs to be considered is how to use these quilting frames for your next project and all the different tips that need to be considered before that.

• The first thing to do is collect the basic building structures from the different stores available in the neighborhood. These basic materials can come very handy in order to build their own quilting frames.

• It is important to keep in mind to not opt for the smaller quilting frames but larger quilting frames in order to make the full and maximum utilization that can come in handy even when doing the quilting of large projects.

• Chairs that come without the armrest are the great choices for this quilting task. This is because the elbow will not be constantly going to hit the armrest and hence it will be easier and comfortable to work.

• Another brilliant tip is the idea of working from one end to another constantly. A fixed pattern should be chosen and stimulate rather than switching between. This will prevent any confusion or overlapping.

• When stitching, use the quilting frames in such a way that the sticking is done towards each of the individuals and not away from this as this technique results in more accuracy.

• There are different sizes that these quilting machines can be brought in terms of the preference of each individual. However, always make sure that the back and batting are both to be around 5 to 6 inches longer than that of the top of the quilting frames.

• This also should be in mind that a team should be in place before the use of quilting frames. This is because when a team is around to help then the work also becomes very easy and less frustrating when loading and unloading the layers from the frame.


Drawbacks of quilting frames

However, there are a few drawbacks too of quilting frames that also need to be highlighted.

• The first drawback of the quilting frames is that the set-up is very difficult. A professional person needs to be hired for that which increases the cost of it.

• The second drawback is that a big space is needed in order to install the quilting frames. If installing at home then a separate room is designated for this particular purpose. However, if such space is not available then a separate place needs to be rent up that can increase the running cost.

• It also requires a lot of patience from the individual. The quilting through these frames can be very handy and hence a lot of patience is required for this particular purpose.

• The fourth drawback is that the long arm frames which are the best for usage are very expensive and not everyone can afford that much for a quilting frame.

However, those which are cheap are very small and hence do not yield the same amount of benefits that these big frames yield.



In conclusion, quilting frames come in a lot of variety and types. These quilting frames yield both a lot of benefits as well as few drawbacks. However, the benefits or the advantages of the quilting frames take away the show and hence the cons are overshadowed. It is beneficial for all to take the quilting frames that best suits your need and work.