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Astrology and 12 Zodiac Signs


zodiac Signs Explanation

zodiac Signs Explanation

Astrology has been a significant part of many cultures all over the world. For centuries people have relied on astrology for various important decisions of their life. Right from the kings and royals to the ordinary common man, all have taken shelter in this ancient science, at some or other point in their life. It is deeply rooted in out mentality and social construct. Sometimes the predictions gave hopes for good times ahead and sometimes they warned of the trouble and obstacles lying ahead, so that corrective actions could be preformed to avert it. Thus it was greatly sought after activity and practice and still is. Astrology signs play a major role in a person’s life.


Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries Zodiac Sign

General Behavior : Aries loves freedom, and will accept any challenge. Aries will get impatient if your ideas do not work out immediately and as expected. You are unwilling to follow someone else's suggestions, especially if they do not make sense to you. You often have excess energy which can make you aggressive. Arians are brave leaders who express care and concern for all they lead. However, an Arian as a follower is rare, and can be troublesome. Some Arians will act self-centered because they believe that their views are right, and anyone who conflicts with them is wrong. Because you are open and honest, you will make energetic and generous friends. Arians have trouble compromising which can lead to problems in otherwise smooth friendships.

Positive Qualities of Aries : Creative, Ambitious, Adventurous, Full of Energy, Open to Change for Advantageous Position, Ready for New Challenges, Independent, Courageous, Optimistic.

Negative Qualities of Aries : Short Tempered, Self-centered, Impatient, Unnecessary Risks Taker, Impulsive, Moody and Tend to get bored easily.

Some of the important things associated with Aries Zodiac Sign are –

Symbol : The Ram
Ruling Planet : Mars
Element : Fire
Motto : 'I am'
Lucky Colors : Red
Lucky Flowers : Red Poppies, Geraniums, Honeysuckle and Hollyhocks
Birthstone : Diamond

Celebrity Aries : Marilou Henner, Warren Beatty, Alex Baldwin, Eddie Murphy, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paul Reiser


Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus Zodiac Sign

General Behavior : Taurus is determined and peaceful. Although you are not a leader, you will recognize someone with great leadership qualities and follow them. You try to remain the same as everyone else, and are resistant to change. People will enjoy you because you have a good sense of humor and are intelligent. You are a dependable friend who is not scared off by a challenge. You may believe so strongly in your values that you will sacrifice relationships to uphold them. Some Taureans need to be told that they did a good job after accomplishing a task before they feel that they have really accomplished anything. Your friends are people in the same social standing as you, and you rarely go outside of that standing. Although you are calm and generally against fighting, you will fight if someone is provoking you. Your temper tends to explode in violent bursts that are not always directed at the person they should be.

Positive Qualities of Taurus : Hardworking, Self-motivated, Creative, Conservative, Concrete, Passionate Lovers, Determinate, Practical, Loyal, Stable, Balanced, Peace Lovers, Responsible.

Negative Qualities of Taurus : Possessive, Jealous, Resentful, Rigid, Ultra-conservative, Argumentative, Self-centered, Stubborn, Materialistic, Lazy.

Some of the important things associated with Taurus Zodiac Sign are –

Symbol : The Bull
Ruling Planet : Venus
Element : Earth
Motto : 'I Have'
Lucky Colors : Brown, Russet and Turquoise, White
Lucky Flowers : Red Rose, Daisy, Lily and Daffodil
Birthstone : Emerald

Celebrity Taurus : Michelle Pfieffer, Uma Thurman, George Cloony, Bea Arthur, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino


Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini Zodiac Sign

General Behavior : Gemini (the twins) is a very complex and confusing sign. To some people you can seem like a wonderful friend, while to others you will seem two-faced and sneaky. You will act like a child for most of your life. That includes both the good and bad characteristics of children. You are happy and energetic when things go right for you. However, when things go wrong, you can be passive-aggressive and very mean. You find decisions hard to make, since you can never stay with the one that you originally choose. You tend to fight loosing battles for something that you call a "moral" cause (even though you know it isn't). One quality (you decide whether it's good or bad) you have is the ability to lie and appear that you are telling the complete truth. You prefer to use someone else's solution to a problem than thinking of your own. Many of Gemini's poorer traits are due to your lack of self-esteem. It is very tough to get your attention. You will be thinking about many things at a time and you can't concentrate on any particular thing at one time. You may be praising somebody but at the same time you will be thinking against him (her). But the most intelligent people on the earth are Geminians.

Positive Qualities of Gemini : Communicative, Playful, Energetic, Clever, Witty, Adaptable, Dexterity, Talented, Good Speakers.

Negative Qualities of Gemini : Nervousness, Tense, Inconsistent, Superficial, Dual Personality, Restless, Indecisive, Lacks Commitment, Dis-loyal.

Some of the important things associated with Gemini Zodiac Sign are –

Symbol : The Twins
Ruling Planet : Mercury
Element : Air
Motto : 'I Think'
Lucky Colors : Yellow, Light Blue, Green
Lucky Flowers : Lilac, Azalea, Lily
Birthstone : Agate

Celebrity Gemini : Michael J. Fox, Nicole Kidman, Paul McCartney, Tim Allen, Cindy Lauper, Clint Eastwood


Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Zodiac Sign

General Behavior : Cancer (the crab) is one of the most difficult zodiac signs to understand. Cancerians can have many different personalities. Most Cancerians like to be at their home, and enjoy large families. You seem unsociable to some people, but you enjoy chatting and gossiping as much as anyone else. You tend to day-dream very often and can be found in a state of fantasy. You enjoy art, writing, and drama, but acting may not be a good career for you because of your tendency to Overact. Cancer is the sign most likely to believe in the zodiac, as well as other psychic happenings. You make a loyal friend and also very patriotic.

Positive Qualities of Cancer : Caring, Sensitive, Reserved, Homely, Intelligent, Loyal, Dependable, Adaptable, Responsive, Cautious, Shrewd, Creative.

Negative qualities of Cancer : Indecisive, Moody, Over Emotional, Over Sensitive, Self Pitying, Self Absorbed.

Some of the important things associated with Cancer Zodiac Signs are –

Symbol : The Crab
Ruling Planet : Moon
Element : Water
Motto : 'I Feel'
Lucky Colors : White, silver and pale yellow
Lucky Flowers : Water lily (lotus), Iris, White Poppy, White Carnation
Birthstone : Ruby and Pearl

Celebrity Cancer : Dear Abby, Ross Perot, Angelica Huston, George Michael, Princess Di, Liz McGovern


Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Zodiac Sign

General Behavior : King planet Sun governs your zodiac sign. You want to live like a king. You are a very ambitious person and want to rise to the top in the profession of your choice. You have been blessed with a strong personality, which can take you places if you so desire. You are logical in your approach to most things but sometimes you get so confused over the small issues. An extrovert, you have many friends and you are a good host. You learn to branch out on your own even if it turns out to be an expensive idea since you are ready to sacrifice much if it benefits in the long run. You are very much a materialistic person; you will find it difficult to do without worldly things. The picture you portray, however, is of the strong silent type. Your plus point is keeping a good relationship with those persons who could be of use to you in some way. You are self-opinionated person though you may behave otherwise. Sometimes you act very superficially and you yourself will not know why. You are quite power-hungry and given to vices any of which could cause you destruction both mentally and physically. You are an out-going person basically and have a wide circle of friends. You are a well-loved person since you speak attractively and have good manners. You can't tolerate your failures because you want to rule and you are impatient to reach that level. You don't let anyone come in the way of achieving power. You are brave and don't spend sleepless nights on major or minor worries provided you have been sincere and just. Basically an extrovert, you reach out to people in all walks of life. You are helpful to those in trouble and don't expect anything in return. To win your favor, it is wise to flatter you and this happens to you all the time but you won't notice it.

Positive Qualities of Leo : Dominant, Proud, Extrovert, Possesses Positive Bend Towards Life, Loyal Friends, Kind, Big Hearted, Energetic and Optimistic.

Negative Qualities of Leo : Bossy, Intolerant, Interfering, Patronizing, Egoistic, Dominating, Arrogant, Possessive and Jealous.

Some of the important things associated with Leo Zodiac Sign are –

Symbol : The Lion
Ruling Planet : Sun
Element : Fire
Motto : 'I Want'
Lucky Colors : Gold, Royal Purple, Orange, Red
Lucky Flowers : Showy Dahlia, Lily, Red Poppy, Marigold, Sunflower and Heliotrope
Birthstone : Sardonyx

Celebrity Leo : Melody Griffith, Delta Burke, Sally Struthers, Jackie O, Hulk Hogan, Andy Warhol


Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo Zodiac Sign

General Behavior : Virgos are creative, delicate, and intelligent. You love to have everything in order, but are also patient. You are very observant, which can lead you to be judgmental. Some people may think that you are a cold person, because you rarely show your emotions. You also have a lot of charm and dignity, although you may not have many friends, due to your troubles with showing your feelings. Virgos are more followers than leaders. You are always logical.

Positive Qualities of Virgo : Careful, Orderly, Creative, Intelligent, Dependable, Trustworthy, Analytical, Perfectionist.

Negative Qualities of Virgo : Fussy, Worry Too Much, Overcritical, Harsh, Choosy, Conservative.

Some of the important things associated with Virgo Zodiac Sign are –
Symbol : The Virgin
Ruling Planet : Mercury
Element: Earth
Motto : 'I Scrutinize'
Lucky Colors : Blue, Yellow, Grey, Tan, Navy and Lilac, Green
Lucky Flowers: Aster, Chrysanthemum, Ivy and Fern
Birthstone : Sapphire

Celebrity Virgo : Keannu Reeves, Lauren Bacall, Tom Sherritt, Geraldine Ferraro, Peter Falk, Shelley Long


Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Zodiac Sign

General Behavior : Libra (the balance) is said to be the most desired Zodiac Sign. You are charming, good looking, gentle and kind. You are a good judge of character and have many good friends. You do not like it when your decisions are challenged, and are impatient with people who criticize you. You hate people who are cruel to others. Libras enjoy the arts more than science, so a career in the arts would be a good choice. You will understand other people's views and sympathize with them. A negative Libraian (there aren't many) flirts and seems shallow. They also are impatient with a daily routine.

Positive Qualities of Libra : Ethical, Hardworking, Gentle, Good Looking, Tender, Friendly, Fair, Cooperative, Sincere, Trustworthy, Kind.

Negative Qualities of Libra : On the bad side they are also indecisive, easily influenced and gullible, superficial, vain.

Some of the important things associated with Libra Zodiac Sign are –

Symbol : The Scales
Ruling Planet : Venus
Element : Air
Motto : 'I Balance'
Lucky Colors : Ivory, Pink (or Rose), Turquoise and Blue
Lucky Flowers : White or Pink Rose, Daisies, Violets, Asters and Orchids
Birthstone : Blue Sapphire

Celebrity Libra : Angie Dickinson, Mickey Mantle, Dwight Eisenhower, Tim Robbins, John Lithgow, Annette Funicello


Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

General Behavior : Scorpio is intense and powerful. Although you appear controlled and calm, you are emotional and energetic. Scorpios often have strong and penetrating eyes. They seem fun to be with socially, but some seem self-involved and withdrawn. You can recognize your special qualities and it requires self-control to prevent you from using them for bad reasons. In relationships, you can be passionate and overwhelming. You are also very sensitive and take almost every comment to heart. You discard friends when they start to bore you.

Positive Qualities of Scorpio : Passionate, Powerful, Intense, Self Controlled, Determined, Self Reliance, Resourceful.

Negative Qualities of Scorpio : Jealous, Secretive and Obstinate, Introvert, Obsessive, Manipulative.

Some of the important things associated with Scorpio Zodiac Sign are –

Symbol : The Scorpion
Ruling Planet : Pluto, Mars
Element : Water
Motto : 'I Wish'
Lucky Colors : Red, Black, Midnight Blue and Emerald Green
Lucky Flowers : Anemone, Heather and Gardenia
Birthstone : Topaz

Celebrity Scorpio : Walter Cronkite, Dennis Franz, Leonardo DeCaprio, Jodi Foster, Danny Devito, Grace Kelly


Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

General Behavior : Sagittarius always loved to inviting friendship and the exchange of ideas. Sagittarius is normally restless. They hate to sit or stand still. Ordinarily people born under the Jupiter's influence fear nothing. The typical Sagittarius is attached to danger in sports and in his job or his hobby. They love speed. As the time passes Sagittarian develops somewhat philological qualities with which he inspires others. Sagittarian enjoys publishing and is happy in the field of higher education. He is very happy to work in abroad. Sagittarius is always like to have meaningful relationship with people. He has a great sense of humor and is very enthusiastic.

Positive qualities of Sagittarius : Independent, full of energy with dual characters, they are a different person outside and different on the inside, Honest, Optimistic, Lively, Generous, Have good sense of humour.

Negative qualities of Sagittarius : Careless, Irresponsible, Impatient and Superficial.

Some of the important things associated with Sagittarius Zodiac Sign are –

Symbol : The archer
Ruling Planet : Jupiter
Element : Fire
Motto : 'I Free'
Lucky Colors : Maroon, Tan, Navy, Orange and Cobalt Blue, Yellow
Lucky Flowers : Huge Mums, Hydrangeas, Dahlias and Peonies
Birthstone : Ruby and Turquoise

Celebrity Sagittarius : Woody Allen, Bette Midler, Dick Van Dyke, Caroline Kennedy, Teri Hatcher, Sammy Davis Jr


Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

General Behavior : Capricorn (the goat) is the most serious of all the zodiac signs. You are independent and (usually) confident. You have a tendency to criticize yourself too much, which can lead to low self-esteem. Capricorns are dependable, but also extremely cautious. You make a fair, but stubborn leader, and this is a job that you can do well. You are very well organized, so you can handle many projects at once. You may go through horrible mood swings, being friendly one moment and mean the next.

Positive Qualities of Capricorn : Ambitious, Decisive, Independent with a very strong character.

Negative Qualities of Capricorn : On the negative side they can be selfish, calculating and without any feelings.

Some of the important things associated with Capricorn Zodiac Sign are -

Symbol : The goat
Ruling Planet : Saturn
Element : Earth
Motto : 'I Use'
Lucky Colors : Chocolate Brown, Royal and Navy Blue, Dark Green, Charcoal Grey and Red
Lucky Flowers : Camellia, Orange Blossom, Red Carnation, Baby's Breath and Magnolia
Birthstone : Red Garnet

Celebrity Capricorn : Faye Dunnaway, Marlene Dietrich, Robert Duvall, Anthony Hopkins, John Denver, Jean Stapleton


Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

General Behavior : Aquarians in general come in two different types: shy, and lively. Both are strong-willed and honest. Your thoughts are orderly and you plan your life in a systematic manner. Sometimes you are aggressive and loud. You are unprejudiced and can see other's points of views. You are serious, but you can also be funny with a dry sense of humor. You are also logical and intelligent. There are times when you feel the need to withdraw from people and be alone for a while, which causes some people to think that you are a loner. But, while you are alone, you enjoy meditating and prayer. Aquarians are usually gifted in drama. You are very independent and rarely go along with the crowd. Some Aquarians are extremely egotistical, as a result will drive friends away.

Positive Qualities of Aquarius : Friendly, Attractive, Believe in Long Term Commitments, Honest, Intelligent, Creative.

Negative Qualities of Aquarius : Chaotic, Rebellious, Contrary, Perverse and Unpredictable.

Some of the important things associated with Aquarius Zodiac Sign are –

Symbol : The Water Bearer
Ruling Planet : Uranus/Saturn
Element : Air
Motto : 'I Know'
Lucky Colors : Silver, Aqua, Purple, Electric Pink and Blue
Lucky Flowers : Gladioli, Tiger Lily, Trillium and Bird of Paradise
Birthstone : Amethyst

Celebrity Aquarius : Clark Gable, Nick Nolte, Gena Davis, Cybill Shepherd, Alan Alda, Oprah Winfrey


Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces Zodiac Sign

General Behavior : Two fish are associated with your Zodiac Sign. You are generous, caring, and kind. However, you tend to be more concerned about other people's problems than your own. You are not a decisive person and may change your mind many times. Because of your good qualities, you are popular with many types of people, but when you are secretive you drive these friends away. Weak concentration skills can get you into trouble at school.

Positive Qualities of Pisces : Imaginative, Selfless, Sympathetic, Compassionate and Submissive, they are some of the best friends one can have, they are very sensible to the feelings of others

Negative qualities of Pisces : Escapist, Secretive, Vague and Weak Willed.

Some of the important things associated with Pisces Zodiac Sign are –

Symbol : Two fishes moving in opposite direction
Ruling Planet : Neptune/Jupiter
Element : Water
Motto : 'I Believe'
Lucky Colors : Mauve, Lilac, Purple, Violet and Sea Green, Yellow
Lucky Flowers : Orchids, Violets and Water Lilies
Birthstone : Amethyst and Yellow Sapphire

Celebrity Pisces : Ted Kennedy, Williard Scott, Hal Lynden, Erma Bombeck, Sally Jessy Raphael, Joanne Woodward

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