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Facts about Qatar You Didn't Know – A Few Fascinating Secrets

Qatar is one of the most travelled-to and famous countries in the Middle East. This bustling metropolis is full of fantastic attractions and amazing sights to see. Qatar – and its capital city of Doha – is a must-visit for every travel enthusiast and here're a few facts you need to know about them.


Qatar is Safe

If you're a bit nervous about travelling abroad and you're vacationing in Qatar, don't be – after all, it was actually named as the safest country to visit in the world! According to the World Risk Report, the city is actually the least likely to be hit with any sort of natural disaster on the planet. So, this means that you can explore the streets of Doha or visit some of the country's fantastic attractions without worry and free from stress.


Culinary Escapades

Food and cuisine play a major role in the cultures of the Middle East and Qatar is no exception in this regard. From signature street food to delicious banquets, the region's dishes have played a key part in shaping its image. Doha in particular is a paradise for foodies with many mouth-watering treats just waiting to be discovered along the city streets. People from very different walks of life and backgrounds have made their home in the city – and it would seem they brought their recipes with them! There's a great variety of restaurants and eateries to choose from. Therefore, if you're taking it easy at one of the luxury hotels in Doha – say, for example, the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara – be sure to step out and embark on a culinary escapade.


Doha's Museums

The people of Qatar place great value and importance in their history. It is seen as a crucial facet to learn from and better the country. It should be no surprise then that there're a number of fantastic museums all across Doha for you to visit. Almost all of these establishments are full of fascinating exhibits that go over the long and storied history of the region. What's more, they offer insights about the lands that surround Qatar. If you only have time to make one stop, be sure to visit the National Museum of Qatar. Resembling a desert rose from up-high, this museum's astonishing architectural designs alone make it worth a visit.


The Dunes of Qatar

One thing you'll start to notice after spending a bit of time in Qatar is that there's very little greenery to be seen here. In fact, very few trees can be found in the region with the country being one of the few locations in the world without any significant forest coverage. What you'll find in their places are massive sand dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see.


The Gender Ratio

Interestingly, there's quite a skew when it comes to Doha's gender ratio. Here in the city, men outnumber women 3:1 – the highest number of men to women ratio is seen anywhere in the world! This list is actually dominated by several Middle Eastern countries with the UAE and Kuwait also making the list.