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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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Things You Should Know About Vietnamese Culture – A Country Rich in Heritage!

Vietnam is not just a holiday destination that has recently sparked a lot of interest in people around the world, especially those who love to go backpacking in unspoiled rural areas. It is a country of interesting people that is rich in history and heritage. Learn a bit more before you visit.


The Thing About Trust

This is a very important aspect to remember about the Vietnamese people if you are coming over on business. It takes a very long time for the Vietnamese to establish trust with people they don't know. The business culture in Vietnam is based on reputation as well as a long-established trust. In order to gain the trust of the Vietnamese, you have to keep at it for a while. They don't give their trust away to just anyone. So even if you get the legal things out of the way, remember that for your business partners to stop looking at you suspiciously will take a long time yet.


Reputation is Paramount

As mentioned above, having a good reputation is paramount. This, of course, transcends the business barriers and applies to educational institutes, other vendors and hotels. Resorts like Anantara Mui Ne Resort come with the recognition and brand trust of a luxury chain and is therefore accepted by Vietnamese as a good product. Vietnamese people will do anything as to not lose face in public as their reputation means everything to them. Keep this in mind when doing your dealings and ask around about the reputation of your future business partners or for example, the Mui Ne resort you'd like to stay at.


You Must Be Educated

In something that would be considered typically Asian, academics are given priority in Vietnam and is considered something to brag about. The job market can be extremely competitive so young people are constantly looking to buff up their resumes and stand out among hundreds of applicants. People tend to check your qualifications and assign a value to you based on your education and your knowledge either in general or in a certain field of industry. Speaking relatively good English is considered a sign of prosperity in Vietnam and the level of education keeps rising as the youth strive to greater heights.


Respect Your Elders

As with all Asian countries, another similarity is the deference shown towards elders. Since Vietnamese philosophy is built around the Confucian theorem, the first question you would be asked in Vietnam is your age. The Vietnamese believe that age constitutes wisdom and experience. Showing respect to elders is a must even if you are not there in a business situation. Older people will talk down to you and will be given preference at dinner etc.


Don't Bring Up the War

Vietnamese people do not like foreigners talking about their wars. It is a hurtful and very sensitive topic to almost everyone so not mentioning it is the best thing to do.