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Updated by Being Infinite on Apr 09, 2021
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The Top Life Advises that You Shouldn't Miss At All

Here you will find the most pragmatic and realistic explanations related to your earnest inquiries concerning life, your purpose of existence, and the source of everything.

To put it in layman’s terms: get ready and buckle up your seat belts because here you will find how to actually be the best version of yourself by discovering who you truly are.

How to Take the Right Action(The Ultimate Tip) - Infinitians

Let me tell you the one thing that will inevitably lead you to take the right action in any and every situation of life, no matter what. Just dive right in!

The Ultimate Purpose of Life(You should know this) | Infinitians | Spirituality

All our life we wander here and there doing meaningless things which serve no real purpose to us. So, what actually is the ultimate purpose of life?

How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts(Once and for All) - Infinitians

If you are looking for temp solutions to get rid of negative thoughts, don't come here. If you wanna get to the bottom of it, this is the place

How to Increase your Positive Energy(The Best WAY) - Infinitians

This is not some "get positive quick" scheme, where I tell you the top 10 ways to get positivity. Here we will get to the real bottom of it .

Absolute Freedom from Suffering(Once and for All) - Infinitians

Everyone struggles to gain absolute freedom from suffering, but no one digs deep enough to be absolutely free! Well, we have found it!

Everything about Mind, Ego, and Enlightenment - Infinitians

The real meaning of Mind, Ego and Enlightenment has been unclear for many! Let's get to the bottom of it and feel the essence of the same!

How to be Happy 24×7(The Permanent Solution) - Infinitians

All our lives we strive to be HAPPY. We run after temporary pleasures thinking that it will make us happy, but it doesn't last. So what will?

Self Understanding is the Key to Happiness - Infinitians

I believe its' truly a no brainer that Self Understanding is by far the best tool to combat any and every problem one faces in LIFE.

This is Why your Relationships Sucks!(And How to Manage it) - Infinitians

Relationships are an integral part of human life, and one should know how to manage it! So let's get to the crux of it and fix your issues!

How to Stop Being a Victim of Your Own Expectations? - Infinitians

Our Expectations from people and situations are growing at an astronomical pace, which is doing us more harm than good! Stop being a victim!

How Can One Learn to Live a Happy Life? - Infinitians

Happiness is not a desire, it is a need. But no one quite taught us how to live a happy life! Well, that's where I come in.

Live in the Present Moment to Actually Live Life - Infinitians

Past and Future are an illusion; or ghosts. They are a figment of our imagination. It's about time we start to live in the present moment.

This is How You Can Live Happily!(And You Should!) - Infinitians

There is no bigger success in this world than to truly be able to live happily. Peace of mind trumps all the worldly name and fame.

How to Calm your Mind once and for all? - Infinitians

How can one actually calm the mind, once and for all? It is a puzzle that has to be solved. And that's what I intend to do! So, just dive in.

This is the Guaranteed Path to Success - Infinitians

Everyone wants to become successful in this modern world. But we are oblivious to the path that leads to success. Jump in to find it out.

Life's A Dance You Learn As You Go - Infinitians

Life's a dance. You are on the stage with the spotlights on and Life is the stubborn DJ here. You can either Dance or Cry. Choose Wisely.

Self Awareness: The Biggest Secret in the Universe - Infinitians

Self Awareness is probably that one nasty tool that can literally do wonders in your life. It's time you get to know how to exploit it.

How to Be Successful (And Get Whatever You Want) - Infinitians

There is no definite answer to how to be successful. So, one thing seems clear, you gotta carve your own way out if you wanna do something.

It's Time You Emancipate Yourself from Mental Slavery - Infinitians

Mental Slavery is something that can only be overcome or emancipated with UNDERSTANDING. There is no other option. So, better get to it.

Realistic Positive Thinking VS Fake Positive Thinking - Infinitians

There's a very fine line between realistic positive thinking and fake positive thinking. One makes you fearless, and the other, fearful.

How to Overcome Fear And Control Your Anger - Infinitians

The more we try to overcome Fear and control Anger, the more powerful and stronger these ghosts become. One simply needs to see this through.

How to Focus Better? (You can't FOCUS unless you do this!) - Infinitians

Many people who talk about how to focus usually talk about the seemingly superficial or the temporary solutions. Let's go a level deeper now.

This Will Change Your Notion of Law of Karma - Infinitians

We have heard numerous stories and beliefs of all kinds revolving Law of Karma. Mostly, they are either totally superficial or plain stupid.

The Power of Choice is Your Superpower(For Real) - Infinitians

Power of choice is insane. Come to think of it, our lives are nothing but an aggregate of all the choices we have made so far. That's huge.