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All you need to know about MEDITATION & SPIRITUALITY

Meditation is basically a tool to free yourself from the grip of the past’s haunted memories and future’s futile worry and take control of the present in your hands. So without further ado, just dive right in to discover all the wonders meditation can bring in your life.
Spirituality is all about seeing things as it is.

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We all have been doing meditation for far too long without actually understanding the real essence of it. Find out the real benefits of it here

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The real meaning of Meditation is to help us improve our understanding of life and enhance our knowledge about our real identity.

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This is probably the most gargantuan secret of the universe that no one really talks about. Well, until now. It is, THE SOUND OF SILENCE!!!

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We live our lives under this illusion that we are this body. Well, you are not your BODY! Ask yourselves, Who Am I? Know your true self, NOW.

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We all have different believes and conventions about God. In clear and precise terms, "Does God Exist?" is the question we all want to know.

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WE have heard about the stories of Death and Rebirth right from our childhood. But so many of us keep on believing in the stories. Get real!

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Most of us think that we have understood the real meaning of spirituality and thereafter we stop learning. Well, it's actually a way of life.

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The life is a game, and we all are the players, meant to play. But lately our focus has shifted to results instead of playing our best game.

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In this 'attention-less' world, where it's hard to even compete with a goldfish, it can be pretty challenging to avoid distractions in life.

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Self Talk is probably the best way to stand out, elevate your own worth in your eyes, and make yourself look more charming and confident,

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