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Mobile Games For Kids

The benefits of mobile gaming, how mobile games are useful for everyone and top trending android games which improve your vision about mobile gaming. Spartans Global are providing you the best game for kids.
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Benefits of mobile gaming – How it can enhance the concentration of your kid?

Benefits of mobile gaming – How it can enhance the concentration of your kid?

Playing mobile games is very common. Every third person across the globe is a mobile gamer. If you’re one who thinks that playing video games is a complete waste of time and then you’re wrong about it. Sure, no one should be bonded to their phone all of the time but it has a lot of benefits from reducing depression and beating stress, which means that they are not a complete waste of time.
Mobile video games can spark new ideas, boost brainpower and personal imagination. Research from Michigan State University reports that “a study of nearly 500 12-year-olds found that the more kids played video games, the more creative they were in tasks such as drawing pictures and writing stories”. Mobile games have great potential to manage mental sicknesses and health recovery from post-traumatic disorder and other traumatic issues.

Given below are some benefits of mobile gaming
1. Improves Concentration
2. Social Interaction
3. Improve Moods
4. Improve Cognitive Skills
5. Teach You Things

1. Improves Concentration:
There are some studies to recommend that playing mobile games can improve the concentration of everyone, but particularly kids. Well! Definitely yes mobile gaming apps can improve the concentration.
Education experts and medical practitioners decided to use interactive mobile gaming apps like bike games for kids to help children with ADHD (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) succeed in learning. When this method is used, it works ineffective interventions. There is a higher chance for a child to get integrated into society in a natural way.

2. Improve Cognitive Skills
Playing the game on a smartphone usually requires persons to keep in mind the obstacles of the gameplay and find smart solutions in-game challenges. Their brain is working in a problem-solving method and solves the game challenges.
Playing mobile android games is perhaps one of the most pleasurable ways for a person to train their mind. The process of increasing cognitive skills occurs unintentionally or unconsciously in the course of the gamers’ interaction with a mobile game.

3. Social Interaction
Mobile gaming brings millions of people together from all over the world, regardless of their location and cast. For that reason, it is good for individuals with poor communicative skills. Although mobile gaming does not require physical presence, it provides real-life interaction and helps players overcome social anxiety.
Such a kind of environment is favorable for making new. Furthermore, the opportunity to share the moment of victory and failure with other gamers is beyond expectation. Well, this makes the social community of gamers from all around the world.

4. Improve Moods
If you don’t believe that playing mobile games can improve someone’s mood, download Sling king. One of the best android games on Google play store, mind refreshing games. Free download and you can play it offline. With amazing graphics and smooth control, you would love the diversion of the game.
A good game can get you into a flow state, and this can really help you to manage scenarios like depression and anxiety. Of course, you shouldn’t try to use games in place of your medication, but spending an hour or two on a favorite game won’t hurt and might actually help you to feel good.

5. Teach You Things
You may learn a lot of things by play mobile games, like how to tackle the challenge? When to take the right decision, which eventually helps the gamer in decision-making skills. You know that mobile games can actually teach you new skills and give you new information.
It’s just a matter of choosing cleverly, by playing the right mobile games will never waste your time and you will learn something from it.
So, as you can see, there really is nothing wrong with paying the mobile gams. In fact, it might provide you some new skills and information. Spartans Global presents you with such mind-boggling games that help you to change your mood and relax your mind.


Top 5 new games of the week on Google play store – In Southern Asia

Top 5 new games of the week on Google play store – In Southern Asia

Keeping with our weekly list of trending games in southern Asia, we bring you the best top 5 new games of the week. Well! On the internet or you can say on Google play store, different people search their favourite game with some specific keyword and the most generic keyword used by the user to search is ‘’new games’’.

In this article, the top searches have been organized in the same order with the keyword ‘new games’. In the South Asian region, the number of android users is quite good. Furthermore, if we talk about the number of android gamers, the count is amazing. Especially in India, the approx. android user it is about 760 million. Well, this is a very good number of android users in any country.

Coming to the topic, the top new games of the week on Google play store is given below. I personally played all these games and provide you with my personal experience which game is best for you to play.
1. The Caring Souls
2. Real Bottle Shooting
3. Real Car Race Game
4. FPS Task Force
5. Bus Simulator Game

All these observations or you can say research have been conducted from 24 September to 30 September. So ranking can be changed after that.

1. The Caring Souls
This game is about heart surgery, the game environment is very amazing. By play this game, you may learn about the different tools and instruments which are used during the heart surgery operation. Well as per my opinion this is one of the best games for the medical student and for kids too.
The caring souls, as from the name of the game is an indeed caring game, you become the caring doctor and treat the patient with care. I enjoyed playing it, easy gameplay and mesmerizing sound. Best hospital games for kids, I would guess you play this amazing game once in your life.
As per Sensor tower statics, the open heart surgery game gain 4 million downloads in the previous month, i.e. August 2020 this is a very good download ratio. So I recommend you to try this game and have fun.

2. Real Bottle Shooting
This game is about the shooting the bottles, real bottle shooting games is also very interesting game. You would love playing this game, to start bottle shoot game you need to set your aim and shoot the bottle by moving gun with touch screen. This game is different from the other boring type action games. Test your shooting skills in different adventures. Become the best bottle shooter with your breaking skills. Hold and blast all the bottles with your latest gun.
This game is about shooting the bottles, real bottles hooting game is also a very interesting game. You would love playing this game, to start bottle shoot game you need to set your aim and shoot the bottle by moving the gun with the touch screen. This game is different from the other boring type of action games. Test your shooting skills in different adventures. Become the best bottle shooter with your breaking skills. Hold and blast all the bottles with your latest gun.
As per Sensor tower statics, the bottle shooting game gain 800 thousand downloads in the previous month, i.e. August 2020. Which is quite a good download ratio, so give yourself any existing experience by playing this game.

3. Real Car Race Game
The real car race game is also a very interesting game to play, well before the play that game I watched the game video and you won’t believe that they have an amazing game video. Actually, I am not a car game lover, but this game gives you the chilling trill, easy game control and fantastic graphics.
I would recommend you to play this game and if you are the car racing lover. You would definitely love this game. The game environment is very amazing.

4. FPS Task Force
FPS task force is a war action-adventure game, you will fight as a leader commando and will gunfight against many dangerous criminals and lead the terrorist encounters to win this terrorism combat. In the history of shooter games, this terrorist shooting game is the best action game for warfare lovers.
The quite, interesting battle game, if you are a war game lover then I would recommend you to play this epic battle game.

5. Bus Simulator Game
Coming up to the last of the ranking is the bus simulator game, well I played this game seem interested to me. They use different tracks and use different models of buses. This is a driving game with different bus models and amazing controls.

I have searched about all these 5 games and the amazing fact is the top 2 games are produced from the same company Spartans Global. Then I overview the company details, well they are the best top mobile game development company in the South Asia region. They are offering more games you may check the link below, as per my case study Spartans Global is the best game provider in the Asian region. Games that give you Goosebumps and relaxing your mind.


The Role of mobile gaming in Covid Pandemic

The Role of mobile gaming in Covid Pandemic

Well! Before going to discuss our topic ‘the role of mobile gaming in COVID’. We should take it into consideration that the COVID pandemic has disturbed all the businesses of the world. Many businesses are collapsed in this pandemic and many people have lost their jobs.

This is the worst case scenario for the world, but hopefully, we will overcome it. Now get to the topic, well! In my opinion, most of us are in quarantine for quite some time. And the only thing people do in quarantine is to use their cell phones and play the games.

The usage of the internet in the pandemic era has been increased remarkably. People were glued to their cell phones and play many different types of games just to kill their time. There are many which are a very good way to manage your time in the quarantine. And if you have not to clue which games you can play while stuck at home, here’s a list of most engaging games you can start on the mobile phone.

  1. Rush to Crush
  2. Pubg
  3. Sling king
  4. Stick Cricket
  5. Ludo Star

1. Rush to Crush
One of the amazing games that I had tried in the quarantine is rush to crush. It’s a bike stunt racing game, where you compete with the other racer and terminates their rides to win the race. The very best way to manage your time, moreover there are different levels in this game. With every, each level the game is becoming more difficult and complicated. Missile mode is my personal favorite, in that you collect the missile and hit your opponents to win the race. I would recommend you to try this bike stunt action game, bike games for kids to play and enjoy the bike stunts.

2. Pubg
The game that needs no introduction, a player unknown battleground. The most sensational war game for all time. Well, this game is an addiction and I have seen people who played this game like 7 to 8 hours a day. In my opinion, this is too much, by giving you so much energy and time to pudg isn’t a good idea. Pubg is an amazing game and there is no doubt about that, but people are wasting there too much time on it and this is a daunting call.

3. Sling king
Learning-based physics projectile motion game, sling king is a fabulous game to play with friends. The best game for the kids, the storyline of the game is outstanding. Jack the hero of the game is stuck on some island and collects germs stone and completes the different missions. The graphics are amazing and the sound so mesmerizing. There are different levels in the game and every single level is interested. Just aim, pull the sling and shoot the bottle. I would recommend, allow your kid to play this game, they will definitely enjoy this game.

4. Stick Cricket
Game for the cricket lovers, if you are the cricket fun then I will endorse you to play this beautiful game. Very easy gameplay and smooth control, it is not a graphic-heavy game and can be run on smartphones with a low specification. A person with any age number can play this game, this is for kids as well as for the adults too. You can hit different shots in this game and hit the sixes. It allows you to play a few balls while waiting for something or even try to make a high score, which your friends can beat.

5. Ludo Star
If you are reading this article form South Asian country, then you will once have a play this game in your home. Ludo is a very much famous game in Asian countries and people often play this game in their homes. It allows you to play ludo with your friends wherever they are and chat with them via voice or text. If you do not have any friends that like playing ludo, then you can only make new friends with the help of the game as it can randomly fix you to players across the world.
I have searched about all these 5 games and the amazing fact is the top 2 games are produced from the same company Spartans Global. Then I overview the company details, well they are the best top mobile game development company in the South Asia region. They are offering more game you may check the link below, as per my case study Spartans Global is the best game provider in the Asian region. Games that give you Goosebumps and relaxing your mind.


Game Character and Their Impact on Branding

Game Character and Their Impact on Branding

Game Character plays a vital role in making someone life’s super fictional. Game character makes a major impact on making strong business branding. Many of the tycoons gaming company uses their character for their branding.
When some person plays a game by choosing some character, that person feels that character in them. He feels like a superhero and feels that he have the same superpower which is own by his favorite superhero.

Game character makes a foremost impact on kids. Everyone loves to play games but especially the kids. Kids are very fond of games and their superhero characters. Kids usually adapt the properties of their superhero, cartoonist character like superman, superman has very much influence on kids. The same goes for the gaming characters, everyone wants to have a superpower. And in games, people get that superpower and enjoy the epic life inside the game.

Why it is necessary to have the character in the game? Well! I think it is not necessary to have the character in the game, but having the eye-catching character can be a game-changer. If the games have a superhero fictional character this will help the company in different ways.

  1. Creating storyline
  2. Face of the Company
  3. Marketing
  4. Always Remembered
  5. Selling Products

1. Create a storyline
Creating the storyline of the character is very much engaging for the audience and this brings life to the character.

2. Face of the company
Many of the company's famous characters are the face of the brand. A game character like ‘Lara croft’ is made by the Ubisoft, Crystal Dynamics, Core Design, etc. Well, all these are famous companies but layman knows about Lara Croft.

3. Marketing
Of course, companies/brands use their character for the marketing of their product and games. Once the character is already famous in the audience, then the company uses its fan following for the marketing.

4. Always Remembered
From my childhood, when I watched cartoons or play video games. I always wanted to be strong like superman and fast like flash. Well! I still remember these thoughts as I grow up with that. Game characters have a very major impact on our memory. People love to be a superhero, therefore game superheroes are always remembered.

*5. Selling Products/goods *
Selling goods through a famous gaming character is not a bad idea at all. The legendary Gaming character already has a ton of traffic, so thereby selling the company goods not a big deal in it.
Some of the famous gaming characters that make a huge impacted in company branding.

  1. Sling king
  2. Clash of clans
  3. Prince of Persia
  4. Taken
  5. King of Fighters

1. Sling King:
Sling king is one of the best games that had a major impact on the downloads due to his major superhero character ‘Jack’. The game storyline is a fascinating and very mesmerizing game for kids. The second main character and partner of Jack is Lucy, which also plays a vital role in the game storyline.

2. Clash of Clans:
Clash of clans is a quite famous game, with many of the famous characters. The one character is most favorite in the clash of clans is the Barbarian. If you check the social media pages of clash of clans you will see character barbarian play a major in promoting the game.

3. Prince of Persia:
Well! This game indicates the name of the character, the story of the prince who I fought for his kingdom. One Hollywood movie also has been made on that game.

4. Tekken
Amazing fighting game with unique characters, I use to play this game with ‘Paul ’. In fact, each character in the game has its own unique charisma, there are many famous characters in the game like Lei, king, Jin, etc.

5. King of Fighters
One of the best fighting games in the era of 90s, the game famous for their stunting characters and team up fights. The new version of this game is available now, but the main theme idea is the same. The attributes and styles of the characters are so fascinating and mind-blowing. Well, you can say that this game is famous for its stunning character.

I have been walking through the different websites to check about the organization that works on the gaming characters. Spartans Global is one such gaming organization which pays more attention to their game character building. Focusing on your gaming character is very essential for the branding of the game.


The Mobile Gaming Future in South Asia

The Mobile Gaming Future in South Asia

If we look some decade back, after the lunch of android in 2008, mobile games weren’t that famous in the people as they are today. 1997 the snake game in Nokia phone was one of the famous game, well in that era of struggle mobile gaming industry have improved a lot, through gradual improvement now we have come to a point where mobile gaming has grown into one of the biggest gaming markets in the world.

The mobile gaming industry is growing day by day, through open- source platform ‘Android’ many games have been launched and the gaming industry is moving on and on. Even though most of the games on this platform seem to be “low-quality”.

Mobile gaming future in South Asia:
Now let take look at the future of mobile gaming in South Asia and one of the major problems in the mobile gaming industry is lack of quality. You will find that few mobile gaming industries in South Asia focus on the quality of the game. Quality in the game indeed the main factor in the mobile games. The user experience, installs and reviews depend on the quality of the game.
One main factor that holds the future of the mobile gaming industry in South Asia, another critical part of the mobile gaming market is mobile compatibility. Smartphones nowadays are becoming very powerful. Given below are some important points to consider

• Game Quality
• User experience
• User Interest
• Updates
• Mobile Capability

Game Quality:
Providing quality is the most essential entity for users. The quality game will eventual ranked on the top in the play store. Use Android vitals to improve your app's performance, stability, and size. Performance and stability are directly linked to positive ratings on Google Play. Fixing issues and preventing bad behaviours can lead to better user experience, higher ratings, and more retained installers.
Additionally, reducing your app size can improve installation rates and reduce uninstalls. I find Sling king is of a quality game on Google play store. Very easy game control, amazing sound and very interactive environments.

User Experience:
The user experience also depends on the quality of the game, you can say it there two things are directly proportional to each other. The higher the game quality better will be the user experience. User experience has a great impacted on user installs and reviews.
Once the user/customer gets a good user experience then your job as a game provider is almost done. People usually do word of mouth for the quality staff and the same goes for mobile games. I have heard about some bike games from my friend. So tried that game and in my opinion one of the best bike games for kids.

User Interest:
Users get distracted very soon, so it is very significant to keep the interest of the user. Otherwise, this will be a daunting call for you. To keep the interest of the user you have to make certain updates from time to time for keeping the interest of the user.
Another way to keep the interest of the user is to create the storyline in the game. Create an eye-catching character and engaging storyline in the game will keep users involved in the game. As we are moving in 2021 most of the games have the storyline and if we can see it in the long run. We will see Game storyline movies in the future.

Keep on updating the game is good practice to keep your game healthy and stable. By providing gradual updates made the game interested for the user. The addition of different levels also includes in the update.
Adding the different environmental level keep the user glued with the game and keeps their interest in the game. Google updates its ‘freshness update’ algorithm for SEO, the idea behind this algorithm is that Google wants to show the freshest content at the top of the search results. Well, such a policy isn’t working for the play store. But maybe in the future, they update such policy.

Mobile Capability:
The capability of the mobile to run the games is indeed required. If the mobile is not capable of running the game then there is no use for it. The latest version of Android has been launched on September 3, 2019. In the future when the technology is moving on, we may see the updated version, which may far better the android 10.
Now a day, an average mobile game required android 4 or more OS to install the game. But in the future, as the technology is boosting up, we will definitely see better games that can only run in the latest android with good mobile capability.
All this material is gathered from the internet and I add my expertise to it. The mobile gaming industry is growing very fast in the world. South Asia also playing its role in the building of the mobile gaming industry. Spartans Global is one such company is Asia that developing amazing games. Games that can be played by every age group person. Games that change your mood and keep you entertained, so download for a free link in given below.


How to entertain your kid through Educational android games?

How to entertain your kid through Educational android games?

Mobile games are indeed a very good source of entertainment and knowledge panel. Through games, kids can learn a lot and there are plenty of android games that provide education as well as entertain your kids. Most of the android apps have a specific age restriction on it, therefore kid games usually have the age criteria of 3 to 9. But in a different game, it could be changed depending on the nature of the game.

Nowadays, kids can learn a lot of things while playing mobile games. Most of the educational games taught kids about initial education. Such mobile games and app are very helpful for parents and teachers. So in this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 android games that help kids for educational purposes.

  1. Sling King
  2. Prodigy Math Game
  3. The Caring Souls
  4. Think rolls
  5. Rush to Crush

1. Sling King (Age 3+)
The sling king is a very pleasurable game for kids and for adults too. This game can be played by anyone regardless of age number. The use of the projectile motion is physics-based learning, a very simple and entertaining game. Pull the sling and aim at the targeted area of your choice and destroy the obstacles. I would recommend you to try this slingshot game and give your valuable feedback about the game. You can play this game without wifi and the best way to manage your time.

2. Prodigy (Ages 6-12)
This math-based role-playing game is free to play. Children continue through the game by answering skill-building math questions to earn loots. The difficulty levels increase as you move forward in the game. Very interesting and entertaining game, while playing the game you will see that your maths knowledge is going to get smart and sharp.

3. The Caring Souls (Age 12+)
The Caring souls game is about the caring of the patient. Hospital surgeon simulator game is about the medical procedures, the age criteria of the game is a bit high that is 12 plus. I have played this game, the procedure that has to take in the operation and how to operate different surgeries you will get all of it in this game. For every procedure you have been guided, follow the guidelines and operate the patients.
You will get to know about the medical tools that are used in Operation Theater and what steps are taken before performing the surgery. Simply drag and drop game, easy to play and there are different challenging departments in the game.

4. Think rolls (Ages 3-8)
I must say that the best ever game I had played, with astounding game graphics and smooth gameplay. This puzzle game features aliens that teach your children about different shapes, acceleration, gravity, and more. Such games are quite good for the kids from 3 to 8, they are going to learn about the shapes of the object through this game.

5. Rush to Crush (Age 7+)
A bike stunt racing game, with very colorful environments. The color theme combination of the game is very unique and attracts the kids concentration, you may said that it’s a bike games for kids. From an educational point of view, this game is quite interesting, while playing the missile mission you may collect the different missiles to damage your opponents. You can collect the energy boosters to accelerate the bike and crush different obstacles in the way.

Well! All these android games are very useful for kids to help them to learn fast. Through such games, kids can learn different things while playing the game. Such applications and games are true lifesavers for teachers and parents. Spartans Global is one such organization that provides these games that help children in their learning.