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Dantherm Products

Dehum has been providing homes and businesses air solutions for over 2 decades. Supplying the best units from around the globe with dehumidifiers for indoor pools, homes, museums, data storage facilities, man caves, wine cellars, industrial spaces and more.

Dehum has been providing air solutions for over 2 decades. Dantherm dehumidifiers has been synonymous with quality, reliability and efficiency. Contact Us.

Mobile Air Conditioner

Mobile Water Cooled Air Conditioner is a highly efficient and easily implemented solution that is perfect for fast temporary small-scale cooling. Shop Now!

The Importance of an Indoor Pool and Climate Control

Get an indoor poor climate control today and take in the benefits. Dehum provides air solutions to homes and businesses dealing with high levels of moisture.

Indoor Pool Humidity Control

Dantherm indoor pool dehumidifiers are the best humidity control system for private pools, spas etc and are well known for their reliability and energy efficiency.

Commercial Steam Humidifier

Industrial Air Humidifiers - Our range of Commercial Steam Humidifiers are suitable for industries such as Pharmaceutical, food and many more. Explore Now!

The Importance of Keeping Your Indoor Pool Condensation-Free

Find out how important it is to keep condensation away from your pool. The importance of keeping your indoor pool free from condensation in 2020.

Temperature Controlled Pool

Dehumidifiers CDP 40-50-70 - Energy-efficient indoor pool room dehumidifier that efficiently controls pool temperature & comes exclusive design. Shop Now!

Master Electric Heater

Highly efficient Master electronic fan heaters are ideal for temporary or emergency heating as they are easy to use and fully portable. Buy Now!

If your business needs any form of humidity control, then a dehumidifier is the way to go. It tackles the problem at the source by taking the moisture out of the air in a manner that is both energy-efficient and cost effective. Get ahead of your moisture problems today!

The Importance of Humidity Control

When the temperature increases, the air becomes drier, and when the temperature decreases the air becomes wetter. This makes it important to monitor the relative humidity in order to control the moisture. Find the blog post to learn more about the importance of humidity control.

The Portable Blower Master BL 4800 | Dehum

Portable Blower Master BL 4800 is perfect for Car repair shops, garages and construction industry. Excellent cooling and ventilating capacity. Shop Now!

Why you need Humidity Control in Any Indoor Environment

Whether you have a processing facility, an automotive factory, a nuclear or wind farm, or any other industrial application, Dehum can provide a commercial system suited to your environment. If you are interested in the prevention of damage due to air moisture, contact Dehum today to find the right dehumidification system for you.

How to Protect Your Building from Mould and Condensation

Condensation is a natural occurrence, particularly during the winter months.A commercial dehumidifier or an industrial dehumidifier is the easiest way to reduce condensation inside your building. Take steps to fix the moisture source as well.

Mobile Dehumidifiers - Dehum

Control your indoor climate with mobile dehumidifier. Our mobile dehumidifiers are known for their high quality, reliability and energy efficiency.

If You Have a Classic Car, You Need a Dehumidifier in the Garage!

Dehumidification is an essential aspect of classic car care, and Dehum provides the best industrial-strength dehumidifiers in Australia. Keep reading to learn about the importance of maintaining a suitable humidity level in your classic car garage, and how Dehum can help with this process.

What Would Your Indoor Pool Look Like with No Ventilation?

In this blog post you can understand why ventilation is so important to your indoor pool space as well as why investing in an industrial-strength dehumidifier is a good idea.

Heat Pump for Swimming Pool - Dehum

Dantherm’s new range of HPP-i inverter heat pumps are specifically designed for Indoor Pools. It is easy to install and an environmentally friendly way to heat your swimming pool. Contact Dehum for right solution today!

What a Commercial Building Without Ventilation Would Look Like?

Let’s imagine what would happen if a commercial building was built without adequate ventilation. Here are some of the things you could expect.

DanX Ventilation for Aquatic Centre

DanX ventilation for aquatic centre ventilation management with automatic monitoring and control of temperature, humidity and energy consumption. Shop now!

How to Choose The Right Dehumidifier for Indoor Pools

Having an indoor pool is a great option. But, if you are planning on this, you need to make sure that you have a good dehumidification. Here are some of the things to look for when choosing indoor pool dehumidifiers.

Why Do You Need a Dehumidifier for Your Industrial Units?

There are several benefits that you can gain from getting a dehumidifier. Read on to know how commercial dehumidifiers have transformed quality control in various industrial settings by bringing the humidity levels under control.

Best Dehumidifier for Museum

Our dehumidifiers for museums offer the best combination of efficiency, water removal capacity and low unit cost. We recommend Dantherm’s CDF dehumidifiers range.

Aquatic Centre Dehumidifiers

Aquatic centre dehumidifiers are superior solutions for controlling relative humidity and fresh air supply in swimming pool halls. Explore our DanX ventilation units.

Dristeem Humidifiers

Our range of commercial humidifiers are suitable for industries such as Pharmaceutical, schools etc. Explore Gas, electric or steam humidifier of DriSteem range.

Dehumidifier Vs Air Purifier – Everything You Need to Know

Both dehumidifiers and air purifiers have an important role to play within the home. But they were both designed to serve a slightly different purpose. Let’s have a look at what dehumidifiers and air purifiers are and why you might want to use them.