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Headline for Thrilling spots for Scuba Diving in the Maldives in 2020 – Explore the amazing underwater
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Thrilling spots for Scuba Diving in the Maldives in 2020 – Explore the amazing underwater

Scuba diving in the Maldives is fun, exciting, and thrilling. It's not just about the coral reefs that are all vibrant and colourful, but also about an amazing sea life which includes fish, turtles, manta rays, and even sharks. Here are the top spots for your diving session in the Maldives.


Diving in the Maldives

During a tropical getaway spent at any luxury hotel in Maldives the likes of Velassaru Maldives, guests go for several water adventures and diving always is among the most preferred. This country which is a collection of thousands of small islands has many ideal diving sites, and they all have their unique features. Some of these sites have very high visibilities, and only advanced divers can explore them.


Fesdhoo Wreck

Dive deep till you find a site of a shipwreck in Fesdhoo Wreck. It's so amazing to explore how very large groups of starfish, lionfish, moray eels, and sponges have made the entire ship their home forever, and if you are lucky (if your timing is good), you'll also be able to spot white-tip reef sharks and hammerheads as well.


Kuredu Express

Divers who love strong currents will love diving in Kuredu Express, another great diving site in the Maldives. Visit this site somewhere from January to April to explore a wide variety of sea life such as tuna, eagle rays, and grey reef sharks.


Fish Head

Don't be surprised if you hear several names for this same spot, for it has many! For the local community, this is 'Mushimasmingili Thila' and for the tourists who have been here before, it's the 'Shark Point'. Whatever the name is, the greatest fact about this diving site is that you find resident sharks (specifically the grey reef shark) during your dive sessions and it's best to be explored from December to April considering the visibilities.


Broken Rock

Well, this is, of course, not for the ones who want just a regular diving experience. But, for those who look for something more! A canyon has split the entire reef into two parts, and you can, during this diving experience, swim in between these two parts. Note that very strong currents pass through here, but this advanced diving experience is surely worth the attempt, because of the memorable rewards of sights such as the Napoleon wrasse, pufferfish, and angelfish.


Banana Reef

Yes, there are several other diving sites in the Maldives, but Banana Reef is known as the most famous, maybe because this is one of the oldest diving sites. Deep caves, coral heads, and vibrant schools of fish are there to be explored here, and the depth ranges from 5-30 meters.


Fotteyo Kandu

Those whos trips are limited just to Male have this ever beautiful diving site- Fotteyo Kandu that can be explored throughout the year. It's an amazing site with marine flora and fauna, coral reefs, and many stunning underwater landscapes.