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06 Reasons Why You'll Adore the People of Cambodia – Hospitality at Its Best

While there are plenty of attractions in Cambodia and even culinary delicacies to sample, one of its main highlights is its people. They help make a visit truly memorable and are bound to leave a lasting mark in your heart.


Genuine Kindness

Cambodians are genuinely kind and are ever ready to help. They are also generous people and it is not uncommon that even those who are not well off to lend assistance to travellers when possible. Visitors have found that on their trips, some local families or individuals will invite them to share a meal together or even attend a festival or celebration.


Shy Yet Social

Locals tend to be mostly shy in nature which means they may not be as open to express feelings or engage in communication right away. However, this changes the more they get to know you as well as in instances where you help them too. They can at the same time be quite social; it is not uncommon for tourists to be invited to share a table at a bar or even food / snacks when travelling via public transport.


Very Hospitable

Heartfelt hospitality is something one experiences in Cambodia, be it at Phnom Penh eateries or Angkor luxury hotels. This is something that helps visitors to feel at ease and makes a holiday or business trip truly remarkable. If you get lost or stuck on your travels, more often than not, you will find plenty of locals who are willing to assist, sometimes joining with others to come up with a collective solution!


Proud of Their Homeland

The pride Cambodians have for their homeland is coupled with the fact that they are willing to help you enjoy the best it has to offer. For example, those staying at properties the likes of Anantara Angkor Resort can easily discover key attractions like Angkor Wat, while also experiencing culture and dining when mingling with locals in Siem Reap. Some may even share stories of their home village and their ways of life.


Warm Smiles

While Thailand may be known as the "Land of Smiles", travellers are bound to tell you that it applies to Cambodia too! Apart from helping one feel at home in a foreign land, this warmth which comes out through genuine smiles also makes for some great photo opportunities; to be respectful of people be it in a city or travelling off the beaten path to the countryside, remember to ask for their permission first, before taking a picture.


Honest and Inquisitive

The honesty shown by locals is another endearing quality that tourists are bound to love; this includes Cambodians being quite direct when conversing with you and not shying away from making remarks on things like your weight, height or marital status! Though this is not done with malice but genuine concern and honesty. While they are inquisitive and will probably ask you a lot, you can, in turn, ask them questions which they will most often be happy to answer.