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App Development

See How Custom Hospital App Development Beats Off-The-Shelf Products

Buying a ready-made hospital app can always be a challenge since it may include functionality you don’t need at all. That is why custom hospital mobile app development is a better solution. Read the article to see all the benefits of a custom app

Why Doesn't Your Mobile App Strategy Work? 5 Killer Steps To Avoid A Failure

When you start developing a software, you should follow mobile app strategy. It has a range of important points you must pay attention to. It will allow you to create a really winning app for your users. So, read the article to find out it.

From Startup To Scaleup: 7 Ways To Prepare Your Business for Evolution

Scaling startup is one of the most challenging stages in your journey from a small scale startup to a million-dollar company.

What Is Application Modernization and Why Keep the Tech Stack Up to Date

What is application modernization, and why does your software require it? Explaining the basics, benefits, and where to begin.

How to Make an App for Your Business: Choosing the Right Niche and Features

In this post, we’ll discuss how to create an app for your business, learn how to form project requirements needed to create an app for your business, and go through demanded app types.

Legacy System Modernization: 6 Key Strategies

How to choose between legacy system modernization approaches? We’re listing six most common strategies, and explaining each of them.

How Enterprise Data Warehouse Impacts Businesses: Concept and Benefits Explained

In this post, you’re going to learn about enterprise data warehouse, components of data warehouse, and how to create your own EDW software.

How to find CTO for startup. Skills, traits, and hiring options

Looking for a way to find a CTO for your startup? We’ve revealed useful tips on how to find a CTO for a startup. Learn responsibilities, must-have skills and traits to find a CTO for your startup.

The Fullest Guide on How to Hire a CTO

Want to hire a CTO? Discover CTO hiring options and why your startup needs a CTO. Learn how to interview a candidate if you don’t have any tech background.

Top 16 Flutter App Development Companies

Top 16 Flutter app development companies. Best Flutter development companies on the market.

Programming Outsourcing. A full guide on how to approach it

Pros and cons of outsourcing programming. How to approach the search of outsource programmers. An ultimate guide on outsource programming.

Fitness App Development Guide: Choosing the Right Type and Functionality

Read our fitness app development step-by-step guide, if you have a question on "how to make my own fitness"", you will surely find the answer!"

Food Delivery Apps Development in 2020: Popular Types and Features Revealed - All Ontario

Food Delivery Apps Development in 2020: Popular Types and Features Revealed

Top 5 Problems Artificial Intelligence Can Solve in Logistics

Role of artificial intelligence in logistics is becoming more crucial. That’s why we’ve decided to consider five major problems AI can solve in this field and show you the examples of companies that already leverage this technology.

IoT In Education: 5 Solutions For Schools And Colleges To Modify Learning Process

The Internet of Things in education may seem something extraordinary at first sight, but, in fact, it can drastically change the whole educational sector. IoT for students and teachers brings new changes and opens new capabilities. Learn more now!

Top 10 Cross-platform Frameworks for App Development

Software development requires a lot of skills and time if you want to get a high-quality product. But today’s IT market is full of interesting tools that simplify the development process and make it much easier. Frameworks are the tools that come to the rescue if you plan to create your mobile or web app. And today we will speak about top cross-platform frameworks that allow you to create apps for both iOS and Android platforms as well as for the web. Let’s start!


Searching for Chatbot: another IT fashion thing or an efficient business instrument? We got you covered at iCrowdNewswire.

Tech: Telegram as a Powerful Tool for Enhancing Your Business

If you want your business to develop ahead of schedule, you need to keep in steps with the times. Read further to know how to use Telegram effectively.

Yelp-like app development: MVP model and how much it costs

Nowadays we can use a bunch of mobile apps that can help us make our travel experience brighter and more captivating.

If we take as an example one of the most popular trip planners like Yelp, it should help entrepreneurs build their app like Yelp but with some new features. Let’s find out how much it will cost and what you should undertake to implement it.

Chatbot: another IT fashion thing or an efficient business instrument?

Whether you have a huge enterprise or a startup, there are definitely some tasks which can be automated. Instead of hiring secretaries or call-center operators, today ...

What is IoT in Healthcare and How It Helps Fight COVID-19 - Aiiot Talk

Healthcare is a type of industry that is getting smarter fast.

Today, computer-navigated surgery helps make precise surgical operations. Smart hospitals create a fully automated environment that monitors patients’ state 24/7, and electronic records keep all data about the patients in one place.

But one of the most promising technologies in healthcare is the Internet of Things, which helps to optimize the working processes of both doctors and service providers.

Let’s see how exactly IoT helps medical workers and their patients, what are its pros and cons, and how IoT can help us during the COVID-19 outbreak.

AI in Education or what advantages of artificial intelligence in education you can gain.

Discover the interaction of AI and education, learn all you need to know to create an artificial intelligence program and what benefits AI software development for students and schools can bring you.

How to Create a Product Roadmap for a Software Company

Explaining how to build a product roadmap tailored to the needs of your team or investors (best roadmapping tools included).

A Complete Guide to Hiring AngularJS Developers

Are you on the lookout to hire angularJS Developers? Here is a complete guide for hiring the best AngularJS developers in the market.

What Is an API: Concept and Architecture Types Explained on Real-Life Examples

In this post, you'll learn what is API in software development, how APIs work, what types of APIs exist, and the most popular architectures.