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Online Music Magazine | Free Classical Music | Cello Repertoire | Piano teaching | Interlude

Welcome to Interlude, created by lovers of music for those who share their passion. Juliette Liu hopes to inspire you to embark on your own voyage of classical music and cultural discovery, and that you’ll come back and share your experiences with us.


Online Music Magazine | Free Classical Music | Cello Repertoire | Piano teaching | Interlude : Interlude

Interlude offers anecdotes on some of the most famous classical musicpieces. Our Free classical music magazine introduces beautiful music pieces includingpiano trios, cello repertoire and practical music teaching tips.

New Pieces to Try If You’re Stuck for Repertoire Ideas : Interlude

And yet those of us who play or teach regularly know that sometimes it can be confusing or difficult to find new repertoire. Less experienced players may find it hard to discover new pieces to play and may be nervous of seeking out new repertoire without guidance, so piano teachers can help here. Going to live concerts or listening to the radio or a streaming service can also offer new ideas, and you will also discover new repertoire by talking to other pianists and piano teachers. Never feel you should learn something: unless there is a valid musical/technical reason to learn certain pieces (a teacher might recommend a particular Étude to practice an aspect of technique), it is far better to select music which you know you will enjoy playing. Finding new pieces can also signal an advance in our progress, a sense that we’re moving forward on our musical journey.

Famous Classical Music Pieces | Online Music Magazine| Cello Repertoire | Interlude

Interlude is connecting the world through music by offering anecdotes on some of the most famous classical music pieces. The free classical music magazine presents great music pieces, including piano trios, cello repertoire, and music teachings worldwide.

Most Relaxing Classical Music Pieces of Great Composers for Cello

Explore the most relaxing classical music pieces: Maurice Ravel, composer of the famous piece Boléro, Après un Rêve—After a Dream by Frenchman Gabriel Fauré, Andalusian lullaby Nana from Manuel de Falla and more.

Music Quizzes | Classical Music Quiz | Interlude

You think you know about Classical Music? Why not try our classical music quizzes? Expand your classical music knowledge by attempting these quizzes. Let's see how many can you get right! We frequently update our page with popular quizzes just like these so you can keep coming back for more.

Most Popular Classical Pieces of Music in 2020 : Interlude

We look at what pieces of classical music have sold the best in 2020, including works by Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Bizet, Holst, and others.

Instruments of the Orchestra - The Violin | Minimalist Music | Interlude

Do you love the violin's sound and want to know more about the role of violins in the orchestra? Read everything about classical violin music, from players to pieces. Read more..

How do classical musicians get inspired ? | Interlude

Inspiration is fuel for creative people, such as musicians. Read to know how musicians work (Music Practice, routine) to produce a masterpiece. Read more..

Frederic Chopin | Polish Composer : Interlude

Polish composer Frédéric Chopin changed Romantic piano music forever through his virtuosity. His example inspired composers and performers for centuries. See Interlude for more on Chopin.

Minimalist Music | Instruments of the Orchestra - The Violin : Interlude

Do you love the sound of the violin and want to know more about the role of violins in the orchestra? Everything about classical violin music, from players to pieces can be found at Interlude.

"Classical Era" vs. "Romantic Era": How did composers navigate the change?

We look at what happened during the transition period between the Classical and Romantic Eras in music and how composers navigated the change.

Best Of Classical Music | Modern Classical Music | Romantic Classical Music | Interlude

Best of Classical music from the past through tomorrow: Classical, Romantic, 20th century, and contemporary are all on Interlude. Articles and music examples bring you the bests of popular classical music from Romantic to modern.

Johann Sebastian Bach | German Composer | Interlude

German composer Johann Sebastian Bach remains one of the most important and influential composers in Western music. See Interlude for the stories behind the music of J.S. Bach.

Ten of the best symphonies you don't want to miss : Interlude

We look at ten of the best and most popular symphonies of all time, including works by composers like Mozart, Franz Schubert, Beethoven, and others. Some of the top masterpieces in classical music have been written for symphony orchestra. These compositions are generally called symphonies, and they got more and more popular because symphonic orchestras explosively increased in size.

Baroque Composers | Baroque Period Composers | Baroque Music : Interlude

The music of the 17th century, Baroque music, remains popular even today. Read about Baroque composers and listen to performances on Interlude.

Quartets | String Quartets | Interlude

You will surely love these String Quartet performances. Get to know about the famous person who gave the string quartet its voice and know more about his life & musical journey.

Ten of the best cello pieces ever written in classical music : Interlude

We look at some of the best cello pieces ever written in the history of classical music, including works by Bach, Beethoven, and others! The greatest repertoire will grow with you, will reflect different moods depending on the time of life a musician returns to them, and the audience’s conception will vary too, depending on what they might have experienced in the meantime.

Beethoven Best Symphony | Orchestra Musicians | Interlude

The best orchestras all have their individual sounds and repertoires. Best Symphonies by Beethoven and others show the power of the orchestra. Check out Interlude for the best in classical music.

Music practice | Eleven Practice Tips for Classical Musicians | Interlude

Have a passion for music? Want to get into a habit of practicing classical music regularly? We have some of the best tips for music practice from experienced teachers. Start now and let us know how it helped.

Chamber Music | Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival : Interlude

Chamber music is perfect for times for quiet listening. Around the world, chamber music has its own festivals and followers – visit Interlude for the latest listings from the Santa Fe Chamber Music to the Salzburg Festival.