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A Fundamental Manual for Circumstances and logical results Expositions

A Fundamental Manual for Circumstances and logical results Expositions

In essay writer thinking, one of the most common and frequently occurring essays are cause and effect essays. They target an event and explore the webbing possibilities out of either the causes or the effects. 

Cause-Effects of Causes-Effect

These are the two types of essays that can come out of cause and effect format:

  1. One Cause Many Effects
  2. One Effect Many Causes

A single event can have various causes leading to it, and many effects leading out from it. The most common topics for the cause and effect are related to war and politics. A cause and effect essay can be at times daunting to write, therefore we advise you to try our online essay writing services. Since we come across many essay writing service requests for cause and effect topics, we have set aside writers specifically for this type of essay. 

These writers will help you craft and edit the essay for you, no matter what the topic.


Expository and persuasive essays differ in their method and intent while taking on the subject matter.

  • The difference in intent: The intent of a persuasive essay is to appeal to the reader of the legitimacy of one point of view against the other. While the persuasive essay intends to inform the reader about the topic by defining its various parts and analyzing its content. We will suggest you write my essay.
  • The difference in presenting evidence: Evidence and examples are important to both the essays, but in the expository essay they take the central role. When you define or explore the subject you use examples and evidence throughout, from general to specific, while in expository essays the evidence has to come after you present your idea or argument. The evidence comes at the end to demonstrate the legitimacy of your idea. One doesn’t have to talk about specific examples and details throughout the body. 
  • The difference in perspective: The expository essays are objective, which means that the opinions and analysis are neutral, devoid of any personal opinion or preference. Everything is explained through hard facts and evidence. While persuasive essays are subjective, which means that the writer’s perspective matters and that his or her opinions and judgments matter.


Each information of college essay belongs to a category. The basic information about the subject belongs to the introduction, an instance or an except belong to the examples, the arguments and ideas belong to a bigger idea or an argument, and so on. 

But to create an outline we will not decide upon the categories first but focus on the individual pieces first  Each individual information or idea will be put into a category of your own choice. Whether it’s a temporal, spatial, causal, or idea-oriented category, every information will be allocated to various categories.

You will end up with some strays that seem to belong to no category. No matter how important they seem in wording or context, it is better to omit them.

Small categories will turn into larger ones until you are left with a couple of them that can be accommodated accordingly in the body paragraphs.

Articulating into words

With the categories identified from the specific to the general, its time to put your ideas onto the paper. It’s up to you to employee either deductive or inductive reasoning. 

Once the reasoning technique is chosen you should start wording your ideas covering each of the categories, much like a bottom-up or a top-down approach in a branching flow chart diagram.

Make sure you make proper use of rhetoric and include counterarguments into your essay. You should finish your first draft before putting time into styling your essay. Only when the structure of the essay will be refined, will you dwell on sentence-level correction for grammar, punctuation, word choice, and voice  

An outline helps the online essay writer to write with the end in mind; the outline doesn’t let him or her transgress from the topic at hand. If the outline is created well crafted the essay will be structurally integral and logically sound.

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