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Updated by Mort Jacobs Pharmacy on Feb 28, 2021
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We are a pharmacy that caters to your pharmaceutical needs.

For over 50 years, Mort Jacobs Pharmacy has been serving the community by making pharmaceutical products and services available to its members. Our inventory is composed of reputable brands that are known for their effectiveness, safety, and reliability.

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a. Keep a list of all your medications.

b. Take your meds every day, as prescribed by your doctor.

c. Leave yourself notes about your prescriptions.

d. Use a pillbox or enlist in special packaging services.

e. Make a calendar that will help you keep track of your medications.


Mort Jacobs Pharmacy - SMM Feeds

Do you need a registered dietitian to help you maintain good health & nutrition? We can help! We can provide you with a registered dietitian (on appointment) to help you manage your diet along with your prescribed medications. Give us a call today.

Mort Jacobs Pharmacy - SMM Feeds

Do you need your blood pressure or blood sugar levels checked? We've got you covered! We offer free screenings with no appointment needed. Our knowledgeable staff will assess your situation and provide you with the data for further evaluation by a physician.

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Diabetes is a disease in which your blood glucose or blood sugar levels are too high. It is a chronic disease that affects millions of people worldwide. Prevent your diabetes risk by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating well-balanced and healthy meals.

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We help you overcome the challenges associated with medication management. Through our packaging & refill reminder programs and mobile health technology, we can provide easy to use refill ordering tools and text application to make it easy for you to remember.

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Mort Jacobs Pharmacy provides quality products from reputable brands that are known for their effectiveness, safety, and reliability. We make sure that you receive high-quality pharmaceutical products and services at all times. Come visit us today!

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We want to make sure that you have access to affordable medications. Thus, we work with your insurance company to get your medications approved & covered. This way, you and your physician can give more focus on your health. Visit us today to know more about your insurance coverage.

Mort Jacobs Pharmacy - SMM Feeds

Here at Mort Jacobs Pharmacy, you are more than a customer. We understand your needs that's why we are always attentive to your concerns and address them accordingly. We believe that you deserve excellent quality services. Visit our pharmacy today.

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If you have diabetes, you need to be more careful with your choice of drinks. To help you out, here is a list of suggested beverages that may help you manage diabetes:

a. Water

b. Unsweetened tea or coffee

c. Vegetable juice

d. Sugar-free sports drinks or carbonated beverages

e. Low-fat milk


Mort Jacobs Pharmacy - SMM Feeds

Mort Jacobs Pharmacy provides diabetic supplies, such as glucose meters, test strips, & lancets to help manage your blood sugar levels. These affordable diabetic medical supplies will also help prevent complications, along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Mort Jacobs Pharmacy - SMM Feeds

With the help of our trained pharmacists, you and your family can get recommended vaccines, from the flu shot or other immunization. How? It's easy! Drop by our store or call us to schedule an appointment.

Helpful Lifestyle Choices to Prevent Hypertension

a. Lose extra pounds and watch your waistline.

b. Exercise regularly, as advised by your doctor.

c. Eat a healthy diet.

d. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink and avoid smoking.

e. Monitor your blood pressure at home and be sure to see your doctor regularly.


Medical Complications of Diabetes

Do you know what possible health complications may occur when you have diabetes? According to health professionals, some of the medical complications that are associated with diabetes, include the following:

a. Eye complications

b. Neuropathy

c. Foot complications

d. Kidney disease

e. High blood pressure


Mort Jacobs Pharmacy - SMM Feeds

We have been serving the community for over 50 years and delivering safe and reliable pharmaceutical services to all our clients. Whether it’s greeting you by name or discussing your personal health needs, we are open to serve you with exceptional service.

Mort Jacobs Pharmacy - SMM Feeds

Our comprehensive drug review service focuses on medication safety, patient compliance, and cost reduction. Our pharmacist helps you to identify medication-related issues or cost-saving opportunities. Call us today to know how to take advantage of this service.

Your Well-being is Important to Us

Mort Jacobs Pharmacy always looks after your health and well-being by offering services including medication management, comprehensive drug review, financial assistance, flu shots & vaccinations, diabetic & medical supplies, and more.

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Why Medication Management is Important

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Stress Has an Impact on Diabetic Patients

Do you know that stress elevates blood sugar levels? If you or your loved ones are diabetic, try to find ways to manage your stress levels. Avoid stressful situations, if possible, and try relaxation activities.

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Taking your prescription meds forms part of your treatment plan. So, make it a point to take them as scheduled. Use the right dosage, too. If you have questions about your meds, call your doctor or talk to a pharmacist.

Mort Jacobs Pharmacy - SMM Feeds

Do you have the urge to increase the dosage of your prescriptions just to ease your pain? It’s tempting but don’t do it! Never self-medicate. Instead, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about it.

Ways on How to Properly Store Your Meds

Proper storage of medications helps ensure that they remain effective and potent. So, take note of the following ways to properly store your meds:

  1. Read what is on the label. The label contains all the crucial info you need.

  2. Always place the meds in areas that little children and pets can’t reach.

  3. Whenever you need clarifications and more info on medication storage, don’t hesitate to contact your pharmacist.

A Way to Control Your Blood Sugar Levels

High levels of sugar in the blood will only make your diabetes worse. One way to regulate these levels is to lose excess weight. Move a lot and eat right! Be sure to take your diabetes meds, too!

Mort Jacobs Pharmacy - SMM Feeds

Are you fond of eating sugary treats? If you have diabetes, doing so will only complicate your condition. If you are craving sugar, choose fruits instead. Which fruit is your favorite?

Buying Medical Supplies from Your Trusted Pharmacy

Medical supplies are useful for helping you and your family members with your health conditions. But, you have to be sure that they are the right one. Check with your pharmacist for reliable medical supplies!

Flu Shots: How to Help Keep Youngsters Calm

The administration of vaccines is mostly via injection. But many people, most especially the children, are afraid of needles. Help keep them calm when getting their flu shots through the following tips:

  1. Tell them the truth about how getting a shot will sting a bit but feel fine after.

  2. Let them bring any item from home, something that will help them calm down.

  3. Be present when they are about to get their shots. Your presence helps comfort them.

  • For over 50 years, Mort Jacobs Pharmacy has been serving the community by making pharmaceutical products and services available to its members.

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