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Top 5 Wrong Facts to Reduce Weight

Top 5 Wrong Facts to Reduce Weight

Weight has become an essential factor by all means. Some competitive exams have weight as a criterion. People undergo too many activities to reduce or gain weight. In this article, we will tell you some information regarding the wrong facts to reduce weight.

Not having enough food

People tend to skip there breakfast or eat lesser than usual quantity during lunch or dinner. They have a perception that eating less would reduce weight, but that is wrong, instead, it would have serious effects on your body. This has been believed by a huge mass of people and many follow it which is only going to make you fall sick instead of reducing weight.

Consuming vinegar before meal
Some of the findings suggest that vinegar helps in maintaining healthier blood sugar levels. But consuming highly acidic vinegar could irritate your throat and stomach and it is not something which you should do on a regular basis.

Drinking cold ice water

Many prefer ice water than normal water. Adding ice cubes to normal water is not going to reduce weight at all, but people still do the same because of their own beliefs. Drinking cold water pushes your body to work harder to bring the water up to your body’s internal temperature which is true but this is going to burn only 8 calories and it’s not sufficient to reduce your weight.

Weight loss shakes

People consume protein shake for breakfast or lunch in order to reduce weight and to burn calories. But this works only when your other food content consists of protein or else it won’t have the original effect. Again when you go back to normal solid food it would gain more mass and would put on weight.

Working out for longer duration

Generally, people work out for 2-3 hours in the morning or evening as per there convenience. Many people believe that working out for a longer duration would help in reducing weight faster than normal which is absolutely wrong, instead, it would increase your hunger.

The above information would have given you some insights about what are the ways not to reduce weight and also how to do certain activities in a structured manner.

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