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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 14, 2020
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5 of the best things to do in Sri Lanka – don’t miss out on the island!

Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise where you certainly won't run out of things to do and see. It is a great holiday destination for some fun in the sun as well. If you are not familiar with things to do on the island, here's a list to act as your guide.


Climb Sigiriya

This is one of the most iconic attractions within the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka. It is a massive rock that has been in the midst of the jungle since ancient times. A king once found that it could be an impenetrable fortress and built his castle atop this massive rock.
The top of the rock is a flat surface and on it the ruins of the castle that once was a magnificent sight. There are bathing ponds as well as gardens which is still a mystery as to how it was all put together. The frescoes and graffiti walls are amazing pieces of history to view on your way up.


Visit Udawalawe National Park

This is one of the most popular national parks in the continent for viewing Asian elephants. There are so many of them here that you are guaranteed to see the herd on a safari here. The Udawalwe Reservoir is another protected national treasure here. There are about 400 pachyderms and is a large grassland area with shrubs and clusters of the jungle. It is the ideal place to be for birdwatching as well.


Visit tea plantations

In Nuwara Eliya, located in the heart of the island, the climates are cool and the soil is rich making it perfect for cultivating tea. The British who once ruled Sri Lanka discovered this and thus, tea plantations in the hill country began. Today, these plantations have developed and made a global image known as Ceylon Tea, the best tea in the world! How better to taste it than to visit a tea plantation?
You'll be taken on a tour of the tea factory and later can enjoy some delicious tea and cake at the cafés along with brilliant views of the neat terraces of tea.


Relax in Arugam Bay

On the south-eastern coast of Sri Lanka is one of the most serene yet adrenaline-pumping beaches ever! Arugam Bay is a pristine beach that is literally untouched! When it comes to accommodation and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka, you will probably not find many at Arugam Bay unlike the cities in the area with hotels like Uga Escapes. The locals here are very focused on protecting their environment and are not fond of it if you litter the beach especially. Still, the beach is famous for water sports. Surfing is the ultimate water sport to indulge in when in Arugam Bay. There are several points perfect for both veterans and beginners at the sport. You could also enjoy some peace and quiet as you relax on the soft sands of the beach.


Explore Kandy

Kandy was the last Sri Lankan kingdom to fall under the rule of the British. This is a historic place that the locals are proud of and thus, most of the old colonial buildings are left untouched. Visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic, Bahirawa Kanda, and much more here.

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