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Famous Singaporean Drinks – Taste Some Lip-Smacking Beverages

Singapore is said to be the city of the future, a shining example of future-tech and sustainability. There are lots of great experiences to be had here, including tasting some of the most delicious drinks on the planet. Here's a look at some of Singapore's most famous drinks.



As expected, coffee is by far Singapore's most popular drink – the Singaporean take on coffee that is. Here the locals like their coffee extremely strong, so what you get at most shops and restaurants is black coffee – known locally as Kopi Tiam – which packs a strong punch. Don't plan to relax after taking kopi either, chances are you'll be energetic and ready to get the day started after a full cup of this drink. Now, you can take things a step further and order the jazzed-up version of the local coffee – Kopi-O – which includes additional flavour and even a hint of spice.


Teh Tarik

Now, if you're not much of a coffee person, chances are you're quite into tea. If that's the case, Singapore has you covered with one of the best takes on tea you'll find in South East Asia – the Teh Tarik. This is an Indian-inspired drink that mixes up a healthy dose of tea liquor with warm milk. What you get after this combo is a beverage that's both refreshing and soothing. It is often said that this Singaporean tea is a great solution to help deal with colds and coughs – all you need to do is add a bit of ginger. If you're staying at one of the centrally located Singapore apartments – say for example, the Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Road, Singapore – you'll find plenty of diners and shops that serve this beverage all around.


Milo Dinosaur

The Milo Dinosaur is exactly what you think it is and is in fact one of Singapore's most popular drinks! This malty treat is a mix of chocolate flavoured Milo and cold milk. You can also add some dry milo maize to top the drink off if you prefer. This a great choice to go with if your sweet tooth is begging for a treat or if you have a little one tagging along with you – kids love their Milo dinosaurs!



Bandung is what you get when you mix chilled milk with rose syrup. Available at pretty much every notable café in Singapore, Bandung is a refreshing drink that has quite a lot of nutritional properties to go with it.


Bubble Tea

It is said that Bubble Tea originated in Taiwan, but it was certainly made famous here in Singapore. A collection of ingredients is used to concoct this popular beverage. This includes tea, food product balls, sugar, honey, milk, and crushed fruit varieties.


Tiger Beer

On a warm day in Singapore, few things can beat an ice-cold brew – and when it comes to brews, few can beat Singapore's own, Tiger Beer. Tiger Beer is sold all across the globe, but its point of origin is right here in the city. So, after a long day of sightseeing and travelling, why not kick back, relax and crack open a cold one to wile the time away.

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