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concrete mixer manufacturer from China

CMP Series Planetary Mixers can widely be used for mixing precast concrete, concrete block, dry hard concrete, fiber concrete, ultra-high-performance concrete, refractory material, ceramics, glass, and chemicals.

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The planetary concrete mixer can mix refractory materials, high-viscosity materials, concrete, glass, dry mortar, etc. In the material mixing process, the mixing time and mixing intensity of the planetary mixer can be adjusted according to the actual situation. Planetary countercurrent and bidirectional mixing can meet the different characteristics of materials, reach advanced mixing ratio, and non-traditional aggregate mixing requirements.

Planetary Concrete Mixer has the Advantage of High Efficiency

Wide range of applications. The planetary concrete mixer is suitable for mixing a variety of materials, such as refractory materials, building materials, various aggregate concrete, ceramics, etc.

Wide application of vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer

The vertical shaft planetary mixer has some options, and customers can install them according to their needs. Lifting hopper and metering device: The feeding door automatically opens and closes when the lifting hopper is discharged and lowered to prevent dust from overflowing and achieve environment

High performance of planetary concrete mixer used in lightweight aggregate concrete

Lightweight aggregate concrete is widely used in many aspects, such as high-rise buildings, bridge engineering, floor casting engineering, building blocks, etc. Cement is usually used as cementing material and ceramsite is used as a light aggregate.

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The mixing efficiency and mixing uniformity of the planetary concrete mixer guarantees for the overall use level of the machine. The overall structure design ensures the smooth operation of the material and reduces the resistance. There is no need to worry about the leakage of slurry. The gearbox achieves the requirements of low noise and high environmental protection, and the performance is more superior.

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In the mixer industry, the vertical shaft planetary mixer is a high-efficiency, dead-spot-free mixing machine made by the planetary principle. It is suitable for mixing various building materials, refractory materials, and cement products, and its mixing effect is stronger than other mixers.

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Compared with the traditional mixers, the vertical shaft planetary mixers produced now have great progress. The traditional mixers are controlled based on electrical technology, which has low control efficiency, high energy consumption, and insufficient mixing efficiency. With the continuous advancement of technology, the mixer can automatically adjust and control according to the different properties of the materials and the actual operating conditions, overcome some of the above drawbacks, and meet the requirements of environmental protection and high efficiency.

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The planetary concrete mixer has a complete range of models and is a necessary mixing tool in many industries. Its mixing efficiency can improve the speed and quality of production. The overall operation of the mixer is smooth, and the operation is safe. It can provide various mechanical forces and complete the mixing effect that other mixers cannot achieve.

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The application of lightweight concrete in building construction continues to expand. Its good performance can speed up the progress of building construction and improve the quality of the project, so it is more and more widely used. Lightweight concrete is an energy-saving building material. Because of its good heat insulation and fire resistance, it is widely used as a building insulation material. So how can we mix high-quality lightweight concrete?

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For various types of materials, the planetary concrete mixer can meet the mixing requirements. The appropriate speed and strength can be selected according to the nature of the material to ensure that the original form of the material is not destroyed;

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For various types of materials, the planetary concrete mixer can meet the mixing requirements. The appropriate speed and strength can be selected according to the nature of the material to ensure that the original form of the material is not destroyed;

The commonness of refractory mixer

①.Mixing device: The mixing tool adopts a combination of rotation and revolution. The material is subjected to strong force when running according to the planetary mixing path, and the mixing uniformity is high and the effect is good.

②. Unloading device: The unloading door can be opened and closed by pneumatic and hydraulic means. The discharge cylinder adopts a circular cylinder, which can bear strong pressure, has good stability and superior performance.

③. Hopper lifting device adopts an environmentally-friendly anti-seizure device with a novel design, which can effectively prevent dust from overflowing to meet environmental protection requirements.

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The configuration of the planetary concrete mixer can be selected according to customer requirements so that it can better meet the mixing needs of different materials and achieve better results.

The structure and system of the planetary concrete mixer

The planetary concrete mixer is mainly composed of a transmission system, a supporting frame, a mixing system, a mixing drum, a discharge system, and a water supply pipeline. 1.

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The planetary concrete mixer has a unique mixing form. During the mixing process, the mixing tool can drive the entire material to fully mix the material in each corner. The mixing speed can also be adjusted according to the situation, with high automation and simple operation.

Use of planetary concrete mixer in prefabricated building

With the development of the construction industry, more and more construction projects use precast concrete. Compared with traditional block buildings and cast-in-place reinforced buildings, prefabricated buildings are more convenient to use, which can be installed faster, and save energy.

Planetary concrete mixer equipment introduction

CO-NELE is a manufacturer of planetary mixing equipment with strong design and high capabilities. CO-NELE planetary concrete mixer is well-known and professional in the country, with a unique device design, which can improve the quality and performance of the product during mixing.

The advantages of planetary concrete mixer:
  1. The structure design of the transmission mechanism is compact, easy to install, and the transmission efficiency is high and stable.
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CO-NELE planetary refractory castable mixer is diversified mixing equipment. A reliable mixing device is selected for rapid shearing of refractory materials, and the reducer can complete stable material mixing, reducing the possibility of malfunction. The planetary stirring ability can not only quickly stir refractory materials, but also achieve high uniformity effects. Its processing ability for refractory castables is very reliable.

The concrete mixer used in Brick production -CO-NELE planetary concrete mixer

The planetary concrete mixer can be widely used in various brick products and cement products. The planetary concrete mixer manufacturer CO-NELE cooperates with many brick manufacturers.

The efficient and environmentally friendly planetary concrete mixer used in the subway segment production line

The planetary mixer is a new product designed and developed based on the traditional mixer. Compared with the traditional mixer, the planetary mixer has a specially designed mixing device to make the mixing speed faster, the mixing is more uniform, and there is no stacking phenomenon.

Effect of planetary concrete mixer used in UHPC production

UHPC ultra-high performance concrete, also called reactive powder concrete, is an innovative cement-based engineering material in the past thirty years. The emergence of UHPC is a great leap in the performance of engineering materials.

How CO-NELE planetary castable mixer overcomes traditional processing problems

The CO-NELE planetary concrete mixer has become a new star in the field of refractory castable mixing equipment and has quickly become an important refractory equipment in the field of castables industry. Compared with the traditional refractory castable mixer, how does the planetary castable mixer

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The laboratory concrete mixer is easy to operate and easy to use. The model is small and can be placed in small laboratories and research institutes, occupying a small space. The sealing device of the laboratory concrete mixer has been researched by the CO-NELE R&D center to ensure that there will be no leakage of materials during the mixing process, and prevent the laboratory research institute from researching materials that are harmful to the human body from appearing to endanger the human body during the mixing process.

CO-NELE planetary mixer shows its talents in the wallboard production line

The new lightweight composite wallboard is a high-quality wall material matched with the fabricated type. It can improve the assembly rate and promote the development of prefabricated buildings.