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here you can see the real amazing facts, here you will see the Newly Fact, which you have never seen and heard before, here you will also get a lot of General Knowledge. you can see the real amazing facts.

Google ne mana duniya me sabse ache insaan Prophet Muhammad hain|गूगल ने माना दुनिया में सबसे अच्छे

You will see neonfact channel videos about the amazing fact of the world in this video like you will know about Prophet Muhammad in this video like Google has also acknowledged that Profit Muhammad is the best man in the world and Google has placed him on the top of his list.He was the last messenger of Allah and he spread Islam Dharam a lot. All Muslims follow his footsteps.In it, you will see how much the weight of blue whale is and how much food she eats 7 tons daily and its weight is equal to 30 elephants, in this you will know that the largest name in the world is from an island in New Zealand and it has 85 letters. Which is the biggest name in the world, in this you will see that more than 100 countries had signed a place together and that agreement was the Paris Agreement, in which 176

Under World Don Ki Duniya | अंडरवर्ल्ड डॉन की दुनिया में कौन कितना पॉवरफुल है

Here you will know who Pablo Escobar was, how he became the world's most wealthy don and how he bought all over Colombia, who killed Pablo Escobar, he killed him, how he killed 4000 people, Dawood Ibrahim who is an Indian don world. Ka Rundest Don is called how he became the most dangerous don in the world and together with the Terrorist he is still alive and in Pakistan

Google ne mana duniya me sabse ache insaan Prophet Muhammad hain|गूगल ने माना दुनिया में सबसे अच्छे

Here you will know 15 such facts that you have never heard of before, in this it is told about the world's biggest fish and you will know how Google also believed that the best man in the world was Prophet Muhammad and how a woman once I gave birth to 4 children. That was the angle and what is the biggest name in the world and what is the full form of Google?

Today Real Media of India? | गोदी मीडिया पर सबसे बड़ा खुलासा

The biggest reveal on dock media.
In this video, you will know that in these 6 years, the dock media has just told you that the fake news has made the God media just blind, and by licking the Govt, they call it a lousy journalist, by simply debating a Hindu Muslim. Every day the title of his debate was related to Hindu Muslims. The note closure was a wrong decision. Then the media did not even ask Modiji a question as to why the imposition of notetabandi and what it benefited the country. The dock media is not even talking about the declining GDP once, nor is anyone debating nor is it questioning the government because all the dock media news channels belong to the Ambani and big money people, so the dock media is their The Corona epidemic is engaged in licking, it has also turned into a Hindu Muslim's debate, it was only after shouting Pakistan-Pakistan on everything that our media ranking went down from Pakistan, even then Saram did not come. Here the student brothers are asking for their jobs and they are doing protest on the roads, they are being beaten up

American Interesting Fact in Hindi | अमेरिका की कुछ रोचक बाते जो अपने पहले कभी नहीं सुनी होंगी |

Dosto Is Video Me Aap America Ke Kuch Fact Janenge Jo Na Apne Pehle Sune Honge Na Dekhe| yaha apko america ki lifestyle ke bare me pta chalega ke america mai...

क्या आपको पता है गैस सिलिंडर फटने पर कंपनी कितना मुहफ्ज़ा देती है? Do you know how much the company

In this video of Newonfact you will see how expensive the space suit Venus planet is at 450 degree Celsius Pluto how many years the sun goes round Why school buses all over the world are always yellow Charlie Chaplin angle competition Ours and banana DNA match up to 50%. Kangaroo cannot always walk backwards but can only move forward. This is a console planet that was dug with the help of telescope. India has such an angle which has the highest number of songs and India's biggest movie is Gangs of Wasipur, in the newonfact, you will see that from which country the airplane cannot be found in an airplane. In 2011, Pakistan arrested a monkey Because he did it on the border of India, his official name was Bobby, do you know how much gas company gives you if the gas cylinder bursts, if the gas cylinder gets burnt in a house, then you are entitled to 40 lakhs from the gas company to the gas company. You will have to pay 40 lakh rupees.

Mirzapur season-1 Top 10 best dialogue in mirzapur /pankaj tripathi /kaleen bhaiya / guddu bhaiya

In this video you will see some dialogues of mirzapur season-1 In this video you will see the top 10 best dialogues in Mirzapur In this, you will hear Guddu ...

Top 15 beer brands companies in india /भारत की टॉप 15 बीयर ब्रांड कंपनियां

If you are fond of beer, then you must watch this video so that you can know which beer is the best, for us we will tell about 15 such beer brands which are the best beer brand for you.

thirsty squirrel ask for a water /एक प्यासी गिलहरी का पानी मांगने का स्टाइल /viral video youtube

In this video, you will see that when a squirrel is thirsty, she runs and asks for water from a man, her style of asking for water will make you happy In this video you will see while drinking water,
And how can the other child, even while he is playing, cannot speak as if the child is being cared for, and we should also take care of those who cannot speak.

Mike tyson vs gorilla fight | Miketyson vs Gorilla Fight | who wins the match| mike tyson vs muhamme

Friends, in today's video, we will see why Mike tyson had offered a large sum of $ 10,000 to the zookeeper, and why the zookeeper refused to accept him.
Why would we call Mike Thirty as Animal Lover, we will see further how much we can walk till the age of 80 years, which person had the disease of the syndrome x and which disease is which and which can happen,
you will see that in America How many people are injured by falling in the toilet and so far, which personality had died after falling in the toilet.
When the mushroom was born and how big it used to be in the future, in this video you will know that India's last road is con Keep watching

इस bull का स्पर्म आपको करोड़ पति बना सकता है Murrah breed can make you millionare /top10animal drink

In this video you will learn about 10 animals that drink both beer and wine with great passion, there is a fruit in Africa which all the animals get drunk but still they come to eat that fruit every day, Which includes other animals like monkeys, elephants, through this video you will know that the world's most expensive buffalo is a bit and what is his nest, his sperm cost 300 rupees feet and from 42000 in a year Produces doses up to 43 thousand.

किसान आंदोलन क्यों कर है। जानिए यह तीन बिल क्या कहते है ? | msp | apmc | farmer protest ,three bill

In this video, you will get complete information about msp and apmc, as well as the good and bad things about these three cats. Which you will find easy to understand this bill, as well as explain why the farmers are agitating, and we will talk about these three cats one by one, how the government is cleverly imposing these bills on the farmers, and how the capitalists How is it that only one section will benefit from this bill, the farmers of the entire country will have to suffer losses. In addition, it will also harm the common public. You will understand that from the first bill.
#farmers #protest #farmerprotest #newonfact #bill bill bill # kisan andolan

One and a half million birds die due to a mistake | most expensive mistake in the world |birds die

In this video, we will tell you about the 6 mistakes in the world, which caused the loss of millions or billions and lost many lives, as you can see how big a mistake can be done by seeing thumbnails, And birds can also be killed along with many people, it has been told about this mistake.
Watch the video, you will know what can happen in the world

Top 20 popular shortcut keys in Hindi | 20 shortcut keys in computer| shortcut keys in keyboard

Top 20 popular shortcut keys in Hindi | 20 shortcut keys in computer| shortcut keys in keyboard hello friendsI am zack aur apka swagat hai zacktech99 youtube...

Top most powerful man in the world ?

In this video, you will see how Pablo became the world's most wealthy don, how he built his prison and went to live in it and how he was killed, you will see in this video after that, you will know about Dawood Ibrahim who is India's most powerful He was a don, he had gone from childhood to Hey in Kamo, how he became the world's 200 richest don. In this video you will see how the wop went on to become Aamir and also became the world's most wanted politician in his party, to see film stars. He used to get a lot of use in Bollywood, he used to supply drugs and guns in very high quantity, which he became rich, he had killed many people and he had 5,000 people who worked for him.

kgf part-1 full movie hindi | kgf teaser | kgf chapter-2 full teaser explain in hindi | kgf trailer

Friends, in this video, the full teaser of kgf chapter 2, we will expose you that one scene, you will see in this video, how Rocky after beating Garuda is now not one but three, in kgf part 1, so one It was the enemy, it has the line of enemies, as well as two Bollywood actors, have also been entered, both of them are Sanjay Dutt, and Raveena Tandon, Sanjay has a very strong role in it, Sanjay Dutt in kgf part 2, Adhira is seen in the role, Adhira was not revealed in the previous part, the second part has been released and he has a direct fight with Rocky, that too for Narachi, the second role is of Raveena Tandon ji who is in it Ramika Sen is seen to be made, and her role is that of an Indian Prime Minister who puts the entire military of the country to kill Rocky. Now she has to see whether she can do it or not, for that you have to go to the theater
And the third problem is Inayat Khalil who is sitting in Dubai, now after Garuda's death, he is also coming to India, to capture Narachi, but he does not know that there are already some other steps,
Now, these three Rocky Acle can't kill, or have to see.
And what angle does Rocky have with this, or have to see?