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Health Care

Health, Health care, Health information, Health tips, Health topics, Health News, Good health, Be healthy, Health magazine,

Abdul Ahad Health Care

Health, Health care, Health information, Health tips, Health topics, Health News, Good health, Be healthy, Health magazine,

Causes And Remedies For Watery Eyes

Tears are a deadly disease. Many of us have seen it with tears in our eyes. It is a disease. Some of the causes of tears are if the nasopharynx is blo

Android Mobile Does Harm To Baby's Eyes

With the socio-economic change of the people, the luxury of the people is increasing and at the same time it is seen that the children are also reduci

What Are The Benefits Of Lemon Peel For The Body

We all know lemon. Most of the time we use lemon juice for drinking and for drinking sherbet. Did you know that there is more vitamin in lemon peel th

How Medicine Works In Our Body

When we get sick, wee seek medical attention. Doctors give us various medicines to cure us and we get better by taking those medicines. We have all ta

What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes?

Diabetes is currently epidemic. Diabetes is another name for the silent killer. There is a reason to call diabetes a silent killer. Outside, many time

What Are Zinc Rich Food?

Get zinc from any food. Zinc is a very essential mineral in the human body. Lack of zinc reduces cell function. Zinc deficiency interferes with protei

How To Take Care Of Children's Teeth

Tooth decay in children is called tooth decay. But there is nothing to say about tooth decay. Many people know how to brush twice before going to bed

How Air Pollution Is Harming Us

Animals, that is human beings have been able to live on earth because of this eloquent atmosphere. But as a result of our various activities we are ma

Here Is Some Information On What You Can Do To Get To Bed Early

If you can't sleep at night then find out how you can fall asleep early at night. It is often seen that there is a lot of sleep throughout the day

What Can We Do If The Body Burns?

What can we do with our body inflammation. Do you feel inflammation and pain and burning in different parts of your body?

Causes And Remedies For Dizziness When Setting Up

Do you feel dizzy when you get up from your seat? Even if you get up from bed, your head spins. Or seems to be losing knowledge. Sudden rise in blood

How Beneficial Is A Glass Of Water On An Empty Stomach For People

Start the morning with a glass of water. Are you suffering from physical fatigue? Feeling tired all the time and having digestive problems?

How To Take Care Of Teeth

Dental care is just as important as other aspects of health. But we often neglect to take care of our teeth. So today we will know some habits and foo

Some Information About The Quality Of Medicinal Plants

Trees play a vital role in our survival. That is why the plants that are used to make medicines for the cure of our disease are called medicinal plant

All We Can Do Is Keep Our Lungs Healthy

There are many other diseases that directly attack our lungs, including cancer, including (COVID-19) and a virus infection that weakness our lungs.

The Benefit Of Waking Up In The Morning

Al through it is difficult for everyone to wake up in the morning, this habit is very beneficial for health.

What Are The Rules To Follow When Girls Are Menstruating

Today we will know about what to do during the period and what not to do during the period. Period and menstruating are signs of a women's reproductiv

There Are Good And Bad Sides To Drinking Coffee

What is beneficial to drink coffee? Many people may have advised you to give up the habit of drinking coffee for a long time.

What Kind Of Steps Can We Take To Prevent A Heart Attack?

Today we will know what we need to do prevent heart attack. Heart attacks are the leading cause of death for a large number of people in the world.

Why Does A Panic Attack Occur And What Cause It?

Do you have any idea about panic attacks? Do you ever feel scared? Ever feel short of breath, heartbeat or chest pain?

You Will Be Surprised To Know What Happens When You Drink Water While Going To Sleep

Today I will give you some information on what happens if you drink water before going to sleep. Through which you will benefit a lot. Although expert