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Updated by Cornerstone Digital on May 21, 2023
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Cornerstone Digital

Cornerstone has been one of Calgary's top web development firms since 2004. We specialize in developing complex sites with advanced features, e-commerce capabilities, and custom built web applications. We’ve built a lot of websites. A LOT. In fact, over the last dozen years we’ve built over 300 websites, most were built on Content Management Systems and many of which included E-commerce functionality.

Cornerstone is Calgary's top web design and application development firm. Our team of senior developers build award winning websites, e-commerce solutions and custom web applications.

What Is HTTP/2 And How Can It Benefit Your Website?

HTTP was created when websites were much simpler, so when you send a HTTP request for a web page to the server, every single part of that app developer is requested individually. It's like having a shopping list and instead of going to the market and purchasing everything on your list, instead you make separate trips to buy each item on your list.That doesn’t make any sense does it? In the early days of web development however, it made perfect sense.

Our Expertise E commerce Website Development are Here for your Online Business

There are a numerous number of E-commerce website developments to choose from. In fact, it is very much possible that if you have an idea then there will be an eCommerce solution already existing for it. We would help you recognize what is best for you. Our Ecommerce Developers and Magento web developers at Cornerstone Calgary have the right mix of creativity and experience that would help you have an edge over the others in the market.

How to Create a Quality App Developers Canada

I am going to cover 7 essential elements that make an Android app developer a quality app. Implementing these 7 elements into each of your apps will help you increase sales as well as gain popularity among your apps. Some of these elements will seem obvious but you would be surprised at how many apps in the Market have not implemented these 7 elements.

Best Mobile Application Developers in Calgary

As one of the largest Toronto based app developers in the world, we have created hundreds of custom Mobile Applications. Our Mobile App Development service extends to all major mobile platforms including iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and Palm Pre. When choosing Mobile App Developer for your mobile app development needs, you can be sure you will receive a high-quality application to complement your vision.

Best Web Development & Design Resources

Web development is a fast paced business and if you want to stay on top of your game, you need to keep learning, adapting and moving forward. So at Cornerstone Digital, we have put together a list of 10 top resources for both the beginner and veteran developer, resources that will keep you ahead of the pack in the coming year.

How Can a Business Benefit From Having a Website?

One of the most important factors to consider before beginning the design process that will end with a great website design is the strategic intent of the site. Will you require eCommerce development Calgary or will your website be a shop window for your brands.

What is the most important thing about Web design?

How much should Web Design companies charge to build a website? This is something that has quite a few different answers depending on the need of the person getting the JMN done. Websites can be very cheap if they’re done by a small company, but if the site is fairly complicated, it can end up costing thousands. Generally, people charge per page and for the features that they have to place on the website.

How To Create a Complete Web Design Style Guide

You should also simultaneously plan for its promotion on your company website and social media. You can also promote the website with an email campaign. Further, if your business has a blog, share updates throughout the website development process to keep people engaged and enthused. Having a website for your product or business is an essential aspect of online marketing.

Why Should You Hire a Web Designer?

The Calgary Website designers is responsible for creating websites of different design. They try to meet your requirements and portray them. You can share any kind of details with them such as features, display, layout and much more.
It is quite important to ensure that everything is appealing and attractive to website visitors. Elements like appropriate colors, images, fonts and much more.

Mobile App Development Company in Canada

Every business aims to make money online. The main aim of mobile app development would be to increase brand awareness and make profits. With the help of a mobile app, businesses can reach their target audience and make sales. You should hire someone who understands all your requirements and business goals. You can test the knowledge of developers before hiring them.

Why is web designers important to a website design?

The appearance of web pages represented on the net is referred to as website design, and the person who designs it is called a website designer. Except for application development, it mostly relates to the usability evaluation aspects of website design.

Top Reasons To Hire A Web Development Company

Even if an individual can create a website, employing a professional web development team will always result in a superior result. Many resources and capabilities can be saved by hiring a professional website development company. Furthermore, you would be saved with time and attention to be concentrated on the core of the business.

Tips to Hire the Best Web Design Agency for Your Business

A site that looks beautiful and attractive can be extremely beneficial for the general business. If you're planning to build a site for your company from start or contemplating a redesign of your website pick the most reputable web design company to help your business.

Cornerstone Digital provides website design and development services to businesses in Calgary, AB.
Cornerstone designs and builds beautiful, elegant and functional websites that drive real business results. We’re here to help you bring your next digital project to life, and between you and us, we’re pretty excited about it!

How Much Cost Require For Website Design Services

A prominent call to action button should be included in the architecture of every website. Your web developer goal should be to convert visitors into paying clients, but this won’t happen unless specific “calls to action” are placed strategically throughout the site. Your call to action’s primary objective need not be to boost revenue. It might encourage them to join your newsletter or discuss a forthcoming product.

Difference between Web Development and Web Programming?

Back-end web developers use a series of programs and servers to store the content for websites and applications and deliver it to users on request. They use a range of tools, including databases, to store and organize data and facilitate communication between the server and the client.


Why Do You Need a Shopify Expert?

Why Do You Need a Shopify Expert?

How Long Will This Take? The length of the project is another major factor that impacts the price of hiring a Shopify specialist. Experts in Shopify can be hired at a reasonable price for long-term projects, while the price may rise for immediate needs. The prices of a Shopify Calgary consultant can vary depending on their location. It is common practice for experts to base their prices on the going rates in their home country.

Choosing the Right Platform for Website Development

Before getting into website development, it’s critical to have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of programming. This comprises topics like data types, variables, loops, and conditional expressions. You should also be familiar with a text editor and the command line interface (CLI).


The Future of Shopify Development: Trends to Watch in 2023

Shopify experts are independent freelancers or groups who help businesses create, customize, and optimize their Shopify stores. They are certified and have exhibited proficiency in several e-commerce sectors such as design, development, marketing, and strategy.

Taking Your Website to the Next Level: Why a Professional WordPress Developer is Essential

First and foremost, professional WordPress development brings a wealth of technical knowledge to the table. They have a deep understanding of the WordPress platform, its functionalities, and its vast ecosystem of themes, plugins, and tools. This expertise allows them to create a website that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Collaborating for Success: Building Effective Partnerships with Website Designers

Your company can only succeed with a strong web presence. Your website is front and center when building consumer trust in your company. However, knowing your field inside and out is equally important when developing strategies for your website. A more interesting and user-friendly Website Designers can boost sales.