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Content Chemistry Reviews

Reviews written for "Content Chemistry: A Handbook for Content Marketing"


Marketing Book Worth a Look: Reviewed by LinkedIn B2B

For over a decade, Andy Crestodina has been the Strategic Director
at Orbit Media Studios, Inc. He is a renowned content marketing
expert, a sought-after public speaker, and has been recognized by
Forbes and Inc. magazines as a thought leader in the profession.

Content Chemistry Review | Stoney deGeyter

The cover of Content Chemistry tells you it's an "illustrated handbook" for content marketing. I was skeptical at first, but it didn't take me long to appreciate the value of illustrating how content marketing and strategy works.

This book is too good...

Sometimes a book is so good you feel it was written specially for you. It's as if the author knew exactly how dim I was - and designed it to enlighten me. Know that feeling? It doesn't happen often. Because I'm attracted by a lot of books - and distracted by even more.

In Content Chemistry, he reveals what you need to do.

We all know we need to create remarkable content, get back links from popular sites and attract quality traffic… but what does that look like and how do we do it? In his book, Content Chemistry, he reveals what you need to do.

Beneath that easy-to-read style lies thought-provoking information...

The book, instead of trying to cover every facet of content marketing in detail, looks at the intersection of email, SEO, and social. Those three areas are broad enough as they are, and they do carry much of the weight when it comes to content marketing.

This book is full of tips on improving content writing and promotion...

Content Chemistry by Andy Crestodina is a 100-page handbook, which not only tells you how to create and repurpose content, but also illustrates how content plays a critical role in SEO, e-mail campaigns and social. If content marketing is new to you, this book is for you!

Great Content for Marketing and Branding Professionals | Branding and Marketing

Andy Crestodina, Strategic Dirctor of Orbit Media Studios,has created a terrific resource for branding and marketing professionals who are looking for a way to blend SEO, Email and Social tactics to attract visitors to a website and convert those visitors into leads and customers.

Book Review: Content Chemistry: An Illustrated Guide to Content Marketing

When I pulled back the curtain on my new site design last week, I mentioned the start of a new content initiative here on the blog: monthly book reviews. The first Monday of each month will be dedicated to reviewing a recently published book that covers either writing, business practices, digital marketing, or entrepreneurship.

Book Review: "Content Chemistry" is a Lab Success

There's kind of a mad genius you should know. Andy Crestodina, Principal and Strategic Director of Orbit Media. I gave you a toolbox in my last post for creating visual content so now I'm going to point you in the right direction to get a excellent grasp on content marketing and writing: Crestodina's book Content Chemistry.

Book Review: Content Chemistry by Andy Crestodina - Content Driver

I've just finished reading Content Chemistry by Andy Crestodina and I was impressed. There are many content marketing books out there, some of which are 2-300 pages. But in this nifty little booklet of 112 pages, Andy Crestodina lays it out in simple form every single concept you need to know to start content marketing.

This book is a 10/10 read. I highly recommend you get the hard copy.

Andy describes the concept as creating a content hub. Instead of writing just one article on a specific topic, you write a series of articles on that topic, but cover different aspects in each of the articles.

Of course, the articles need to be good quality, detailed, helpful and valuable – that’s a given. That’s the cost of entry.

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