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Web Game 360

Web Game 360: Tamer Saga (Review)

Tamer Saga is a browser-based RPG where you can learn spells, tame pets or beasts forge weapons and eventually engage in the battles with monsters or real players. The game is published by China-based PopPace.

Web Game 360: Final faction in March of War: African Warlords

As in our previous announcement, the developer behind the award winning Iron Grip series has started giving players access to the closed beta of their new turn-based strategy game March of War. And lately they have released a cool artwork of one of the 6 in-game factions which players will control.

Web Game 360: Wartune unveils the Divine Altar

The creators of Wartune revealed the Divine Altar, a battle-orientated guild instance. It is available to all members of a level 5+ Guild, and it challenges warriors to band together and battle against an onslaught of ruthless invaders, to get rewards.

Web Game 360: Eredan iTCG (Review)

Eredan iTCG in an online trading card game set in an original medieval fantasy universe where players will use a deck of characters to fight against npc or others real players. With more than 2000 cards, items and new content at your disposal every week, strategic possibilities are infinite.

Web Game 360: Uprising Empires (Review)

As in other building strategy games, you start in a small undeveloped city and your goal is to improve and raise it into a dominant power in your region.

Web Game 360: Call of Camelot (Review)

Call of Camelot is a new browser-based MMORPG that follows the story that adventurers fight dragons, demons, and wizards across the vastly large map in the realm of Camelot. Meanwhile players can challenge other players from all over the world. The game has previously been released in China and is apparently a huge hit with over 300 active servers.

Web Game 360: The Mummy Online (Review)

The Mummy Online is a state-of-the-art, free to play, browser-based Action-Adventure RPG inspired by the massively successful film franchise.The Mummy lives... in your browser! The Story so far: - Follow adventurer Edward Morgan through 1930's Egypt in a battle against ancient evil in the fast-paced action-adventure RPG The Mummy Online, inspired by the blockbuster film franchise.

Web Game 360: Sneaky Games announced MOBA title for mobile: Arena of Heroes

The MOBA genre originated with the hit game mod Defense of the Ancients (DotA) for Blizzard's PC real-time strategy (RTS) game Warcraft 3. In MOBAs, players control one "hero" unit and duke it out on a game map which features three "lanes," where each team is tasked with pushing to the opposite side of the map and destroying an opponent's base.

Web Game 360: Monkey Quest (Review)

Monkey Quest is a cute and fun platform/RPG game where you enter the world of Ook as a monkey, in order to beat the many monsters that inhabit the jungle and help the citizens in the battle against evil.

Web Game 360: New MOBA title for mobile devices from Zynga: Solstice Arena

Lately Zynga has just announced its newest game title, Solstice Arena, a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game for mobile devices. The game is being developed by the A Bit Lucky team that has joined Zynga several months ago. Solstice Arena will focus on hero combat, with three on three matches that take place in maps that encourage strategic thinking.

Web Game 360: Lunaria Story (Review)

Lunaria Story is a 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG published by Reality Squared Games (R2Games), combining the best elements of other popular MMORPGs and classic 2D platform games. Players can go on thrilling quests, fight cool monsters, and train pets who join them in battle. It features delightful graphics, and simple, but impressive gameplay.

Web Game 360: War2Glory (Review)

War2Glory is one of the more complicated browser based strategy building game, set in a realistic world, torn by war between two factions fighting for domination. Players become the Commander of a small city and must build, defend, trade and expand to be succesful!

Pet Forest (Review) | Web Game 360

Pet Forest (originally titled Canaan Online) is a free to play 2D browser based fantasy MMORPG with turn based combat and Social Network features. Pet Forest presents awesome graphics and smooth gameplay based on Flash technology. Characters are able to move around freely throughout areas of the wonderland.

Runescape 3 Set To Launch On Mobile Devices This Fall | Web Game 360

The highly anticipated MMORPG Runescape 3 is coming to mobile platforms. In an interview with Forbes, Jagex Games Studio recently announced that their upcoming free-to-play MMO will release on mobile devices later this fall after the game's initial single-update release this summer.

General War: Memories (Review) | Web Game 360

General War: Memories is a browser-based massively multiplayer online strategy game with 2.5D imaging that brings you back to the fiercest and cruelest war in human history- WWII. It has simulated and reconstructed the true-to-life scenes and battlefields with various kinds of tanks, weapons, generals, skills and strategies.

Chrono Tales (Review) | Web Game 360

Chrono Tales is a free to play 3D fantasy browser based MMORPG. In Chrono Tales you the player accidentally unleash the Hell King Ulam. Unable to combat the foe, you are sent back two years in the past in order to attempt to change the course of history.

Soul of Guardian (Review) | Web Game 360

Soul of Guardian is a MMORPG browser game published by WSgame with many active servers, plenty of items and dungeons to explore, simple combat system and an amazing amount of content for a browser game. In Soul of Guardian (SoG), you pick one of four different classes, each has it's own weapon and play style, complemented by a unique set of skills.

New Server opened in Einherjar, the turn-based browser game developed by Appirits | Web Game 360

Appirits, the Japanese game developer has lately released a brand new server called Gerhilde for their turn-based browser game Einherjar - The Viking's Blood along with several in-game treats and events from 15 to 29 May 2013 (GMT+8).

Goodgame Empire (Review) | Web Game 360

Goodgame Empire is another browser-based RTS immersing players in a stylish world where knights build their castles and fight for the king. Construct buildings in the castle, set up defensive facilities, recruit commanders and army units, produce siege tools, collect taxes and generate resources to support residents and troops, attack robber baron castles and occupy outposts, tear up treasure maps, and compete with or against other players for control of the territory - all are in Goodgame Empire.

Goblin Keeper (Review) | Web Game 360

Goblin Keeper is a free to play, browser based strategy MMO that puts players in the role of a disgruntled overlord in charge of their very own dungeon. As an evil overlord, your goal isn't very different from the others - to take over the world and rule it as you see fit.

Knights of the Sky (Review)

On the website where players can register to play, Atlus describes Knights of the Sky as a free-to-play MMORTS game. That description may not be 100 percent correct, but it is an interesting experiment: a browser-based strategy game with fantasy MMO and RPG elements and a heavy anime influence.

Universal Monsters Online (Review)

Universal Monsters Online is a Free to Play, Browser based MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) MMO Game featuring high-end 3D isometric graphics. It's a definite must-try if the Online Battle Arena or Action Real Time Strategy is your cup of coffee.

Urban Rivals (Review)

Urban Rivals is a free multi-platform online trading card game with more than 700 characters to discover and still counting, collect and level up by fighting, live, against players from all over the world. In game, you represent one of the clans trying to gain control of Clint City, and are out to show that your clan is the top dog in town.

Fantasy Rivals (Review)

Fantasy Rivals is a browser based Collectible Card Game (CCG), massively multiplayer online (MMO) virtual trading card game, free to play on web browser, it comes from Boostr, the developer of the popular Urban Rivals. Fantasy Rivals set the action in a fantasy world populated with heroes, monsters and magic.