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Updated by EdgeIQ on Jan 13, 2021
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IoT Device Lifecycle Management

Device Lifecycle Management was purpose-built to address this challenge with simplicity at scale

EdgeIQ: EdgeIQ — Device Lifecycle Management Datasheet

EdgeIQ Device Lifecycle Management was purpose-built to address this challenge with simplicity at scale. Your challenge is to balance found...

Device Lifecycle Management Datasheet | EdgeIQ

From onboarding to provisioning, monitoring, software updates, and decommissioning, EdgeIQ is the software to manage the entire lifecycle of your connected devices.

Field Service | Use Cases

EdgeIQ provides a full suite of device management solutions. Our local service running on the local gateway communicates directly with the device and delivers full configuration updates, software updates, and monitors the device health and wellness for correct operation.

IoT Device Management | Onboard, Organize & Remotely Update | AWS IoT Device Management

AWS IoT Device Management allows you to scale your device fleets and reduce the cost and effort of managing large IoT device deployments. Get started today!

Consumer Electronics | Use Cases

EdgeIQ provides a unified set of RESTful API’s that can be normalized across multiple product lines to create an interface for applications spanning multiple product versions or models. Using our configurable interface logic, EdgeIQ receives data and issues commands to devices deployed on a wide variety of networks. Our system is designed to handle intermittent device connections - very common in the consumer product industry - providing simple and accessible monitoring and management.

EdgeIQ — Orchestration Datasheet | EdgeIQ

Orchestration Datasheet | EdgeIQ EdgeIQ Orchestration enables you and your customers to orchestrate applications and data on each device to seamlessly...

  3 IoT Business Models- What You Should Know - iot AWS IoT service AWS IoT Core

Here are some of the innovative IoT business models. Hold your backs and get ready to explore!

What Is The Importance Of Device Lifecycle Management? | by EdgeIQ | Jan, 2021 | Medium

These are some of the reasons that better demonstrate the importance and requirement of IoT Device lifecycle management . Hopefully, this piece of information may better help you in your future endeavors.

EdgeIQ — Importance of IOT Device Lifecycle Management

Importance of IOT Device Lifecycle Management - IoT Device Lifecycle Management plays a key role and enables industries to manage its connected devices with ease, and at the same time provides...

Service Orchestration: What You Need To Know

Service orchestration is the approach of creating, organizing, presenting, and watching end-to-end service contributions in a programmed way, which is a necessity for innovative solutions in businesses, for instance, manufacturing, retail and online gaming.