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Updated by candice flynn on Jun 06, 2021
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Best Meditation Apps In India

Feeling under the blue due to the stress this lockdown? Too much work? Relationship stress? Anxiety Attack or just sleep issues.

Here are the top meditation apps in India available on both google and android to help you achieve that peace of mind.

Evolve: Meditation, sleep & personal growth - Best Meditation App in India

Evolve is a pioneering Indian meditation & sleep app geared towards your personal growth & happiness. Our approach is refreshing & our techniques, joyful!

Evolve app helps you sleep better, practice daily meditation & mindfulness, manage stress, reduce anger, build relationships, increase productivity & improve focus.

Who said meditation has to be intense!? Evolve app promises:
1. Delightful sleep audios to make you sleep better & deal with insomnia
2. Guided meditations made joyfully
3. Brighten up your day, let stress & anxiety float away!

Our philosophy to sleep, mediation & personal growth is reflected in 2 sections:

○ Balance: Evolve app is there for you when you need it the most! Our scientifically proven sleep, meditation & mindfulness techniques are designed as boosters through the day, whether to prepare for a stressful meeting or control your cravings or calm your racing anxious mind. Evolve app's guided sleep audios ensure that you sleep with your mind & body relaxed.
It’s only when we're balanced that we can learn new skills & focus on our personal growth.

○ Grow: Have you wondered, how you can become more motivated, empathetic, productive or self-aware? Evolve app journeys are important life skills packaged as bite-sized interactive modules that can be consumed at your pace. Each of the journeys allows you to introspect, journal & communicate with us, simulating an in-person workshop, which is more effective than just listening to an audio or watching a video.

The goal is to make your screen-time more productive but there is nothing as effective as interacting with experts for your personal growth. We have collaborated with highly qualified & verified experts to guide you. Life coaches like Ashdin Doctor & Erica DeSouza have successfully helped individuals across different streams of life. You can contact them based on their area of specialisation!

You can also track your progress across all of the above sections.

Whenever life gets chaotic, use the Evolve app to sleep, meditate & grow! Install Now!

Over the last 3 years, we’ve collaborated with leading life coaches and meditation & mindfulness experts, facilitating workshops for a diverse set of individuals on mindfulness, stress management & personal growth.
Thus, in our app we’ve curated the most effective methods to sleep, meditate & manage your emotions:

  • Breathing meditation: Inspired by Pranayama & other ancient wisdom, breath is used as a tool to change the state of our mind. Try Box Breathing, 478 breathing and belly breathing on the Evolve App.
  • Mindfulness meditation: Staying in the present moment, by observing something other than the breath (thoughts, perceptions, feelings, sensations)
  • Sending gratitude & love: Being positive & kind towards yourself & others, inspired by Metta meditation
  • Holding space: To be with yourself without judgment, inspired by how therapists & coaches work with clients
  • Visualisations: Engage your senses with visualisations designed to lower stress, practice gratitude, etc.

Embark on two-way conversational growth journeys to learn life-skills through structured introspection. In the app, you’ll find personal growth journeys built on:

Emotional Intelligence: Be more self-aware, manage your emotions & build empathy towards others
Productivity: Manage & increase your energy levels, improve your focus & much more!
Building Resilience: Learn proven techniques to manage stress
Self-discovery: Find a purpose, cultivate new passions, find your ikigai & set yourself on a path to a more fulfilling life

Evolve app is free to download and use and there are no ads. A subset of the programs and features are free forever.
Some content is only available through an optional paid subscription. If you choose to subscribe, payment will be charged to your Google Account at confirmation of purchase.

Evolve also publishes tons of free content on their website on mindfulness.

Since it is an Indian app, you won't have any problem understanding the accents and getting on with your meditation.

With ask the experts section, you can consult life coaches real-time

‎Headspace: Meditation & Sleep on the App Store

Headspace is the most downloaded app for meditation, it has 4 modes. Meditate, Sleep, Move and focus that you can choose according to your goal.

There are only a few things available in the free version, but the UI is great and If you have problems sleeping, I would suggest getting a headspace subscription.

‎Smiling Mind on the App Store

Smiling Mind is an app by an Australia-based tech company that focuses on mediation. You can set reminders and track progress. It also has a lot of varieties based on your mood. You can meditation for work, for kids.

Programs start at 10 minutes and I think we can spare that much every day.

‎Calm on the App Store

Calm has been quite in the trend. It has won the editors choice award in 2017. If you have constant panic attacks and anxiety issues, calm has soothing videos for your mind.

Calm is also quite active social media.

‎Soothing Sleep Sounds on the App Store

If you are someone that has a hard time sleeping at night, sleeping sounds is the app for you. With tons of background noises such as beaches, rainy day and rainforest etc I am sure you will have a great sleep tonight.

Note that is app does not contain any guided meditation or podcasts for stress/anxiety/anger management.

‎White Noise HQ: Baby Sleeping Sound

If you have a baby at home, we all know how hard it is to get these baby monsters to sleep. You can try white noise app that creates a soothing white noise at high frequency that has been claimed that it brings calming effects on babies hence helping them sleep and more importantly getting parents some good sleep.