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Updated by storm-parker on Dec 28, 2020
Headline for Killer Content Marketing and SEO Tips for Women in Business who want more Customers and Sales
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Killer Content Marketing and SEO Tips for Women in Business who want more Customers and Sales

Content marketing strategies and SEO support services to help women in business get more customers and sales. Through bespoke strategies, plans, and content you can attract your ideal audience to your website for more leads and conversions


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Creating Impact with Organic Marketing

Organic marketing is the backbone of any business’s online presence.

Using organic marketing and content to reach your audience will bring you visitors and customers over time through because you are providing them with useful information. It’s a slow-burn but arguably the most effective content marketing tactic in the long-run.

Let’s delve into organic marketing, what it means, and how you can use it as part of your wider marketing strategy.

This guide to keyword research for beginners will walk you through how to use keywords to get your website ranking on Google.

Google is the main search engine used, capturing 70% of desktop traffic and 85% of mobile traffic, so let’s focus our efforts here.

A search engine will list content – websites, articles, products, etc – that fit a person’s query or question. You need to show that you can solve their problem in order to be shown. The more times your content is shown, the more Google ranks your content as trustworthy. Your audience will also begin to like and trust your brand because you provide them with relevant content.

Make your content rank on Google and drive traffic to your website. I’ll show you how with keywords.

Don’t want to do it yourself? Check out our Done For You Keyword Research and Blogs Package.