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How To Boost The Speed of WordPress Admin Section (5 Proven Tips)

You can find numerous blogs over the internet that’s written about speeding up your website. But you will find fewer blogs that discuss how to accelerate the admin area of your WordPress website. So, today we have decided to inform you all how to speed up your WordPress admin section.

How To Boost The Speed of WordPress Admin Section (5 Proven Tips) | Posts by websitedesignlosangeles | Bloglovin’

You can find numerous blogs over the internet that’s written about speeding up your website. But you will find fewer blogs that discuss how to accelerate the admin area of your WordPress website. So, today we have decided to inform you all how to speed up your WordPress admin section. Living in this digital age has increased our performance expectations from virtual products.

What Is Brutal Web Design And How It Boosts Your Conversions? — Steemit

Before I start discussing what Brutal web design is and how it increases your conversions, I would like to make you understand its origination. Brutal itself represents something that is unpleasant, so you can relate it to anything rugged or uneven around. However, for websites, it is more of a raw web design that is primarily focused on attracting and engaging visitors.

What Is WordPress Block Pattern And How It Differs From Reusable Blocks (With Use Cases Examples)

WordPress 5.5 has been around us for quite some time and carries out a variety of our important tasks. With WordPress, you can do a number of things such as web design and developm

5 Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins That Boosts Conversions - Website Design Los Angeles

Landing pages are the conversion-focused pages that are designed to entice every visitor to take action after coming to it. Visitors are shown compelling text, captivating CTA, and sometimes huge discounts for purchasing the product or service. All of this together creates an impressive web design that draws visitors and insist them to sign up for an email list, free trial of the product, or directly buy the usage license of the offered services.

5 Caching Plugins To Up The Pace of WordPress Websites - Web Design

We all know well Google factors in fast loading ability of websites to determine their rankings in search results. So, businesses these days put a lot of time and effort in speeding up their websites. You might be knowing that having lesser design elements on your website helps it to be lightweight and high-performing.

How To Build A Custom Registration Page In WordPress (The Step-By-Step Guide) – Telegraph

There are various websites running over the internet that ask for user registration for using some or other services. You may find such requirements for accessing digital magazines, media libraries, or social networking sites. This is a great way to generate leads and expand customer base. By default, WordPress has a public registration page but that may not look visually appealing to you as well as your visitors. This is why you need to know how to customize your user registration page so that your visitors like viewing it.

5 Best CSS Optimization Tips  To Reduce Your Site Load Time

In today’s scenario, having a fast-loading website has become the first need of online businesses, corporates, and bloggers. You know the reason well that Google gives priority to such sites in their rankings when users search something. There are various tools and techniques to speed up your website but they do the job up to certain limits.

How To Run BigCommerce In WordPress (The Step-By-Step Guide) | Posts by websitedesignlosangeles | Bloglovin’

Setting up an eCommerce store has become a lot easier these days than it was before. You have plenty of choices to choose from such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, and others. All of them provide you with adequate features and resources to run and manage your e-store. But once you build your eCommerce website with them you will have just one storefront to sell your products and services.

5 Things You Can Do To Increase Visitor Engagement - seosanfrancisco

There are more than a billion websites running over the internet, including yours. Each has a different identity and probably different designs. You want your site to stand out from them but perhaps don’t know how to do it. And that’s the reason your site isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Well, there are many things you can do to draw the attention of users to your website.

5 Character Design Tips Every Designer Needs To Know — Steemit

We come across various types of website designs while browsing the internet; some are absolutely stunning while others are a bit dull. Even not all the developers are the same who design such sites, some are beginners while others are experienced. But do you know that you can make your website look gorgeous with a few tricks even if you are a novice developer?

How To Install WordPress Locally (7 Easy Steps To Follow)

Developing a website is one thing and making it live for your audience is another. You can create a website design in a few days but you can’t put it out on the main server without checking for bugs or errors. You know well that in order to deliver a great user experience to your visitors, your website should be able run smoothly. And that’s where a local website development looks like an urgent need.

5 Top Tips To Secure Your WordPress Website Without Plugins

We are full-service website design company Los Angeles, California, United States. We create eye-catching websites, proven to engage visitors and convert them to customers. Contact us at @415-481-3385 or visit the site to get more details and we’ll be glad to assist you.  

How To Build Impressive Websites Using Thrive Theme Builder – Telegraph

Beautiful websites are based on beautiful themes that are created by accomplished developers. Do you still think that professional developers can only create such themes? No, not at all! Now you can also build visually appealing themes even if you are a non-designer. In fact, if you think that you are not that creative as seasoned designers usually are, then also you can create as expected themes. Now you might be thinking how can I say all this so confidently?           

5 Benefits of Offering WordPress Website Maintenance Service - Website Design Los Angeles

Experienced website designers are one of the valuable assets for any company. You might be working for a particular company for more than ten years now but somewhere you don’t feel satisfied at the moment. The reason could be anything, for example, you want full credit for your work, you feel you are underpaid or you think you can achieve more in your life.

How Your Web Host Choice Affects Your Website’s Security? | Posts by websitedesignlosangeles | Bloglovin’

Website security is one of the biggest concerns most website owners have today. While there are various security tools available to protect your website, sometimes they are just not enough. Even if you have deployed the best security plugins on the job, there is one thing you need to largely focus on. Your web host! It is important to ensure that whatever web host you have chosen for your site takes appropriate steps to harden their security.

3 Top Backup Plugins For Your WordPress Website | by aaron russ | Sep, 2020 | Medium

Our websites have become one of the integral parts of our business nowadays. No matter what you want to do — connect with your audience, capture their feedback or show them your products, a website is always up for the job. And when something is that important for your business, it needs to be treated with utmost attention and care too.

Top 5 Features of The New Gutenberg Plugin 

Gutenberg is the default content editor of WordPress using which you can create beautiful pages. This editor offers you a bunch of features to insert different types of content in your layout such as images, videos, tables, text, links and many more. But the thing is you can add each content type using blocks only, and that’s why it is also called Block Editor.

3 Top Web Design Trends To Adopt In 2020 – Telegraph

One thing that’s true about web design trends is that it keeps changing. You might have witnessed the day when fancy websites used to be the center of attraction for users. But now their taste has changed and they prefer minimalist sites instead to acquire the information. Unlike what you would have seen earlier, today’s web design is all about abundance of whitespace, and muted colors. It’s so because repetitive research has shown that more breathing room on the page and dull color design elements tends to draw more visitors attention. 

What Is Keen And How To Use It?. There is tons of information available… | by aaron russ | Sep, 2020 | Medium

There is tons of information available on the internet for every age group. Whether you want to know how to cook tasty Indian food, how to shave your beard, or how to buy a puppy, search engines will provide you hundreds of results based on your query. But the thing is sometimes you don’t get the exact information that you are looking for in the first attempt.

How To Run Shopify In WordPress (The Complete Guide) (Part 1) - mikedavistech

Shopify is a well-known eCommerce site builder that allows you to start, grow, and manage your online store. But there are various reasons people don’t find this application suitable for their e-store. Maybe they have a small number of products to sell or they find its plan a bit expensive. This is why they look for an alternate solution around that’s reliable and inexpensive.