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Updated by Faheem Shakeel on Sep 02, 2020
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Top 5 Insurance Chatbots

Insurance chatbots help insurers to deploy virtual insurance agents in the form of bots. Leading Insurance companies are overwhelmed with a lot of basic customer queries that take a lot of manpower, bandwidth, and resources of insurers.

Insurance Chatbot Development Services | Insurance Chatbots

Damco’s Insurance chatbot technology leverages the technological disruption for the best of insurance business strategies. The benefits of insurance chatbots extend beyond just customer satisfaction and reach for functions like customer acquisition, marketing, and even for predictive analysis in decision-making. Damco Solutions have integrated chatbot solutions that understand the customer needs from their queries and the challenges they face. It provides a way for the insurers and brokers to improve and better the customer experience by smart technology for pacing the sales.

Insurance Chatbot Example - Progress NativeChat

Progress NativeChat is an innovative AI-driven platform that helps in handling routine customer interactions as self-service for accelerated sales and marketing efforts. The insurance chatbot technology eliminates drudgery and systematically pushes the workflow to allow sales and marketing personnel to concentrate on generating revenue. It is efficient in delivering superior customer experiences that empower customers to talk with chatbots just like they would with a human on the channel of their choice.

BotsZA - Chatbots - Artificial Intelligence - South Africa

BotsZA has revolutionized insurance businesses with the latest chatbot technology for allowing insurance carriers and brokers to be a text message away from understanding customer demands and behavior to align their roles accordingly. They also show efficiency in handling sales and customer care queries uniquely by automated mechanisms without manual intervention of the insurers and brokers to systematically substitute the workload on them. Insurers can better focus on goals and business targets with this customer satisfaction delivered by insurance chatbots.

Enterprise Chatbot Platform | AI and NLP Enabled Bots -

Insurance Chatbots make a huge difference in the way insurance business strategies are streamlines that get the insurance tasks done. Surbo insurance chatbots technology adequately provides the same advantage and other numerous benefits. The extensive role played with Surbo insurance chatbot is more effective as it is integrated with other daily tasks for more efficient outcomes.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants for Business | Haptik

Haptik insurance chatbot technology is a complete AI-based solution used by insurers and brokers to access to systems, data, and insights that facilitate co-development from within the enterprise. Moreover, it serves basic functions like supporting sales and customer care queries, intent and language detection, multilingual support, and bot personality to detect and analyze customer behavior.

  • Practice Head - Insurance Technology and Services with 15 years of experience in solution delivery and project management of Software Development for Insurtech market space. Faheen is associated with Damco Solutions, for over a decade, which is a software solution provider wherein his role is to put forward a result oriented approach of technical feasibility for the dynamic insurance client base. He works closely in strategizing digital transformation for insurance brokers and insurance companies for better, handy CRM experience combined with proactive planning of path forward to meet their core challenges. Faheen has also built market leading COTS Insurance Platforms and successfully bridged technical gaps for the insurers across the USA, UK, Caribbean Island and Indian subcontinent.

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