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Hussain Al Shemsi Chartered Accountants (HALSCA) : Recognized Accounting and Auditing firm in UAE. Auditing, Accounting, Consulting, Tax, Advisory services and Industry driving reviews, to world's most regarded brands

What Is The Scope Of Work Of An Audit Firm?

Some companies require other specialized audits as well, for instance, the SOC2 compliance audit. Therefore, if your company requires more than a financial statement audit, then you must look for an audit firm that is specialized and qualified to conduct that type of audit. More info read this blog

Tips for Choosing an Audit Firm

Now, when you know what an auditor does and does not, it’s time to move on to factors that must be considered while choosing an audit firm: Size of the audit firm, Taxation Knowledge, Level of expertise and experience. More info visit us at

How Bookkeeping and Accounting Services is A Great Example of Outsource?

These days, outsourcing is becoming more and more popular in the business world. Even big companies are turning to it because it allows them to get the benefit of expertise at a lower cost. Bookkeeping and accounting services offer a great example of the benefit of outsourcing. More info read this blog

Why You Need To Hire Professional Accounting Firm?

The UAE differs from many other countries in having lower and fewer tax requirements, but there are regulations. Outsourcing your accounting services could keep you in line as far as the rules and regulations are concerned. That is why it is better to hire a professional accounting firm. More info visit us at

Why Do You Need Chartered Accountants In Your Business? - halsca08 | Accounting, accountant, Auditing, firm | Vingle,...

A chartered account (CA) is a designation granted to accounting professionals responsible for auditing, taxation, financial and general management in an organization. They play a very important role in managing accounts and finance activities in public sectors, private sectors, and government bodies. More info read this blog

Best Auditing & Accounting Services in UAE | HALSCA

It is mandatory for every business to audit its accounts every year by reviewing all the business accounts and financial activities throughout the year. Account review and financial auditing is a very challenging and complex task and requires the help of professional chartered accountants to get it done smoothly. More info visit us at

Why Should I Bother To Hire An Audit Firm In Dubai?

You can easily figure out that you cannot use these terms interchangeably and when there is a need to evaluate whether everything is going fine in financial terms, you should aim for hiring one of the best audit firms in Dubai. More info read this blog

Benefits Of Conducting A Financial Audit Of Your Business!

Certified auditors are skilled and knowledgeable professionals who know how to deal with accounting data precisely while conducting an audit. They come with the most accurate evaluations that provide deeper insights into how your accounting department is doing at the grass-root level. More info visit us at

Who Needs To Register For VAT In The UAE And How To Do It?

VAT registration UAE is an online process and can be completed on the Federal Tax Authority’s website by following all the processes. If you are new to it, you should consider doing it with the help of any professional chartered accountant for the ease of the process. More info read this blog

Who Needs To Register For VAT In The UAE?

VAT registration in the UAE is mandatory for a business if its annual turnover is more than AED 375,000. However, any business can register for VAT voluntarily if their annual turnover is less than AED 375,000 but not less than AED 187,500 as decided by the federal tax authority. More info visit us at

Where Can I Find The VAT Return Format?

You can easily find the format for VAT return at the official website of the Federal Tax Authority in the “VAT201- VAT Return” section. To access the format, you need to login to the FTA e-services portal by using your registered username and password. More info read this blog

Will I Be Fined For Late Payment Of Due VAT?

Paying late for the VAT return means you will attract a penalty of AED 1,000 for the first time. The penalty amount is increased to AED 2,000 for subsequent non-compliance of VAT return filing within 24 months. For more info visit us at

How Audit Firm Work For Other Companies?

An audit firm study and analyze the present and past financial statements and generate a proper report. The check the ins and outs of the business account along with accounting policies and relationships with the creditors. Besides, the experts help in capital restructuring and upgrading the internal accounting system. For more info read this blog

How Does Audit Firm Works In Coordination With The Business Owners!

The audit firm works in coordination with the business owners and streamlines the process for efficient results. The strategic and operational consulting assists the senior management in setting the goal and producing high quality and outside performance. More info visit us at

Ask For The Accounting Tools Used Before Hiring an Audit Firm!

The audit firm you hire should be technologically capable. It should not use traditional ways and process things using pen and paper. The firm should have the latest accounting software and tools to ensure quicker faster, accurate, and reliable output. More info read this blog

Investigate About Firm’s Background | Halsca

You cannot comment on the audit firm’s credibility and reliability without knowing its background. You should take your time and investigate the firm’s background. You should know its experience in the industry, specialization, and types of accounts handled. More info visit us at

Want to Run Company’s Operation Smoothly? Choose the Services of Internal Audit Firm! - halsca08 | Auditing, firm, Ac...

Internal audit is a pivotal pillar of good governance. It offers all the stakeholders with a view catalyst for a risk and compliance culture within the company. Internal auditing assists an organization to achieve its goals by bringing a systematic, better approach to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. More info read this blog

Role of Internal Audit | HALSCA

The role of internal audit has become more strategic and central one. The scope of internal audit has grown from compliance with financial controls to more strategic decisions. It requires more skills and expertise from internal auditors. More info visit us at

What is Risk Management Consulting?

As the name suggests, the audits firms work strategically to manage the present as well as future risks of the organizations. After detecting the problem, the professionals from an audit firm design plans to eliminate these risks and prevent them from reoccurring. For more info visit us at

How Does Cost Management Help A Company Run Efficiently?

Cost management is the process of planning and controlling the costs involved in running a business effectively. It includes various activities, such as collecting information, analyzing and evaluating it, and reporting cost statistics for budgeting and making future decisions related to investments and expenditures. For more info read this blog

Why You Need To Hire Cost Management Professionals?

While you may find several software tools to manage costs, you will get better results by hiring cost management professionals who are well-versed with top accounting and cost management software and also better explain reports in a more insightful and meaningful way. More info visit us at

Is There A High Demand For Chartered Accountants In The UAE?

While the world is struggling to bear the economic impact of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are now getting more concerned about their financial decisions. As a result, the demand for chartered accountants in the UAE is increasing. More info read this blog

Why Is The Demand For Chartered Accountants Increasing In The UAE?

the worth of professionals with finance knowledge and expertise is also increasing. In fact, chartered accountants in the UAE are among the highest paid professionals in the Middle East region. And the average annual compensation for these finance professionals is even higher. More info visit us at

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Working With a Professional Chartered Accountant

Businesses are considering several factors when hiring a Chartered Accountant in the UAE, including: Experience, Cost, Qualifications, Industry specialisation, Reputed Clients. For more info read this blog

Is It Difficult To Work With Chartered Accountants In The UAE?

Working with a professional Chartered Accountant in the UAE is a crucial decision for your company. It can also have a lasting impact on your business growth. Remember, factors like cost, industry experience, qualification, and the number of satisfied clients determines the efficiency of the CA agency. More info visit us at