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Family Law in California

The latest news and information on everything to do with family law and parenting in California. The Golden State has some special laws and interesting issues may arise when raising children here. Co-parenting can be complicated, emotional, and stressful without the right tools to help. The information and links in this list may be able to help anyone struggling with family law and child custody issues or with questions about these topics.


Father's Rights in California

Aren't Father's Rights just Parental Rights? Do Mothers Have Special Rights? Find Out Here!

What Impact do Same Sex Marriage Laws Have on California Divorce?

Does Marriage Equality Mean Divorce Equality? Find out if Obergefell v. Hodges provides equality to same sex couples going through a California divorce.

Contempt Proceedings in Family Court

Skilled Family Law Attorney Reveals the Ultimate Step-by-Step Survival Guide to Family Law Contempt Free!

You Can't Afford to Wait to File a Modification of Child Support

The reason you need to file a modification of support now!

What is a Lis Pendens in California? [CCP § 405.24] - Talkov Law

A lis pendens is a recorded document that provides constructive notice of a pending lawsuit that affects title to, or possession of, real property. CCP § 405.24

Secrets to Annulment of Marriage for Immigration Fraud in California [Marriage of Ankola]

Everything you need to know about whether your marriage can be annulled for fraudulent inducement in California (and how to do it)!

What is Parental Alienation, How to Prove it, and What to Do About it

What is parental alienation? How do you prove parental alienation is occurring? How do you stop parental alienation? These questions and more answered!

Child Custody Agreement Free Template [Reliable Sample Form Stipulation Example]

Skilled Family Law Attorney Creates the Ultimate Child Custody Agreement and Reveals it for Free! Discover the Reliable and Convenient Template Today.

Free Pet Custody Agreement Sample

California Family Law Attorney Reveals Free Convenient Pet Custody Agreement [Fillable Detailed Example] Reliable Template under Family Code 2605.

House Community or Separate Property divorce

In re Brace 2020 California Supreme Court: Everything you need to know about how In re Brace may affect your rights to your house in divorce and bankruptcy!

Secrets to Prove Income for Child or Spousal Support

If you think your ex earns more from self-employment than they admit in family court, find out how to uncover the truth!

impute income in family court

This reliable cheat-sheet can help you persuade the California Family Court to impute income to a parent or spouse under Family Code 4058 or the Regnery Rule.

evidence code 940 in Family Court

How California Evidence Code Section 940 Can Be Used to Protect Your Rights in Family Court. Don't Let Your Family Law Case Ruin Your Criminal Case!

how to fix mistake in divorce petition

What you need to know before amending a family law pleading in California pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure Section 472 and 473.

reimbursement to community for debt payments divorce

Reimbursement to Community for Student Loan Payments Made During Marriage Pursuant to California Family Code Section 2641.

braithwaite move out order

California Domestic Violence and Partition Attorney Advises Inland Empire Couples on Move Out Orders in DVPA Restraining Orders.

move away factors ca

California Family Attorney Provides Inland Empire Parents with Checklist of LaMusga Factors Courts Consider in Move Away Trials.

divorce rates ca

California Family Attorney Advises Inland Empire Couples on Divorce During Coronavirus. Courts may be closed but quarantined couples can end marital strife.

best interest child standard

Definitive Checklist of the Factors California Courts Consider for the Best Interest of the Child Standard!

can i sell my house during divorce

California Family Law Attorney Provides Inland Empire Divorcing Couples with Free Template Sample Agreement for the Sale of Community Real Property.


Everything you ever needed to know about family, family law, and children in California.

Everything you ever needed to know about family, family law, and children in California.

Family Law in California Have questions about family law, how to raise kids, or about divorce rates in the Golden State? Check out all of the links and information here.

How To Request or Oppose a Change of Venue in California Divorce

Everything you need to know about requesting or opposing a change of venue in California family law!

3 Steps to a Successful Divorce with a Business Involved

What Happens to the Business When Spouses Divorce in California? Find out with our essential guide to dividing a business in divorce!

Ultimate Guide to Child Custody Mediation

Everything You Need to Know About Child Custody Mediation in California in One Place!

Step Parenting 101 - The Essential Guide to Successful Step Parenting

Successful Step Parenting - What You Need to Know to be a Successful Step Parent in a Blended Family!