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Medical Darpan

Medical Darpan Media House established in 1989 is India’s first publishing house to represent pharmaceutical industry. It was started my Mr. Brejesh Garg & Mrs. Neeru Garg, who holds more than 20 years of exprience in pharmaceutical industry. Medical Darpan Media House is the fastest growing organization publishing newspapers named Medical Darpan, Pharma News, Pharma Darpan and magazine named (Advanced Drug Reckoner) with more than 1.25 lakhs circulations all over India and still counting.

Medical Darpan Media House is the fastest growing health & pharma news portal in India. Stay tuned to read all the authentic latest updates in Pharma Industry.

Medical Darpan is India’s first online e-paper publishing house to represent pharmaceutical industry. It was started by Mr. Brejesh Garg & Mrs. Neeru Garg.

Advantage of Vegetarian diet - Medical Darpan

Why being vegetarian helps in healthy?

Adopting a mostly vegetarian diet has a number of benefits. Here we list many of them below:

  1. Less toxin intake

  2. Less Cholesterol

  3. Lesser risk of diabetes

  4. More easily digested

Life After Coronavirus - How will life change post COVID -Medical Darpan

Life after coronavirus will not be so scary. You will have to work calmly & adapt to all the changes. Work opportunity, healthcare opportunities will be changed in the future.

List of Covid-19 test centre, where this pandemic can be tested

The COVID-19 is spreading like a pandemic across the globe and the top leadership of these countries is just unable to do anything to contain the virus. COVID-19 spread is exponential and to date, it has affected Spain/Italy/Iran/US very badly. Over the few weeks, though India has been under complete lockdown, still the numbers of infected people are soaring high.

Sharing the information, which could be helpful to everyone around. Using alcohol-based sanitizer and Staying Home is the best way to keep COVID-19 away.

Centre Helpline No : – +91-11-23978046

How would Pharma re-construct its business in Post COVID era? - Medical Darpan

Coronavirus challenges are tricky to tackle, and the pharma industries are under the sheer pressure of vaccine development amidst the existing restrictions and Government SOP. There are other obstacles like communicating and spreading awareness against this disease in various languages. Updating the media regarding the latest developments and procuring steps to gain business momentum are few other challenges on the hold.

Soybean plays an important ingredient in the vegan diet

Soybean is an important food item that has been gaining more and more popularity all over the world. The traditional dishes are still popular in so many parts of Asia, but now you are seeing newer varieties of soybean products like soya milk, soybean sausages, soya cheese, soya yogurts, etc. For the most part, it is a very healthy trend. Soybeans’ key value lies in its protein richness. Its cultivation was first done in China over thirteen thousand years ago. It can serve as a powerful alternative to milk in balancing your diet if you are lactose intolerant.

Symptoms & Remedies of Hypertension - Medical Darpan

Hypertension can affect your artery walls for years before you can even realize something is happening. The constant increase in pressure forces your artery walls to get damaged.

In most cases, people start to have hypertension but don’t show any signs and symptoms of hypertension until it becomes severe. So after the age of 18, you should always check your blood pressure once in a year or two years.