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Only Educational Topics Here.

Mysteries of Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is very mysterious place for many people. There are lot of movies based on Bermuda Triangle. Bermuda Triangle considered to be the al

Mysterious Area 51

Area 51 is the most curious place in the recent time to go. Area 51 is mystery for many people till now. Area 51 is can be described by many people as till now.

Charlie Hebdo Controversy. All about Charlie Hebdo.

Charlie Hebdo is a French Magazine. Hebdo means "weekly" in French. This magazine group is in the news for various posts on Charlie Hebdo.

Ants. Why Ants don't Sleep ? and some facts about the Ants.

Ants are the very important part of our ecosystem. Ants have a very significant role in the diversity of our planet. Facts about ants are more amazing

Internet. Who invented Internet? How Internet Works?

Internet is the most commonly used by everyone directly on indirectly. Internet has connected the whole world together. Internet discovery history is very interesting.

Mobile Phones. History of mobile phones and who invented it?

Mobile phone have become very integral part of our life. Without Mobile phones life is not very easy these days. Every work nowadays can be done from mobile phone.

Dinosaurs. How they Dinosaurs became Extinct?

When you heard the word Dinosaurs what comes to your mind a big gigantic animal with heavy structure. Dinosaurs are the animals that were went extinct

Insurance. How to choose right profitable Insurance ?

Insurance. How to choose right Insurance? How do insurance companies make money? Insurance Types. Insurance Importance. All answered here.

Hollywood and Bollywood. Which one is better and successful?

Hollywood and Bollywood. Which one is better and successful?, Hollywood, Bollywood history, Box office collection comparison. Bollywood, Hollywood rev

How is caffeine a drug & Addiction? How much Caffeine is good for You?

Caffeine is the most used in our daily lives. Caffeine consumption is both good and bad depending on the amount. Caffeine is Present in Tea, Coffee,

Vietnam War. How & Why Vietnam Wars Happened? Who Won?

Vietnam War are one of the famous war fought in recent times. Vietnam war were also occurred during the Cold war time. Vietnam War has a huge impact

Nuclear Power. History & how the nuclear Power Invented?

Nuclear Power is the most dangerous weapon that a country have. With the help of Nuclear Power we also generate energy for our own benefit. Nuclear