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Headline for Must-try street food dishes of Bangkok – Exciting culinary journeys
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Must-try street food dishes of Bangkok – Exciting culinary journeys

Do you know what's so amazing about Thai street food? They are unbelievably delicious, and they are not expensive either. So, when in Bangkok, head to a street food stall and ask for any dish that's discussed in this article to feel the real authenticity.


Street food scene in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city that has everything. Sightseeing, shopping, and dining are all possible here as the city has the best options for all these. So, when searching for top attractions in Bangkok on sites the likes of Travel Bangkok Now before you head to Thailand, make sure to also search about the best street food areas in Bangkok. Then plan your schedules accordingly, do not miss areas such as Chinatown in Bangkok because they always have the best street food surprises and delights. Here are a few of the best dishes you must try out.


Joke Moo

Joke Moo means Pork Porridge and it's a dish that suits everyone. In Bangkok, they believe that Joke Moo is a great energy booster, and that's why they always recommend it after a long party night. They also consider this dish as a comforting dish to have on a cold /rainy day. This is very much similar to Cantonese porridge, but Joke Moo has more fish sauce and sugar in it.


Gai Tod

Do not head to KFC all the time, when you have the best local replacements at Bangkok street food centres. Gai Tod means fried chicken, but something they use (maybe the breed of chicken or the type of oil they use) to prepare this drumstick is different (in a good way).


Goong Yang

So, the street food stalls sell different types of seafood prepared in different ways, and Goong Yang is something that you'll find among them. This means grilled prawns, and you'll quickly choose them over the rest particularly for the sizes. The prawns remain juicy no matter how much they get grilled over charcoal, and they are very affordable as well.


Coconut Ice Cream

In Bangkok, you get the chance of enjoying coconut ice cream (I Tim Kati). There are popular coconut ice cream shops, but the prices can be a little more expensive there. To find some great scoops of coconut ice cream at affordable prices, you will have to head to the Chatuchak Weekend Market, Khaosan Road, or the Rod Fai Night Market in Bangkok. Some of these places also offer you free coconut juice, and if they do, don't miss the chance to enjoy it!


Pad Thai

Pad Thai is one of the few Thai dishes that the tourists know about the most. So, whenever they go to a street food stall, the first order will always be Pad Thai. It's Stir-fried noodles that have a perfect balance between spiciness and sweetness, and it's an appealing dish as well because they serve minced peanuts together with this dish. If you want, you can also ask them to add prawns to it, in addition to the eggs and tofu that are already in it.

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