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Quizzes - Check your knowledge

Solar System - Various Planets, Inner and Outer Planets - DataFlair

Learn about the Solar System, eight planets and their characteristics. Learned about dwarf planets, inner and outer planets and their differences.

Solar System Formation - Nebular Theory of Laplace - DataFlair

Learn what is the solar system, Solar System formation, Formation of sun and planets. Nebular theory of Laplace, its drawbacks and further developments.

The Universe - Big Bang Theory, Red Shift and Blue Shift - DataFlair

Learn about the Universe - Most accepted theory of its origin and its end, the Big Bang Theory, Evidence Supporting Expansion of the Universe - Red Shift

Star Formation - Stellar Evolution and Life Cycle of a Star - DataFlair

Life Cycle of Star Formation - Learn how star is formed, planetary nebulae, white dwarf, nova, supernova, neutron star,black hole, brown dwarfs

Lord Ganesha Quiz - Ganesh Chaturthi Quiz - Quiz Orbit

Here is a small Lord Ganesh quiz to play during Ganesh Chaturthi. This Ganesha quiz questions and answers will help you to prepare yourself for the Quiz on Ganesh Chaturthi. So let’s start!!!

Guess the Country Names - World Map Quiz - Quiz Orbit

Check this puzzle and guess the country names to check your GK Knowledge on World Map. It is important for students and GK Tests of all levels

Teacher's Day Quiz - 5th September GK Quiz - Quiz Orbit

In India, Teacher's Day is celebrated to appreciate the role of teachers in society. Let's play Teacher's day quiz to learn more about them

Famous Books and Authors Quiz - GK Quiz on Books - Quiz Orbit

Knowing latest famous books and authors list is important for general knowledge. Check your knowledge through Books and Authors quiz.

Moon Day Quiz - Check Your Knowledge on Moon - Quiz Orbit

We've got curious questions for you to answer about the Moon! Attempt this Moon Day Quiz in English and check your knowledge about the Moon.

Guess the Car Brand - Quiz on Car Companies - Quiz Orbit

Ever glance at the cars around you on road? If you are a car lover, this quiz on car brands is must for you to play to check your knwoledge

India Quiz - How well do you know your Country? - Quiz Orbit

How much do you know about hour country India? Test your knowledge with this India quiz that covers Indian Geography, History, culture etc

Quiz on Top Companies of the World - Quiz Orbit

famous Companies Quiz - This quiz contains questions and answers about the companies, firms, company history, the founders, headquarters, etc.

Human Body Quiz - Human Body General Knowledge Questions - Quiz Orbit

Learn about human body anatomy, human body systems &organs with their functions through human body quiz to ensure you know your body properly.

Computer GK Questions and Answers - Computer Quiz - Quiz Orbit

Are you looking for the Computer GK Questions for competitive exams? Here is the quiz on computer general knowledge questions with answers.

Deficiency Diseases Quiz - Learn about Nutritional Disorders - Quiz Orbit

Learn about malnutrition and various Deficiency Diseases through this quiz. Its good for students and all to know about it to save life.

Birds Quiz for Nature Lovers - Quiz Orbit

Learn more about Fantastic Flying Fowl thorugh this birds quiz. It is important for Students &Nature lovers to check their knowledge on birds

Animals Quiz Questions - Learn Interesting Facts about Animals - Quiz Orbit

How much do you know about the animal kingdom? Take this gigantic animal quiz to find out your knowledge about animals with interesting facts

Quiz on Inventions - Famous Scientists and Their Inventions - Quiz Orbit

GK Quiz Questions and answers on famous scientists and their inventions are given in this article. It is important for all levels of students

Covid-19 Quiz - Coronavirus Questions and Answers - Quiz Orbit

Think you know all the facts about the novel coronavirus? Take this quiz to see how much you know about COVID-19 and protect yourself from it

IPL Quiz to Check If you are a Cricket Fan? - Quiz Orbit

IPL: Are you a big fan of the Indian Premier League? How many can you answer right in this IPL Quiz?Check your knowledge and share your score

Mahatma Gandhi Quiz - Quiz Orbit

Test your knowledge on all of Mohandas Gandhi. Perfect prep for Mahatma Gandhi quizzes and tests for GK Quiz Test at school and National level

Current Affairs Quiz - Current Affairs Questions and Answers - Quiz Orbit

Play Current Affairs Quiz with Latest Current affairs Question & Answers for preparation of Bank Exam – PO & clerk, SSC, Railways & Insurance

Ultimate Football Quiz for Football Lovers - Quiz Orbit

Think you are a true Football expert? Play this football quiz and check your knowledge about football. Get score & compete with your friends

Independence Day Quiz with Answers - Quiz Orbit

Test your knowledge about India &its freedom struggle with this Independence day quiz. On 15 August,flag hoisting ceremony occurs at Red Fort

Republic Day Quiz Questions Answers - Quiz Orbit

The Republic Day is celebrated on January 26 every year. Here are some general knowledge quiz questions on Republic Day to gain knowledge.