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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 26, 2020
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05 Unusual Things to Do in Phuket – More Than Just Beachside Escapes

The island of Phuket in Thailand is famed for being an idyllic beach destination which it most certainly is. However there is much more to do here as well; check out some of these activities that one may not always find in travel guides, but offer truly captivating holiday experiences.


Enjoy Plane Spotting

You may not regard this as an activity, but one needs to only do an image search of "plane spotting in Phuket" to see what all the fuss is about! Those who head to Mai Khao Beach have an opportunity to spot and take some amazing pictures of planes as they come in or depart from the nearby Phuket International Airport. Depending on how you position yourself, you can get some pretty unique perspective shots too that will wow your friends and family back home.


Encounter Monkeys

If you are looking to take in stunning views and meet monkeys too, then make the ascent up the aptly named Monkey Hill or Toh Sae Hill. Located in Phuket Town, this hill is home to hundreds of macaques that you will encounter as you make your way to the viewpoint area. Do be mindful of your belongings and food you may be carrying though, lest they draw the attention of these inquisitive and sometimes mischievous creatures!


Visit the Upside Down House

True to its name, the Upside Down House (also referred to as Baan Teelanka) is a house that has been built upside down, standing on its roof! The outside mirrors the inside and those making their way up this inverted three-storey structure from the attic to the garage (remember, it's upside down) will come across rooms and décor that are also "flipped". Suffice to say, the pictures you are going to take will make for some baffling Insta posts.


Spend Time with Elephants

Billed as the first ethical sanctuary in the island, the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary takes care of rescued or retired working elephants; here, they are tended to and given the freedom to roam around in a natural habitat. In Phuket, real estate for sale including at private residential developments such as Avadina Hills by Anantara as well as local hotels and resorts can be found within easy reach of this site. You can choose from half-day or full-day programmes which feature the chance to feed elephants and observe them from special platforms as they interact, bathe and spend the day doing what they please!


Marvel at Diverse Seashells

One of the more unique attractions in Phuket is the Seashell Museum. Located in Rawai, it features a staggering collection of shells from around the world including those from Phuket and Thailand. Begun by Somchai Patamakanthin and his brothers, the museum has four sections with English information available too. Amongst the highlights are the largest golden pearl on the planet, shell fossils and shells called "noble volutes" that feature some intricate patterns. There's even a shop here where you can purchase all sorts of shell-based items be it jewellery, keychains or décor.