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Must-Know Facts About Doha – Qatar’s Shining Capital

Doha is among the most travelled-to and famous city in the Middle East. This bustling metropolis is full of fantastic attractions and amazing sights to see. Qatar's capital city is a must-visit for every travel enthusiast and here're a few must-know facts about it.


A Foodie Paradise

Food and cuisine play a major role in most prominent cities in the Middle East. From signature street food to delicious banquets, a city's dishes often play a part in shaping its image – Doha is no exception in this regard. Qatar's capital is best described as a foodie's paradise, being full of all manner of different food items that are sure to be an absolute treat for your palate. A major reason for this is that Doha is a cultural melting pot in many ways. People from very different walks of life and backgrounds have made their home in the city – and it would seem they brought their recipes with them! There's a great variety of restaurants and eateries to choose from in Doha. You can taste traditional Arabic grill and Middle Eastern flavours or go for some international favourites like Japanese and Asian Wok.


Doha's Museums

Doha has a great many attractions for you to see and experience. For example, it even gives Dubai a run for its money in terms of shopping opportunities. However, some of the best things to see in the city are actually its museums – and there's a lot of them! If you're staying at one of the centrally located hotels in Doha, Qatar – say, for example, the Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli – be sure to stop by at least one or two of these amazing establishments. If you only have time to make one stop, be sure to visit the National Museum of Qatar. Resembling a desert rose from up-high, this museum's astonishing architectural designs alone make it worth a visit.


A Safe Country

If you're a bit nervous about travelling abroad and you're vacationing in Qatar, don't be – Doha is actually the safest country to visit in the world! According to the World Risk Report, the city is actually the least likely to be hit with any sort of natural disaster on the planet. As such, you can go around exploring the streets of Doha and taking in all the sights, free of any unnecessary anxiety or stress.


No Trees, Just Dunes

One thing you'll start to notice after spending a bit of time in Doha is that there's very little greenery to be seen in the city or its outskirts. Indeed, Doha – and Qatar at large – is one of the very few territories in the world that does not harbour a single forest. Instead, what you'll find here are seemingly endless stretches of desert that are highlighted with titanic sand dunes.


The Gender Ratio

Interestingly, there's quite a skew when it comes to Doha's gender ratio. Here in the city, men outnumber women 3:1 – the highest number of men to women ratio is seen anywhere in the world! This list is actually dominated by several Middle Eastern countries with the UAE and Kuwait also making the list.

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