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5 Reasons to Visit Tianjin – An Enriching Journey of Discovery

A well-known port city, Tianjin offers intrepid travellers some truly unforgettable adventures in north-eastern China. From visiting cultural highlights to shopping and dining, there is never a dull moment here with plenty of things to see and do.


Lots of Sightseeing

For those looking to visit some of the city's well-known attractions, Tianjin Confucian Temple and Tianjin Drum Tower, both of which date back to the Ming Dynasty are not to be missed. Other notable highlights include the Solitary Joy Temple (or Dule Temple), Dabei Buddhist Monastery, Dagu Fort and the Tianjin Museum. Those looking to enjoy nature-based exploration can head to the Shuishang Park home to islands, lakes, gardens and pagodas. There's also the Eye of Tianjin, a 120-metre high Ferris wheel offering stunning views from the top.


The Five Great Avenues

One of the best things to do in Tianjin is to explore the Five Great Avenues. In Chinese, it is known as "Wu Da Dao" and is the name given for five roads that run parallel to each other, named after five cities in China; Munan, Changde, Machang, Dali and Chongqing. These locales are home to more than 230 buildings which feature a diverse mix of architecture from France, Spain, Germany, Italy and England; the design styles cover everything from renaissance and romantic to gothic and Greek! To find out more, you can visit the History Museum of the Five Avenues.


Plenty of Shopping

With a mix of traditional shopping and modern retail therapy, there is much to entice shopaholics in Tianjin. Corporate housing, apartment and hotel options can be found within easy reach of the key shopping hubs as well. One of the best places to explore is Ancient Culture Street where you will find all manner of distinctive souvenirs as well as paintings, antiques, calligraphy, Chinese handicrafts, jade items and more. When it comes to mall shopping, Hisense Plaza close to Somerset International Building Tianjin is worth a visit as are the Exchange Mall and Tianjin Centre Shopping Centre.


Delectable Cuisine

Foodies have much to sample and savour when it comes to dining in Tianjin with a diverse array of choices on offer; dishes made with fresh fish or deer are worth trying as are veggie-based creations and the ever-popular Peking duck and dumplings. For a taste of the local street food, travellers can head to Nanshi Food Street which is an indoor area home to numerous food stalls. Culinary adventures abound here and some of the must-try favourites include Mahua which are deep-fried dough twists, Goubuli steamed stuffed buns and the intriguingly named, ear-hole fried cake!


The Great Wall at Huangya Pass

Tianjin also offers access to a section of the Great Wall of China via Huangya Pass which can be reached on an excursion from the city (around 1.5 to 2 hours away). One of the main allures here is the chance to explore a part of this iconic attraction away from the crowds which you would generally encounter in places like Beijing. The climb up can be tiring, but you will be rewarded with some amazing vistas and ideal spots for selfies or group shots! Amongst the landmarks that you will come across here are the Widow Tower, Huangya Sky Ladder and Huangya Water Gate.

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