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Astrology | Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is a form of astrology related to Indian subcontinent where people use planteary position with respect to time to predict their effects on Humans

Take Astrologers Consultation through Video Calling at MyJyotish

Now Consult with top-class astrologers online through Video Call at MyJyotish and get answers to all your queries at your own comfort

MyJyotish is an online platfrom that provides astrology consultation online by connecting people with famous and experienced astrologers to provide you accurate and personlized guidance.
The astrologers are known for their expertise in their respective fields be it Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu Shastra or Palmistry and can provide you the right advice by analyzing your birth chart (Kundali).

We have a number of known Astrologers connected with us 24*7 so that you can choose the right kind of astrologers for you and avail the benefit of their knowledge and intelligence any time

At MyJyotish, All your details will be kept safely as we care for your privacy.
For more details, kindly contact us or visit our page

Loan and Debt Report Online at MyJyotish

"Know your debt and loan condition through the methodology of Vedic Astrology in the guidance of experienced Astrologers only at MyJyotish

The report is especially beneficial to those facing issues of loans and debts payment. According to the planetary position in your birthchart, our astrologers will do the accurate predictions and prepare your report on the reasons of debts problems and provide your recommended measures to overcome them

Report Benefits:

  • Know the Astrological reasons of your struggles
  • Predict what future holds for you in advance
  • Know the time-period of overcoming your financial crisis

Report will include:

  • The accurate positions of Planets in your KUndli
  • Root reason of your financial problems
  • Best measures to overcome your debts issues
  • Remedies to prevent the unfavourable affect of planets"
Detailed Career Analysis Report for year 2021 at MyJyotish

"Know when you will get the job you deserved and wish for and how will be 2021 for your business by booking our deep analyzed Career report for year 2021 only at MyJyotish

The next year is coming. Know how will it be for your career and business. Year 2021 will be full of uncertainties and hence our career report will predict both obstacles and opportunities related to your professional life and hence can help you in preparing for them in advance

The report will give every single detail related to your occupation and financial condition. It will predict the places for your business where investing money would be fruitful for you and hence would be beneficial in making profits.

What are the benefits of 2021 Career Report ?

  • The report will analyse your career according to the planets in your Kundli that is related to your profession and predict future for you
  • The report will be prepared by the experienced Astrologers manually and hence give accurate predictions to help you in your profession
  • Gain knowledge about job promotion, professional relationships especially with higher authorities, job change, etc beforehand through our report

The report will include :

  • Answers to all your queries related to career
  • Detailed and accurate analysis about native's professional life
  • Predictions about the favourable and unfavourable circumstances in 2021 related to occupation
  • Recommended Astrology remedies to overcome struggles and obstacles in your work life "
Year 2021 Prediction Analysis Astrology Report by famous Astrologers

"Book your Prediction Analysis Report of upcoming year 2021 by specialized Astrologers only on MyJyotish.

Know what the upcoming year i.e. 2021 brings for you in advance with the help of our experienced astrologers who do accurate future predictions on the basis of Vedic Astrology.

Our Astrologers will analyze the planetary positions with respect to your birth chart to give you answers about :

  • Whether you will gain success in career or not ?
  • How well your business do in the coming year ?
  • Whether one will hope for marriage in the next year or not ? and many more

The report can answer all your queries for future and give you direct explanation of all that is happening around you

Report Benefits :

  • All queries related to new year will be answered
  • Detailed analysis of year 2021 will be offered
  • Advance Prediction about coming opportunities and struggles
  • Remedies will be recommended for planetary related problems

2021 Prediction report will be prepared manually and will be hand-written and hence can give you accurate results and predictions about the struggles and opportunities future hold for you

For any query, please visit our page

Get Online report on Property matters on MyJyotish

"MyJyotish offers Personalized online reports focussing on your Property related queries. These reports are prepared by experienced and professionalized Astrologers on the basis of your birth date and time.

The reports provided by MyJyotish offers answers to Property related queries like

  • the right time to invest your money into property
  • Where to invest: rental properties or commercial properties ?
  • Will Property investment beneficial for me ?
  • Which shape of property should I buy ?
  • Prediction about the court cases related to Property Investment
  • What type of Investment should I do in property: Long-term investment or short-term investment ?

MyJyotish provides accurate answers to all these question in reports that are prepared according to the Vedic Astrology. Our top Astrologers will analyse your birth-chart/ Kundli-chart to make the accurate prediction about property-related investments.

Report will also include:

  • Planetary Position in your Kundli (birth-chart) and their analyzation
  • Future Prediction of year 2021
  • Astrological remedies to avoid ill-effects of unfavourable planets till 2021

To Book your own report, kindly visit our page

Get your Janam Kundli (Birth Chart) according to Vedic Astrology for free

"MyJyotish offers free Janam Kundli Making Online now in english on the basis of time and date of birth of a person. The Birth Chart is prepared by the accurate methodology of Vedic Astrology to provide accurate results.

Janam Kundli plays a crucial role in predicting your future through astrological science. The movement of stars and planets at the exact timing of birth of a person is carefully analyzed to provide the accurate results.

Various aspects of life such as personality, career, education, love, marital life can be accurately predicted from Janam Kundli. This can be done to maximize the favourable results and minimize the unfavourable results of planets in our kundli by following some suggested remedies beforehand.

Required details to create your Accurate Janam Kundli

MyJyotish is an online astrology platform that provides free Janam Kundli and requires only following details:
-date of birth
-exact time of birth
-place of birth

Janam Kundli should be made as soon as possible to enjoy its benefits of future prediction. Create your own Janam Kundli only on MyJyotish.


Know when you will meet your perfect match

"Still waiting for your better half or having questions about your life partner ? Get all the answers now only on MyJyotish through this report !

This report, prepared on the basis of Vedic Astrology is for everyone who

  • still unable to find the right match for him/her
  • have difficulties in their love life or marriage
  • want to know about their love life/marital life

What this report will tell you ??

The report will be prepared by experienced Jyotish/Astrologers in order to analyse your Kundali in respect of your love life.

Through this report, you can know

  • The right time to meet your love
  • Any obstacles in your love life, if any
  • How to overcome these obstacles; Astrological remedies for your smooth love life

For more details, visit our page

Talk to Astrologers via Phone for 15 minutes

"Feeling unsatisfied in life or having uncertainty about what future holds. Talk to our astrologers who on the basis of your charts will tell you about the problems and suggest remedies to overcome those situations.

Have a conversation with our experienced astrologers for 15 minutes will let you** know the actual cause of problems** you're facing in your life be it in your career, education or marriage.

What you have to do ?

Visit our page >> Choose Astrologers >> Talk to Astrologers on Phone >> Get solutions


  • Predict the future beforehand.. how will be the future for you
  • Know the root causes of your all problems and how to solve them
  • Our Astrologers will guide you to the right path to make your life blissful

MyJyotish is a platform to connect people with the experienced and specialized pandits and astrologers who provide right guidance and advice to the people according to their birth chart."

Solve your Marriage difficulties by Astrology Marriage Report

Facing separation in marriage or going through divorce. Our Marriage Report prepared by analyzing yours and your partners birth chart will help you to know the root cause and suggest remedies to overcome them.

The report will be prepared by top class astrologers who have years of experience. The report will guide you to the correct path and helps you in making the right decision

Report Benefits:

  • know root cause of your marital problems
  • get remedies by experienced astrologers to overcome those problems
  • know the future of your marital life

For more details, visit our page

Talk to astrologers and get solution to your problems in just 30 minutes - MyJyotish

"Talk with our astrologers on phone and get solutions of your every problem in** just 30 minutes.**

Visit our page >> Choose Astrologers >> Talk to Astrologers on Phone >> Get solutions "

Marriage Horoscope Prediction Report

"Get full-detailed in-depth marital report based on the planetary positions in your birth chart.
The marriage related astrology services will be based on the the accurate methodology of Vedic Astrology.

Janam Kundali Report Online

"Get your Janam Kundli today for free on** MyJyotish.
We offer **detailed analysis
of the 12 planets position in your kundli and predict the future opportunities and troubles beforehand to provide the best guidance to our clients."

Online Vedic Astrology Services

MyJyotish is one point solution to all kind of astrological services.From various astrological free reports to Havan-Puja for special occasions, we offer different ranges of free and paid services to our clients.

Connect with Our Astrologers - MyJyotish

Know the world known astrologers to whom you can connect to for consultation only at MyJyotish platform.

Astrotalk service -Talk to Astrologers

My jyotish offers a platform to have personalized consultancy with experienced astrologers online and clear all doubts and queries regarding Kundli, astrological remedies, gemstone wearing suggestions

Rahu-Ketu Transition Effect Detailed Analysis Report

Know how the upcoming Rahu-Ketu Transition will affect your life by ordering your personalized detailed analysis report only on Myjyotish.
Rahu-Ketu transition can bring sudden ups and downs in an individual's life especially in financial terms.
So, Get your personalized report now to be prepared for any such changes

Numerology: Ank Jyotish, Numerology Predictions In Hindi, अंकज्योतिष

Get your future prediction according to numerology horoscope for free. Numerology Reading Online works on the numbers assigned to letters in your name and on the basis of numbers present in our date of birth.

Free Tarot Card Reading Online

Get answers to all your uncertainties about future through Tarot Card Reading. Tarot Card Reading is a way of predicting the future through card. Just focus on your question and pick a card and know what future holds for you

Free Gemstone Calculator based on Date of Birth

Know what kind of gemstone will be most suitable for your life growth with the help of our free gemstone calculator for free. Your lucky gemstone will help you to attract positive energies and nullify the bad energy vibrations in our body hence, helping in the overall growth of your life

Know Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Horoscope for all Zodaic Signs

Know your free Dainik Rashifal(Horoscope).We also offer free Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Horoscope predictions for all Zodiac signs.

Lucky Color Calculator- Know your lucky color by DOB - MyJyotish

Calculate your lucky color online now with our lucky color calculator, specially designed according to astrological methodologies to predict your's lucky color on the basis of your date of birth.

Kundli Matching in Hindi- Online Kundli Milan according to DOB

Get your Janam Kundli Matching reports according to your date of birth online in Hindi. Know the compatibility analysis reports for the couple according to hindu astrology

Astrology in Hindi - Daily Horoscope Predictions and Rashifal- Myjyotish

Get your daily horoscope predictions and rashifal in Hindi. Online astrology consultation is also available. Check out our website now for more details