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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 26, 2020
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Top eco-friendly travel tips to follow in Sri Lanka – Being a responsible traveller

We all love to travel, but quite often we forget to do that responsibly. We explore the beauty of the marvels that Mother Nature has given to us with so much love and forget that we also need to protect the same beauty for our future generations to enjoy.


Reduce carbon consumption

Minimizing Carbon Footprint has become a hot topic today. But, are we aware of this concept? Well, yes, even if you are a traveller you can do your role of responsibility for this. When you choose to travel to Sri Lanka and go around the country with a tour comparerd such as SoulTrek Sri Lanka, try your level best to do what they have suggested under 'Responsible Travel Sri Lanka'. Getting used to local public transport, cycling to the remote villages are some of the things that you can try out as a responsible traveller.


Reuse the hotel linen

Once you select a good hotel to stay in during your vacation in Sri Lanka or any other country, you know that you will be given new bedsheets and towels. One of the blunders that we do is taking everything for granted and sometimes throwing away the towel that we used just once to the laundry bucket. But, can't we reuse the towel until it needs changing? No- you don't need to compromise your cleanliness for the sake of saving some water, soap, water, and power! Just use the linen wisely.


Say no to single-use plastics

Today, we know that most of the waterways and the oceans in the world have been blocked because of the plastics that we throw away. Yes, we may be just throwing away one plastic straw and a polythene bag, but quite unknowingly, we have become a part of a world hazard. So, when travelling stop using plastic carrier bags and get used to reusable canvas bags. The technologies have developed and now, the world has innovations such as bamboo straws, and you may use these instead of plastic straws when travelling.


Take a reusable water bottle

You must be knowing that there are many water refill stations now at airports and popular attractions to encourage the usage of reusable water bottles. So, make this a habit. Say no to plastic water bottles (most of them are for single use) when you are travelling and help to protect the environment. It may mean a small thing to you, but it's a great service that you do such things as a responsible human being.


Encourage the local producers

Do you know how you can do this? Wherever you go, buy things from the local vendors. Even when you are not travelling, make saying no to imported goods a habit. This may also mean encouraging the efforts of small scale manufacturers and entrepreneurs and supporting rural tourism. Try a local beer if that destination has some, and try their local souvenirs. Your small effort will mean so much to them.

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